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    Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace

    Odoo Multivendor Marketplace lets businesses set up a platform for multiple sellers to reach more buyers.

    • Admin can manage vendors joining requests.

    • Manage the vendor’s commissions.

    • Vendors can create an online shop and profile.

    • Customers can recommend best sellers on the website.

    • Customers can post reviews of the seller's products.

    • The admin and seller both get a notification at the time of registration.

    • Notification for product approval requests sent to admin.

    Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace
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    Manage your vendors with Odoo easily!

    Odoo Multivendor Marketplace makes it simple for businesses to run their online marketplace. It comes with lots of helpful tools for managing sellers and their products. Marketplace is a big deal for sellers everywhere because it makes it easy to sell and connect online. With this system, the admin can set rules for sellers and decide who gets to join the marketplace.

    Note:Odoo eLearning Marketplace enables online classes for students to learn from home. And allow for flexible learning options.

    Odoo Multivendor Marketplace

    Why do we need Odoo Multivendor Marketplace?

    A marketplace has a broad range of audiences and is essential for every vendor worldwide. The module helps a business handle vendors efficiently and get engagements to have a good trade online. The Odoo Multivendor Marketplace fulfills all requirements and provides solutions to small sellers.It gives various features to manage multiple vendors, Admin to keep track, and vendors to trade their products online.

    Note: You can also add Odoo User Login Security to protect your Business with a double authentication method for the Odoo Business Website.

    Highlighted Features

     Manage Multiple Vendors

    Admin can manage multiple sellers and their products on the Odoo website with the help of the Odoo Multivendor Marketplace.

     Selected Vendor

    Admin can allow only approved sellers and products to be shown on the marketplace.

     Manage Terms and Conditions

    Admin can put terms and conditions on their respective seller registration forms.

     Manage commissions Easily

    The Admins can manage the commission on vendor's sales from the odoo backend. Set a different commission for each seller.

     Manage Approvals

    Admin can set manual or automatic approval of seller product. Also, it provides for manual or automatic approval of seller product quantities.

     Internal Categories

    Admins can create custom categories for all marketplace products from the backend.

     E-Mail Alerts

    Admin and sellers can receive mail notifications on the placement of every new order.

     Contact with Seller

    Admin can allow customers to contact the seller through the 'Email to Seller' button.

     Unique Seller Profile

    The seller can set his unique profile page and provide a shop description, his shop name, tagline, etc.

     Manage Visibility of Information

    Admins can control info about sellers shown on the website, like sales and product counts. Sellers choose whether to display their policies.

     Desired Payment Method

    The admin allows the seller to select their preferred payment method for hassle-free transfers.

     Seller Dashboard

    The seller dashboard gives a complete view of shop-related details, like product approval requests and seller payments.

     Seller Benefits

    The website allows sellers to add products, set prices, and assign categories, and sellers publish or unpublish any product.

     Increase Seller's Shop Reach

    Create a unique shop URL by renaming it with a sto name, enabling customers to locate your store quickly through the search bar.

     View the sales report

    Allows to view total sales and manage all orders in their store, allowing the admins and vendors to manage their sales reports.


    This module supports multiple languages so the admin can change the marketplace's language as per preference.

     Easy Seller Registration

    Odoo Multivendor Marketplace allows vendors to register and manage their stores.

    • Easy Vendor registration and login.
    • Vendors can create stores to sell.
    • Need of approval by admin while registering.
    • They can create and process payments for their orders.
    • Only products verified by a business will be allowed for trading online.
    Easy Seller Registration

     The E-Mail Alerts

    The Module sends an E-mail as an alert to Admin.

    • Both Admin and Sellers can get an email for activity on the marketplace.
    • Admin can receive an email for vendor registration approvals.
    • Vendors can get product approval alerts.
    • They can get emails for product request approvals or rejections.
    • Both admin and Sellers can also get notified for Orders placed by a customer.
    The E-Mail Alerts

     Reviews and FeedBacks

    Vendors can track feedback/reviews of their products on their store

    • It allows the customer to put their reviews on the products.
    • The Module offers sortings of the reviews as Most Recent, Most Helpful, etc.
    • The Admin can set the review to be visible on their page.
    • The Average Ratings and Recommendations will be visible to the customers.
    Reviews and FeedBacks

     Commission Management

    The Module allows Business to manage their commission on vendor sales.

    • The Admin can set rules for individuals or all sellers.
    • They can set and collect commission in terms of percentage on the sale from vendors.
    • Rules and Prices can be set from the settings collectively.
    • A Business can also put separate Rules and policies to a vendor.
    • They can also view the commission generated on their profile.
    Commission Management

    Already Have Your Marketplace On Odoo?

    Unleash the full capabilities of the module with the plug-ins. Take a look at The Complete List of Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extensions

    Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System Add-on

    The Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System Module is the best tool that makes shopping smooth for customers by helping them buy from nearby sellers. It allows customers to set how far they want to shop using filters, like setting a radius or range. Plus, it adds a feature known as hyperlocal shipping, which means your orders get delivered super fast from nearby sellers, and the cost is calculated based on a set table of prices.

    • Customers can enter the desired location and buy products from the nearest seller's store.
    • The existing cart shows empty when any new location is selected.
    • Sellers can add multiple locations based on store locations.
    • Administrators can filter sellers based on customer location.
    • Introduce a new shipping method- hyperlocal shipping.
    • Shipping prices are determined using the table rate shipping method.
    • Customers can check product and seller availability.

    Click Here to know more- Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System


    Odoo Advanced Seller Commission Add-on

    The Odoo Marketplace Advance Commission Plug-in helps you figure out how much money to give to sellers. You can decide the amount by a percentage of their sales plus a set amount, and this module works for different groups of products. With this tool, administrators can easily set up how much money sellers get based on what they sell and the categories their products belong to.

    • Calculate commission based on products and categories.
    • Set rules for commission: a fixed amount or a mix of fixed amount and percentage.
    • Automatically subtract commission from seller payments.
    • Prioritize commission based on products/li>
    • If there's no commission set based on products, the plugin will use the category-based commission instead.

    Click here to know more- Odoo Advanced Seller Commission


    Odoo Marketplace SMS Notification Add-on

    The Odoo Marketplace SMS Notification Add-on provides easy and effective notifications for sellers on sign-up, approval/rejection, product requests, and new orders, ensuring they stay updated on market developments.

    • SMS Notification for Seller Sign-up and Approval/Rejection
    • Send SMS notifications to Admin and Seller on Seller Sign-up and Approval/Rejection.
    • Receive alerts on Seller's Product requests.
    • Set an alert for Product Request Approval/Rejection.
    • Alert Seller about new orders placed on Shop.

    Click here to know more- Odoo Marketplace SMS Notification


    Odoo Marketplace Shipping Per Product Add-on

    The Odoo Marketplace Shipping Per Product tool lets admins add different shipping options for each item in an order. This lets customers pick the quickest or safest shipping method for each product, especially for delicate or essential items.

    • Admin assigns different delivery methods for each product in the sales order.
    • Customers can select different delivery methods at checkout.
    • 'Dynamic delivery method' added in SO order form.
    • Delivery methods are displayed as shipping options on the website.

    To know more visit the page- Odoo Marketplace Shipping Per Product


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    Product Version1.0.3
    Released7 years ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsMarketplace
    Last UpdatedJune 27, 2024 (18 days ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  8.x  9.x  10.x  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
    Rating 4.9
    based on 18 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Good Support and Service

    Posted On - December 22, 2023

    We recently upgraded from Odoo 12 to Odoo 15 as well as upgraded our Magento storefront. Webkul is integral in our daily function to transfer data from Magento to Odoo as well as several key customizations they have made for us in Odoo. Their team is always quick to reply and the work done is excellent. Any additional work I request is completed quickly, sometimes by the time I get in the office the next morning. Terrific team and great value.

    Excelente Producto y Servicio

    Posted On - October 22, 2023

    Excelente producto, potencia las funcionalidades de Odoo, y lo convierte en un Multivendor con muchas opciones extras.

    Brinda a cada vendedor su propio apartado y muchas extensiones que facilitan la gestión.

    Adcional, el servicio y soporte es excelente, las novedads que se presentaron fueron solucionadas de inmediato.

    Recomiendo 100% el producto.

    Transalation from Google.

    Excellent product, it enhances the functionalities of Odoo, and turns it into a Multivendor with many extra options.

    It provides each seller with their own section and many extensions that facilitate management.

    Additionally, the service and support is excellent, the issues that was presented was resolved immediately.

    I recommend the product 100%.

    Sincere Expression of My Satisfaction to Webkul Service

    Posted On - November 19, 2021

    I have working with Webkul for my customers' app linking to Odoo web applications. I sincerely expressed my satisfaction for their supports and quick turn around. Webkul service is excellent, professional and timely.
    I am content and I will continue working with them for other project developments.

    This module, let me tell you, is amazing!

    Posted On - August 20, 2021

    This module, let me tell you, is amazing! To me it was overwhelming in the beginning. But with their customer support responding to every inquiry I had. I learned quickly haha! They helped so much! I actually tried other marketplaces and they were incomparable in the options provided to control just about everything I need to to run a proper marketplace. I'm grateful this company exists.

    Good customization and adequate support

    Posted On - August 11, 2021

    We are satisfied with the support provided and the support during the customization.

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     Frequently Asked Questions

     Does the Odoo Multivendor Marketplace allow easy vendor registration?
    Yes. it allows easy registration which has to be approved by the Admin to start the trade on the marketplace.
     Does the module give e-mail notifications on orders to vendors?
    Yes. The module provides convenience to the Admin by giving alerts on email regarding ongoing activities on the website and orders.
     Does the Module allow vendors to make their store profile individually on the marketplace?
    Yes. If the registration request gets approved by the business Admin. A vendor can easily create and manage their store on the website.
      Is product approval required while posting?
    Yes. The seller is required to get the approval of the product if all is set up according to the terms and policies to start the trade on the marketplace.
      Can an Admin manage their commission on Vendor sales?
    Yes. Admin can monitor and manage the sales commission on vendors on the Odoo Multivendor Market Place.

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    • Legend
    Version 1.0.1 to 2.0.0
    • Modify marketplace dashboard kanban view (Seller, Product, Order, Stock, Seller Payment)
    • Update seller dashboard kanban view.
    • Update product dashboard kanban view.
    • Update Seller payment kanban view.
    • Update UI in seller profile form view.
    • Update UI in seller list page.
    • Update seller profile page.
    • Update seller reviews and recommendation section.
    • Stop clickable of customer name and other user name in chatter from seller's end.
    • Hide icons from seller's end.
    Version 1.0.0 to 1.0.1
    • Make all footers compatible with marketplace menus
    • Restrict recommmend a seller when user have not purchased product from seller.
    • Update UI in seller profile form view
    • Marketplace commission will not be visible for Seller Payment when Admin pay to seller.
    • Seller name will be Render in mail body ON New ORDER mail notification
    • Global configuration for those fields which have implied groups are now updating correctly for new seller signup.
    Version 1.0.1 to 1.0.2
    • Seller payment issue incase of automatic invoice
    Version 1.0.2 to 1.0.3
    • Sale Order and Quotation not visible to seller on my account page
    Version 1.0.3 to 1.0.4
    • Order line kanban view improvement.
    • Seller profile kanban view update.
    • Add note section in order line to provide information about invoice and service type product.
    • Pricing should open a wizard where the seller/admin can decide a fixed discount or percentage discount on the product.
    • Fixed bulk approval and bulk rejection product action.
    • Add "Done" state in the sale order line.
    • Add Done button on Dashboard.
    • Deactivate feature for seller.
    • For service-type products there is no ship now button.
    • Stop clickable of customer name and other user name in chatter from seller's end.
    • Hide icons from the seller's end.
    Version 1.0.5 to 1.0.6
    • Updated the changelog and minor fixes for the odoo apps store