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Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace

ODOO 12 Compatible

Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace

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Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace: Odoo multi-vendor marketplace allows you to set up your own marketplace, where multiple vendors can sign up and register themselves to sell their products on your website. This module is easy to configure, where admin can set restrictions on vendors for their product listing. Vendors have their own shop page sharing their profile and products on one page, this page allows to differentiate products from different vendors. Send mail notification on new vendor request, vendor request approval, product approval, new order notification, such email notifications don’t let anything goes un-noticed. Marketplace module will prove to be a one-stop solution for your buyers who shall be making purchases from different vendors on the visit of a single online store.


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Odoo Multi Vendor MarketplaceBuild your own marketplace and help the sellers meet the buyers. Approve/Deny pending seller's requests. Keep an eye on the customer's reviews to trace your progress and make smart decisions. Additionally, you can choose to show the business details of the vendors on the website like profile, shipping policy, buying policy etc. for your customers to get the finest shopping experience. Set payment terms for the vendor either globally or to each vendor separately. Decide which products you want to exhibit on the website. Get mail notifications for every sale new seller request. In short, take full control of the App and decide how and with whom you want to run the business and transform your website into a one-stop destination for sellers and buyers.

Odoo multi vendor marketplace feature

Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace Features

What's in for Marketplace Admin:

  • Admin can also sell his own products on the store.
  • Complete control over the seller and product activity.
  • Allow only selected sellers and products to be displayed on the marketplace.
  • Add terms and condition on seller registration form.
  • Set manual or auto approval of sellers request.
  • Also provides for manual or auto approval of seller products.
  • Admin can set manual or auto approval of seller products quantities.
  • Automatically sorted out orders from each seller to view in the orders sub-menu.
  • Control over commission from the sellers.
  • Set commission globally for all sellers in the marketplace.
  • Set a different commission for each seller individually.
  • Admin can set custom internal categories for all marketplace products from the back-end.
  • Assign individual warehouses and locations for all sellers for Effective inventory management.
  • Provides an option to display seller reviews and also to auto-publish seller review on the website.
  • Choose to send mail notifications for approval/rejection on new seller requests, products, inventory update request from sellers etc.
  • Admin has the option to receive mail notifications on the placement of every new order.
  • Allows to show/hide seller's information on the website such as sales count, Product count, Return Policy, Joining date, shipping policy, etc.
  • Allow customers to reach out to the seller through 'Email to Seller' button.

What do your sellers get:

  • Each seller has a separate shop and profile page in the marketplace.
  • Set the unique name for his shop.
  • Set his unique profile page and provide shop description, shop name, tagline, etc on the website.
  • Display unique shop banner and profile image for your shop.
  • Sellers can choose to display his shipping policy, return policy.
  • Choose preferred payment method for hassle-free payment transfers from the admin.
  • Overview all shop related information like products approval requests, total orders on his account and seller payments directly on the seller dashboard.
  • Add the products, set their prices and assign them categories on the website.
  • Allows the sellers to Publish/unpublish any product on the website.
  • The seller can view the products approval status- approved/pending from his profile.
  • Manage orders from front-end.
  • View total sales and easily manage all orders on your shop( sales order analysis )
  • Rename you shop URL with your shop name and help the customers locate your shop directly through the search bar.
  • Provide a unique user-friendly and easy to remember shop name for the shop URL.
  • The seller can provide shop's term and conditions using WYSIWYG.

Trouble-Free/User-Friendly Seller Registration/Sign Up

Interested sellers can easily sign up on the marketplace by filling the seller registration form on the website. Once approved by the admin, they can start and customize their own shop, bring in their approved merchandise and keep the cash flow running.

Trouble-Free/ User-friendly Seller registration/sign up

Mail Notifications

We understand that you cannot remain in front of the screen always to run your marketplace. So, remain up to date with the activities on your website on the go and manage it from anywhere with the mail notifications feature on the Odoo Multi-Seller Marketplace. These fields are set by admin to send mail notification or keep in touch with every activity in his marketplace from anywhere.

  • The admin can choose to receive mail notifications on new seller approval requests, seller approval/rejection update on the website.
  • Receive mail notifications for products approval requests from the sellers.
  • Set the notification alerts for your sellers on Approval/rejection on their product's requests and for new orders placed on their shop.

Buyers' Reviews system

According to Matt Moog, CEO of Power Reviews - 'A product that has just one review is 65% more likely to be purchased than a product that has none. That’s the impact of customer reviews on website sales.

Customer reviews have become an integral part of the websites to attract visitors towards the product on your site. Odoo marketplace allows the customers to post products reviews and ratings on the website. So you can keep an eye on the customer's feedback to make smart decisions and enhance the quality of the website.

  • Customers can share their reviews about the products and user experience in the marketplace.
  • Reviews can be sorted out accordingly by the customer from Most helpful, Most recent etc.
  • The admin can also set the seller reviews to be viewed on their page.
  • Overall average ratings and recommendations are displayed on the marketplace for the customers.
Buyers' Reviews system

Admin's Commission Management

Set up the entire commission structure as the admin to keep counting the beans. The Odoo marketplace provides simple user interface and settings to manage the commission from different sellers on your marketplace efficiently.

  • The admin can set the rules either globally or individually for the sellers.
  • The commission is set in terms of percentage on the sale of each item.
  • The commission rules and prices can be set for all the sellers at once from the settings.
  • The admin can also choose to assign specific rules for individual sellers.
  • The sellers can view the commission rules on their profile.

Already Have Your Marketplace On Odoo?

Unleash the full capabilities of the module with the plug-ins. Take a look at The Complete List of Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extensions

Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System Add-on

Provide completely localized shopping experience to your customers and make it work like they are buying from the shop next door. The Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System Module lets your customers shop from the sellers near them. Add the radius and range to filter out the sellers according to the customer's location. Introduce a new shipping method- hyperlocal shipping. Set the shipping price using the table rate shipping method. You can also import the rate CSV file directly.

  • Customers can enter the desired location and buy products from the nearest seller's store.
  • The existing cart will show empty in case a new location is entered.
  • Sellers can add multiple locations according to stores to sell their products.
  • Allows the admin to add the radius and range to filter out the sellers according to the customer's location.
  • Introduce a new shipping method- hyperlocal shipping.
  • Set the shipping price using the table rate shipping method. You can also import the rate CSV file directly.
  • The customers can check product and seller availability for their location.

Click Here to know more- Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System


Odoo Advanced Seller Commission Add-on

Lay down further flexibility for calculation of commission on your Marketplace and build lasting relationships with your sellers. The Odoo Marketplace Advance Commission Plug-in provides the calculation of commission through additional methods like (%age + fixed). It also provides the feature to add the commission on any specific product categories on the website. The admin can set the commission on the basis of products and product categories. It provides additional rules for calculating the commission like fixed commission and (Fixed + %age) rule.

  • The admin can set the commission on the basis of products and product categories.
  • It provides additional rules for calculating the commission like fixed commission and (Fixed + %age) rule.
  • The commission can also be set to be automatically deducted from the seller payment.
  • Commission on the product will get higher priority.
  • Commission on the product is not set then commission on the product category will get priority.

Click here to know more- Odoo Advanced Seller Commission


Odoo Marketplace SMS Notification Add-on

In addition to mail notifications, stay updated on what's happening in your seller market with Odoo Marketplace SMS Notification Add-on. Easy & Effective! Choose SMS notification to be sent to the Admin and/or Seller on Seller Sign-up and seller Approval/Rejection, Receive SMS notifications on Approval/Rejection of sellers' Product requests on the Website. Alert the seller about a new order placed on his shop with an SMS.

  • Choose SMS notification to be sent to the Admin and/or Seller on Seller Sign-up and seller Approval/Rejection.
  • Receive SMS notifications on Approval/Rejection of sellers' Product requests on the Website.
  • Alert can be set to notify seller for Approval/Rejection of Product requests.
  • Alert the seller about a new order placed on his shop with an SMS.

Click here to know more- Odoo Marketplace SMS Notification


Odoo Marketplace Shipping Per Product Add-on

Need to ship each product through different shipping methods in the same order. No trouble at all! The Odoo Marketplace Shipping Per Product module allows you to add different shipping methods to the items in the same order. The customers will then be able to choose an individual for each product in a single order. It allows the admin to present the most convenient and fast way to ship a particular product. Say separate the fragile or important items from others in an order. Essentially, you can split the delivery without actually splitting the order.

  • Admin can assign a different delivery method for each product in the same sales order.
  • Customers can select a different delivery method for each product in the same order at the checkout on the website.
  • Adds a new delivery method- ‘dynamic delivery method’ in the SO order form.
  • Allows the admin to add delivery methods to the product to show as shipping options for the product on the website.

To know more visit the page- Odoo Marketplace Shipping Per Product



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Dedicated Support for Odoo MultiVendor Marketplace Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo MultiVendor Marketplace.

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Posted On - January 10, 2019 (Russia)
Very functional module
Thanks to the team Webkul for fast and quality support. All modifications of the module were made very quickly. Thank you
Loc Lv
Posted On - December 27, 2018
I have problem with old version and got a free update.
Very good support.
Thank you very much.
Posted On - November 14, 2018 (Bulgaria)
We are testing the addon after we bought it. I can tell only good things for it. Reliable and intuitive. The exact functionality for our project. And something more. The Webkul support approach to the customer is great too. Fast and precise communication with them since now. Even helping me after my support period expired. Keep up the good work and thank you Webkul.
Posted On - October 20, 2018 (Egypt)
Great job - عمل ممتاز
الاضافة الخاصة بالسوق رائعة ومتوافقة مع اودو تماما , لكن تحتاج الى تحسين في طريقة العرض والتصميم خاصة على التليفون المحمول حيث انني وجدته يحتاج الى بعض التحسينات وسأتصل بالدعم الفني الخاص به حتى استطيع حل مشكلة شكل الصفحة على المحمول .
عموما من افضل البرامج المتخصصة التي تستطيع الاعتماد عليها لبدء مشروع السوق الخاص بك

The Module is very good and fully compatible with Oddo, but you need to improve the view and design especially on the mobile phone, as I find it needs some improvements and I will contact my technical support so I can solve the problem of the form of the page on mobile.
Generally one of the best specialized programs you can rely on to start your own market project
Posted On - April 23, 2018 (United Arab Emirates)
Comprehensive Solution with lot of opportunities for growth
What we liked about the module is that it is a full fledged marketplace. It gives you good control if you have basic requirement.
I am pretty pleased with the support also, they respond quickly and get the issue resolved as soon as possible.
Most importantly, the module has quite a few upgrades available which can enhance your module, only issue is these enhancements are on slightly higher side of cost. But if you need to make best out of your marketplace, addons is important.
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