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      ODOO 13 Compatible
      Odoo, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x, 13.x

      Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System

      Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System: The ‘Near me’ searches on Google have seen a 500% increase in the last two years. Local services become more localized with hyperlocal. Hyperlocal targeting aims at providing content according to the customers’ location. Odoo Marketplace hyperlocal System turns your Odoo Marketplace into a hyperlocal market. The customer simply enters the location of his choice and the Odoo website displays the products and sellers available in the nearby vicinity. The geo-radius can be set by the Odoo admin to show the products and services within the set radius. Moreover, the shipping prices can be uploaded to the Odoo by the seller or Odoo Admin to a new shipping method- ‘Hyperlocal’. The customers can now order products from the local sellers.


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      Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal SystemHyperlocal is something which is more local than ‘local’. While local devices are based on a geographical location, hyperlocal targets a smaller area which can be as large as a few streets or blocks.

      Hyperlocal targeting allows for a localized experience to the customer. Set your Odoo Marketplace for GeoMarketing with Odoo Marketplace hyperlocal System module. It allows you to showcase services and products on your Odoo Marketplace based on the geographical location of the customer.

      The customer can enter the name of the place and the website filters the content to show products and services nearby the entered location. The module allows the customers to buy the products from the nearby seller. The customer can enter the name of the place and the website filters the content to show products and services nearby the entered location. The module allows the customers to buy the products from the nearby seller.

      A new shipping method- 'Hyperlocal’ is also added to the Odoo to allow you to calculate the shipping cost based on the distance between the seller’s and customer’s location.


      Please Note: Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System module is a dependent module on Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace. In order for this module to work, Odoo multi-Vendor Marketplace module needs to be installed in the system first.

      Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System Features

      • The module allows to set up hyperlocal services on your Odoo marketplace.
      • Once the customer enters the location, the website shows the products and services from sellers available in the vicinity of the area.
      • The hyperlocal services radius (geo-radius) can be set in the Odoo backend. The products and sellers will be displayed according to the set radius.
      • The customers can check the availability of any products in the desired location.
      • The shopping cart automatically empties on changing the location in the Odoo website to prevent order placement for the wrong location.
      • The seller can sell at multiple multiple locations by adding them to his account.
      • An amazing feature which adds an automatic filter on customer's address as per selected location during checkout.
      • It also adds a New Shipping Method- ‘Hyperlocal’ to the Odoo.
      • The seller can add hyperlocal shipping prices table(s) for his location(s)in the Odoo.
      • The hyperlocal shipping prices can also be added by the admin or the seller using a CSV file.
      • In case the customer does not select his location, then the products will be shown for the default location set by the admin in the Odoo backend.

      What Is Hyperlocal Marketing?

      Hyperlocal is more localized than local. While local concentrated on significantly larger geographical areas like towns or cities, hyperlocal services are location-based services which have a well-defined area that can be as small as a few blocks or a neighborhood.

      The hyperlocal products and services changes with the location of the customers to allow highly targeted marketing for the sellers and businesses.

      As technological advances, one size fits all mindset no longer works. Now, the focus is shifting toward providing highly localized and customizable customer experience.

      A simple example is same websites in multiple languages depending upon the location of the visitors.

      Need For Introducing Hyperlocal Services In Your Odoo Website!!

      • Near-Me Trend

      The near-me searches are soaring on the Google Search Engine. People are now looking for the solution to their problems right in their neighborhood for faster resolutions.

      Whether its a restaurant, delivery services, groceries, etc everyone wants to know if they are available in their locality.

      Odoo Website Hyperlocal system module finds the nearest seller bring these products and services to the customers’ doorsteps.


      • Customers meet localized sellers

      Odoo marketplace hyperlocal System allows customers to shop from local sellers. The module automatically matches the available sellers with the location entered by the customer.

      It provides a highly personalized shopping experience for the customer.


      • Faster deliveries

      Instant gratification is what the customers need nowadays. Localized sellers and nearby customers mean lower shipping cost and faster last mile deliveries for orders placed on the Odoo marketplace.

      The local sellers being aware of the terrain and delivery conditions can fulfill the order in the shortest time ensuring efficient order fulfillment.


      • Localized website products and content

      Hyperlocal services on Odoo website means the products and services can be targeted to be displayed as per the geographical and environmental constraints and current demographics.

      The product and services required by the customers can be located within their vicinity. It saves time and money of the customers in locating the desired products.


      • Tracking Progress at the Local level

      Providing hyperlocal or geographically centered choices to the customer also helps to track the progress at a local level.

      The data collected from various locations can be used to analyze the customer shopping behavior and thereby can help to forecast the trends and patterns for the future.

      Dedicated Support For Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System Plugin

      The Webkul's dedicate official support provide you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo bridge for Magento Module and its extensions.

      For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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