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Magento 2 UVdesk Helpdesk allows the customers/visitors to Create Support Tickets regarding their queries/inquiries from the UVdesk option available in the My Account section to get a prompt response from support staff. The admin or its assigned agents can manage the tickets either from the Magento backend or from UVdesk Dashboard.

With the help of UVdesk Connector, all the information about the tickets is automatically synchronized between your Magento store and your UVdesk Dashboard. Every ticket has a unique ticket number assigned to it which helps in Managing them.

Information such as Ticket Status, Ticket Priority, Ticket Labels, the number of replies etc is also visible by the Admin and Agents. Having a helpdesk ticket system for any kind of business small or big is very much necessary for providing customer service and support.

Having a helpdesk ticket system for any kind of business small or big is very much necessary for providing customer service and support.

Please Note

  • To use this extension, you must have a UVdesk account. You can create a free UVdesk account here.
  • Also, for frequently asked queries, you may also use the Magento 2 FAQ extension.

Highlighted Features of Magento 2 UVDesk Helpdesk

 Free Helpdesk Ticketing System

Free support software for the Magento 2 store owner to handle queries or pre-order inquiry generated as service tickets.

 Support Desk for Magento 2 Store

Enables the store-owner to handle service tickets raised by customers for better customer handling.

 Effective Interaction of Admin and Buyers

Facilitates the customer and store owner to have an effective conversation including attachments.

 A Systematic Record of Support Requests

This extension records the data shared between store-owner and customers.

 Smart Ticket Handling Tool

Expedites the admin to handle support requests using advanced ticket handling tools like automated ticket assignment tools and automatic workflow.

 All-Time Active Support System

All-time active support system for customers to raise a query and for support agents to respond to solve query or order related concerns.

Why do we need Magento 2 UVDesk Helpdesk?

Magento 2 UVDesk Helpdesk extension helps to give better support and customer handling. It can get you great daily deals to convert the sales and get success in business. Customers are the key to thrive in the e-commerce market.

This extension allows store visitors or registered users to create tickets regarding their queries from the frontend itself and all the tickets can be viewed in the customer account. The admin can easily manage the tickets from Magento 2 admin panel as well as from the UVdesk portal. A ticketing system keeps the Records of previous communications with each customer.

This is extremely convenient for the support team, as all the information they need to deal effectively with staff and customers is kept in one convenient location and they can handle it in that place from start to finish.

Better support experience to customers helps to get good reviews and it makes the special promotion of your store. If you also want to facilitate a chat system between customers and the admin or chat agents on your store, do check the Magento 2 Live Chat Extension. .

 Magento 2 Customer Support Module Configuration

After installing the module, the admin has the following options are available in the store backend.

  • UVdesk Configuration
  • Set the module status as - Enabled or Disabled
  • Enter the Access Token for Magento 2 & UVdesk synchronization
  • Enter the company domain name created in UVdesk
  • Save Config Button

Accounts – Set the status Enable or Disable as per your requirement.
Access Token – Enter the UVdesk Access Token copied from your UVdesk account.
Company Domain – Enter the Domain Name of your company. For example – abc-support

 Customer Ticket Panel on Adobe Commerce Store

The customer can create a ticket for any inquiry/query by going to My Account>UVdesk. After login into my account section customer will be able to get their own Ticket Management panel using which they can check out the ticket replies and can create a new ticket for any query.

All the Tickets and related information will be recorded in a systematic way that can be used in the future.

  • View all tickets
  • View agent name
  • Agents reply on tickets
  • Reply to Ticket
  • Filter and sort the tickets
  • Add collaborator

 Create Ticket Option on Magento 2 Customer Panel

Customers can create tickets for any query or inquiry along with all the information and attachments.

First, select the Ticket Type, Enter the Subject, and Message content to share complete information.

  • Ticket Panel
  • Upload file attachments such as images, documents.
  • Select ticket type option
  • Enter a subject for the ticket
  • Message Content
  • Click on Submit

 Managing Support Tickets from Magento Backend

Once a ticket has been created, the admin or an agent can go to the store backend and manage the tickets.

The admin can now see the overview of the tickets. The admin can use the filter option to find any specific ticket using different values.

  • Ticket Labels
  • Automatic Ticket Status
  • Update ticket agent
  • Delete tickets
  • View ticket information
  • Filter tickets

 Ticket Status

All the tickets are automatically divided into various statuses for better management.

The status of the ticket is kept on changing depending on the ticket event.

  • Open – A new ticket that has arrived and not been assigned to anyone.
  • Pending – A new ticket has been assigned to someone and a reply is pending.
  • Answered – A ticket whose query has been answered and waiting for the user’s reply.
  • Resolved – A ticket where the user is satisfied with the answer to its query.
  • Closed – A ticket that is complete and cannot be reopened by the user.
  • Spam – A ticket that is irrelevant or contains no message.

 Ticket Assignments

The Merchant/admin can assign a ticket to any other agent to provide a quick reply to the customer, please click the Agent Edit icon and then select the agent name from the list. The assigned agent can then reply to the ticket.

  • Assign ticket to an agent
  • Agent can reply to Ticket
  • Better ticket management

Admin can create Ticket Type Ticket Type for the separation of a query.

Admin can add Agent for the better handling of customer queries.

 Replying Tickets

After clicking the View button the admin or an agent can send a reply or view more information about the ticket.

The admin or the agent can see the customer's name and email address. The agent can attach any file with the message. Click the Reply button to send the message to the customer.

  • Ticket List
  • Ticket ID
  • Ticket Subject
  • Ticket Created On
  • View ticket status
  • Upload file attachments

 UVdesk Synchronization

All the tickets are synced from Magento to UVdesk automatically. So, once a customer creates a ticket on the store, it will be visible on the UVdesk Dashboard.

To view the tickets on UVdesk, log in to your UVdesk account and navigate to the tickets section.

  • Manage tickets from UVdesk dashboard
  • Real-time tickets synchronization
  • Asset Visibility to get brief details on Ticket List
  • Perform bulk action
  • Quick Filter View for fast results
  • Ticket Assignments and replies can be done from UVdesk Dashboard


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/. You may also check our other top-quality UVdesk Apps.

based on 8 reviews
Anna Kitner
Posted On - February 2, 2024
Excellent Team
Good professionals, quick replies, friendly communication
Posted On - November 9, 2019
Helps to do the job faster and better for customer
Great plugin to help us support our customers faster which is what they ultimately want. We found it easy to implement and use, so I would definitely recommend it.
Posted On - November 8, 2019
Very helpful module.
this is a very helpful module. also they have a good support team and fast response. our complaints are quickly responded and resolved.
Islam Nasr
techhauz.com/ (US)
Posted On - April 16, 2019
A good way to integrate customers to the website
It does what the intended to do, the best way to give full support service straight from my website.

Posted On - March 29, 2019
Thanks it is awesome
we used Uvdesk help desk in our website and it is very great and cover all our requirement
Thanks Uvdesk Team
dev.boolenat.com (IN)
Posted On - May 4, 2018
It is awesome
It very very helpful extension for magento2, and very good support and help each and every time, It is awesome
souqtomor.com (SA)
Posted On - May 1, 2018
Thanks for UVdesk team
We used Uvdesk Helpdesk in my website , it's very easy and powerful system and they have professional team , we will use it for other store
chad Fontaine
shop767.com/ (DM)
Posted On - June 19, 2017
UV Desk
Great Solution to provide support for your website visitors. Webkul's Support staff always gets the job done, in a timely manner. Thanks to support agent Rani Priya and her Team, integration was easy.
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