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    Wallet Plugin for WooCommerce

    WooCommerce Wallet Plugin allows customers to make online payments using the wallet system. Customers can easily add amount, transfer money, and view transaction details. The admin can set the minimum and maximum limit for adding money to the wallet.

    • Make payments using the wallet amount at checkout.

    • The customer can easily add the credit amount to their wallet system.

    • The customer can avail the cashback amount to be added to their wallet.

    • OTP Email/SMS authentication for wallet amount transfer to other customers.

    • The admin can view and manage the wallet system details.

    • The admin can also do the refund with the help of the Wallet System for WooCommerce.

    • The admin can set the configuration to accept payments for virtual orders using the wallet.

    Additional Info

    This module is compatible with WooCommerce’s new High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) feature.

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    WooCommerce Wallet Plugin: This plugin provides the customer a new way to make an online payment from their wallet system.

    The wallet amount can be stocked and can be used when required to purchase any good & services. The wallet amount can be easily added to the wallet and purchases can be made at any time from anywhere.

    The customer can also transfer the wallet money to other customer accounts effectively. Also, view the complete Credit and debit transaction details of their wallets. The refund can also be feasible directly to the customer’s wallet.

    Wallet Plugin for WooCommerce

    Highlighted Features for WooCommerce Wallet Plugin

     Add Wallet System

    Credit the amount to the wallet conveniently.

     OTP Authentication

    Receive verification code to validate the transfer amount event

     Faster Checkout

    The customer can place faster purchases without any lengthy online payment procedures.

     Real-Time Updates

    Amount transfer occurs in real-time between the admin and customers

     Cashback offers

    The customer can avail various cashback offers on products & cart.

     No Transactional Fee

    There is no transactional fee added during the purchase of the products.

    Customer Wallet Amount

    The wallet system is the most secure and widely used payment methods.

    • The registered customer can efficiently manage the wallet in the My Wallet Section.
    • The customer can view the Total Wallet Balance, Wallet transaction details.
    • The customer can also add the credit amount to the wallet system.
    • The customer can add wallet amount from the available listed payment methods.
    • The customer can add the credit cash to their wallet and securely stock money to their wallet
    • The customer can transfer the wallet amount to other registered customers. 
    • The transactions will be feasible only after the OTP authentication.
    • The authentication can be through mail or SMS.
    • All the transactional details will be listed in the Wallet Transaction section.
    Customer Wallet Amount

    Checkout with Wallet System

    The customer can purchase any product from the website and make payment using the Wallet System.

    • If the wallet amount is nil, then the customer will not be able to see the Wallet payment method.
    • The customer will be able to make faster checkouts, use the wallet amount without entering the card details for the purchase. 
    • On the checkout page, the customer will be able to view the detailed transactional summary.
    • The wallet amount is credited after the invoice is generated. 
    • WooCommerce Wallet Plugin will support split payment feature in which the customer can pay partial through the wallet and rest payment can be made with other payment methods.
    • It increases the security of the transaction as there is no need to enter the card details for every purchase.
    Checkout with Wallet System

    Cashback Rules

    The admin can set the cashback rules for the customer in which some amount will be cash-back if the product is purchased from the wallet system.

    • The admin can set the cashback based on percent or Fixed.
    • The admin can set the minimum and maximum cart amount under which the rule will be applied.
    • The cash-back status can be set as enabled or disabled. 
    • The cash-back can also be configured for a particular product as well. 
    • The admin can add the percent/fixed amount of cashback for any specific products.
    • The admin can enable multiple cashback for the customer that is the customer can avail of multiple cash-back offers for products and carts.
    • Preference can be set by the admin if the multiple cash-back conditions are enabled.
    Cashback Rules

    Quick Refund

    The admin can easily and quickly manage the refunds of the customers like:

    • The smoother management of credit and debit operations from customer wallet.
    • The admin can enable the refund if the customer cancels the order. 
    • The refunded amount is transacted back to the wallet.
    • The admin can edit the refund amount.
    • The admin can also add the reasons for the refunds.
    Quick Refund

    Wallet System Management

    The admin can configure the wallet system within the WooCommerce backend. Below are key aspects of wallet system management.

    • The admin can configure the wallet title as desired.
    • The admin can add the wallet payment method custom description.
    • The admin can enter the instructions for the wallet system.
    • When the admin enables the "accept wallet" option for virtual orders, it means that customers can use their digital wallets as payment for orders containing virtual products.
    • If the order is virtual then the admin can enable the accept wallet.
    • Set the maximum amount that the customer can keep in the wallet.
    • Admin can set minimum and maximum wallet credit amount which means that the customer can credit only minimum and maximum amount using his/her wallet.
    • Set the maximum amount transferred from the wallet.
    • Select the maximum wallet debit type i.e. fixed and percentage for wallet checkout.
    Wallet System Management


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version3.6.2
    Released7 years ago
    Last UpdatedJune 7, 2024 (3 days ago)
    Supported VersionsWordPress  6.x.x  WooCommerce  8.x.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 10 reviews

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    Good Service with complete solution

    Posted On - March 3, 2023

    "They offered very affordable services and quick support."

    Best Services Ever

    Posted On - January 21, 2023

    Thank you Webkul team for helping us out patiently with our wallet plugin! The service was fast, friendly and absolutely recommendable! Wallet is already the 2nd plugin we bought from you and it surely won't be the last. Greetings from Germany! :-)

    Customer Support

    Posted On - July 5, 2019

    I asked the team for some customization in the plugin. The team was dedicated to every request I had and were always quick to respond, very kind, and did a great and professional work!

    Customer Support

    Posted On - June 3, 2019

    Great and professional work!

    The work was without flaws and they were really patient to get everything done just the way I want it!

    Customer Support is Superb

    Posted On - May 24, 2019

    It was really a wonderful experience having WEBKUL customized my project at They carefully analyzed the situation before starting and they even went far beyond my expectation by giving me different options to choose from. In the end, the execution was perfect and they rest assured me that they are on standby for any problem that may occur. KUDOS...

    Doc Fern

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     Frequently Asked Questions

     Can the admin add wallet amount to any customer's wallet?
    The admin can add the wallet amount to any registered customer's wallet.
     Can the customer transfer wallet amount to any customer?
    No, the customer can transfer the wallet amount to only the registered customers.
     Can the customer make partial payments through wallet?
    The customer can make a partial payment, and the remaining amount can be paid through other payment modes.
     Can the admin pay the refund amount through the wallet?
    The admin can pay the refund amount in real-time through the wallet.
     Which e-Wallet system is best for WooComerce?
    Wallet System plugin for WooCommerce WordPress is best to purchase and transfer amounts through an e-wallet.
     Does this plugin work with multisite?
    Yes, this plugin is compatible with multisite.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    Version 3.6.2
    • Added: Wallet System submenu in global Webkul WC Addons menu.
    • Managed: Transactions migration from old table to new using background processing.
    • Migrated: OTP settings to wallet gateway settings sections.
    Version 3.6.0
    • Added: Caching submodule for fast loading of wallet transaction page.
    • Added: Wallet gateway as a submodule to generalize the codebase.
    • Added: Resend OTP feature after its expired.
    • Added: Wallet notification for each wallet transaction like cashback, recharge, transfer and manual transactions.
    • Fixed: Coding standard according to WordPress and WooCommerce Coding standard.
    • Fixed: Issues in cachback calculation and its transfer.
    • Fixed: Issue in sorting cachback rules table in admin dashboard.
    • Fixed: Issue in exporting the filter transactions from admin list.
    • Fixed: Issue in updating wallet recharge price in cart when multiple user recharging the wallet simultaneously.
    Version 3.5.2
    • * Fixed security issues.
    • * Minor update regarding notices.
    • * Major bug fixes
    Version 3.5.1
    • Fixed security issues.
    Version 3.5.0
    • * Added feature to manual credit/debit in bulk from admin end.
    • * Added an image for the wallet product.
    • * Added feature to restore cart products if customer is recharging his wallet.
    • * Added feature to set maximum debit amount according to percentage of order total.
    • * Added feature to export user wallet details into a csv file.
    • * Added a filter to filter the wallet transactions between entered dates.
    • * Added feature to export wallet transaction details into a csv file.
    • * Fixed issue in tax while using wallet as partial payment.
    • * Fixed security issues.
    Version 3.4.0
    • * Added feature to add cashback for 2 categories now i.e. either for cart or for wallet recharge.
    • * Added auto refund of wallet amount if order gets cancelled for any reason.
    • * Fixed security issues.
    Version 3.3.1
    • * Added better way for transaction details of transfered money through wallet.
    • * Added validations.
    • * Fixed security issues.
    Version 3.3.0
    • + Introduced new updated layout.
    • + Configured Twilio for OTP service through SMS.
    • + Updated list tables.
    • - Fixed all validation issues.
    • - Partial payment and max debit amount from wallet issue fixed.
    Version 3.2.1
    • + Updated database tables amount column data type for transaction and cashback.
    • + Translation support added, provided .pot file.
    Version 3.2.0
    • + Added the new menu to view transactions.
    • + Provided the transaction note at admin end.
    Version 3.1.0
    • + Cashback rules can be multiple/single on a checkout.
    • + Compatible with Woocommerce 3.2.x
    Version 3.0.0
    • + Introduced Wallet to Wallet Amount Transfer.
    • + Introduced OTP verification over Amount Transfer via SMS or email.
    • + Introduced Custom Cashback Rules via Admin.
    • + A bit more admin controlled Wallet Transaction now.
    Version 2.0.0
    • + Added support for refund in Wallet Payment Gateway.
    • + Added Manual Wallet Transaction via Admin.
    • - Fixed pagination issue from wallet order list on customer end.
    Version 1.0.1
    • +Compatible with Woocommerce 3.0.x
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial release