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ebay Odoo Bridge (EOB)Doing business on eBay surely presents lucrative opportunities to be on one of the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace but it does come with its own set of challenges like the limited design for effective inventory management, managing orders fulfillment personally and handling multiple Ebay local sites individually.

So why not sync your eBay website with the Odoo using eBay Odoo Bridge/Connector and experience the best of both worlds. Just integrate and manage your eBay store using Odoo. You can overview all your eBay instances from the dashboard. Effortlessly manage your customer database, execute and track orders fulfillment process on the back-end and generate sales reports, invoices.

Import orders, shipping methods, and business policies. Also, export/import products and product categories from eBay to Odoo and from one eBay website to another. All-in-all you achieve multi-functional backend business management for multi-utility Ebay website to grow your business.


Prerequisites for using eBay Odoo Bridge(EOB) Module

Below is the list of things you would need before installing eBay Odoo Bridge(EOB):

  • eBay Odoo Bridge(EOB) is a dependent module on Odoo Multi-Channel Sale Module, which is the framework module to provide the structure to integrate eBay Odoo Bridge(EOB). The base module needs to be installed first for eBay Odoo Bridge(EOB) to work.
  • For Odoo online(SAAS) user, you first need to install the Odoo.sh tool before installing eBay Odoo Bridge(EOB) because Odoo restricts third-party software installations on Odoo online(SAAS).

eBay Odoo Bridge(EOB) Features

  • It allows you to integrate the eBay store with Odoo so you can manage your eBay store using Odoo.
  • Import/export products from eBay store to Odoo and vice-versa.
  • Odoo admin can import and update eBay products categories and attributes from eBay to Odoo.
  • Import and manage Orders placed on eBay Store using Odoo.
  • Import and update customers from eBay store to Odoo and manage them using Odoo.
  • Import and update shipping methods from eBay to Odoo.
  • Automatically update data in Odoo from eBay periodically by configuring the scheduler.
  • Elegantly designed dashboard to overview all the necessary eBay store information at a glance.
  • Handle various operations for eBay Store using Odoo like inventory management, invoice and report management, email marketing campaign, purchase, and stock procurement, etc.
  • Create and manage multiple instances using Odoo from a single screen, with a different set of configurations and preferences. (Note: You can integrate up to three instances of each channel. If you wish to integrate more than three instances, please contact our Support Team)
  • Maintain synchronization history at Odoo's end for each import, export and update action.
  • Manage and track Feeds For Products, Categories, Orders, and Partners at Odoo backend.
  • Manage mapping For Products, Categories, Orders, Partners, Payment Methods for tracking and bug and error fixing.
  • It provides the exempt no barcode feature on the product.

Elegant Dashboard To Display The Entire eBay Store Details

  • A very elegant dashboard to give you all the necessary information in one quick peek.
  • Overview the number of products and product categories present at any time on your eBay store.
  • Quick look to the total number of orders in the system along with the total number of customers in your eBay shop.
  • You can also overview details for all the eBay instances at once to manage them properly.

Moreover, you can integrate other e-commerce channels/marketplaces to Odoo and track all of them from the same dashboard.

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Handle Products On eBay Store With Odoo eBay Bridge/Connector

  • Integrate the eBay store with Odoo to manage your entire product catalogue on eBay store using Odoo.
  • Create and export the products from Odoo to eBay or import them from eBay to Odoo to manage E-commerce store using Odoo.
  • Import eBay product categories and attributes from eBay to Odoo.
  • Any changes made to the product stock in Odoo gets automatically reflected on the eBay store other end and conversely.

Easy And Efficient Order Management With Odoo eBay Bridge/Connector

  • Manage the eBay store using Odoo to effortlessly manage orders placed on eBay at Odoo's end.
  • You wouldn’t need to import Orders manually to Odoo from eBay. The scheduler in Odoo does that for you.
  • It provide the feature to sync the order status from eBay to Odoo by managing the order state mapping, so as per requirement, client can manually map the eBay state with Odoo and in that configured state the order will be imported into odoo.
  • Inventory management is managed in real-time from Odoo to eBay.

Flawless Accounting And Invoicing With eBay Odoo Bridge/Connector

  • Manage eBay bills and generate sales reports at Odoo backend with eBay Odoo Bridge.
  • No need to keep the records for your sales and purchase orders separately when you can handle both at the same place.
  • An entire menu to provide a complete accounting and invoicing solution for you. Not just sales orders from eBay but also bills for your purchase orders can now be handled at Odoo’s end so you can effortlessly manage your eBay store using Odoo.
  • Create and manage vendor bills, taxes, credit notes and much more of the purchase orders.

Inventory Management For Your eBay Store Using Odoo

  • Manage warehouses, product stock, and stock operations across all warehouses and maintain a streamlined flow of products for your eBay customers using Odoo.
  • Track and effectively manage warehouses across all locations using the advanced inventory functions.
  • Track the current delivery status of any order, set procurement rules, generate delivery slips, and manage your warehouses with orders from a single screen.
  • Managing entire eBay store made easy with Odoo. Efficiently track the movement of the products.

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Dedicated Support For eBay Odoo Bridge/Connector Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your eBay Odoo Bridge Module.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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