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    Odoo EMI Calculation Pro

    Odoo EMI Calculation Pro: Are you looking to define easy installment plans for products on Odoo website? Odoo EMI Calculation Pro module adds the installment functionality in your Odoo. You can add monthly installments plans to each product variant in Odoo. A number of banks, and respective terms and conditions can be added to the Odoo by the admin. The admin can then define EMI plans of each of the bank for the products. The EMI can be standard or No-cost EMI. The system promptly shows the monthly installment amount and the total payable amount to the admin on entering the tenure and interest rate in the Odoo backend. The customers can view the plans on the Odoo website product page.

    Odoo EMI Calculation Pro Odoo EMI Calculation Pro Odoo EMI Calculation Pro Odoo EMI Calculation Pro Odoo EMI Calculation Pro Odoo EMI Calculation Pro Odoo EMI Calculation Pro Odoo EMI Calculation Pro Odoo EMI Calculation Pro
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    Odoo EMI calculation Pro: Offering purchase options to customers through easy monthly installments provides you with opportunities to open up your business to new strata of customers.

    Odoo EMI calculation Pro module integrates the EMI structure to your Odoo. So, instead of having to pay the entire amount upfront, which can be difficult in some situations, the customers can opt to pay the amount in monthly installments and ease the financial burden on their pockets.

    The Odoo admin can define installment plans for various banks in the Odoo at the product level. Each product variant can be given its own specific EMI plans for further convenience of the Odoo admin.

    The EMI can be a standard (interest incurred) or No-cost plan.

    The amount of each installment and the total amount payable for an EMI plan can be viewed by the Odoo admin in the Odoo backend.

    Odoo EMI calculation Pro Features

    • The module installs the structure to define EMI plans to products on Odoo website.
    • The Odoo admin can add the banks affiliated with providing the EMI schemes on Odoo website.
    • The respective EMI plans of each bank (if available) can be added to the products.
    • The Odoo admin can add EMI plans for each product variant separately to provide further fluidity to customers.
    • The total payable amount and distribution to each installment can be viewed on entering the tenure and rate of interest in the EMI form in the Odoo backend.
    • The EMI plans show up on the Odoo website product page. The customer can view the details of each plan for any product by visiting the particular product page on Odoo website.
    • The EMI can be standard or No-cost type as defined in the Odoo backend.

    How Can Offering EMI Plans Drive More Conversions On Your Odoo Website

    Increasing mobile and internet penetration has helped bring the e-commerce market closer to buyers. Advancements in mobile technology are further bridging the gap between e-commerce markets and their accessibility to people.

    However, a big chunk of the population comprises of the working class that does not have instant cash to pay upfront for the purchase.

    Even when the customers are reaching your website, how do you ensure that people from every background can have the capability to make a purchase on your website?

    Easy monthly installments!!!....EMI Plans

    As much as 20 percent share of gross merchandising value (GMV) is being financed through no-cost EMIs.

    Almost every small to big e-commerce businesses is providing ‘purchase through EMI’ option to the customers.

    Odoo EMI Calculation

    Benefits of providing EMI option to customers

    • Appeals To Wider Customers

    The EMI option allows people from various background to make purchases from your Odoo website as they are no burdened by the obligation to make immediate payment for the total amount on the order. The payment can be done through simple monthly payments.

    • Instant Purchases

    EMI scheme can catalyze instant purchases and reduce cart abandonment on your website, even for the most expensive and popular products.

    • Upselling/Cross-Selling Opportunities

    The breakdown of total order amount into easy bite-sized monthly chunks can provide you with a tremendous opportunity to present upselling and cross-selling options to the customers.

    Since the customers are not required to pay the total amount immediately, they can related products to the orders as well.

    • Easy Payments

    One of the biggest facet and advantage of EMI plans to the customers is the small easy recurring payments instead of enormous one-time deduction from their bankrolls. This facilitates the customers to make purchases on the go instead of procrastinating for placing an order.

    Dedicated Support For Your Odoo EMI calculation Pro Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo EMI calculation Pro module.

    For any query or issue please Create a ticket here

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