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Odoo Bridge For Prestashop - Prestashop's open-source e-commerce platform gives you the powerful base to set up your online shop. So, why not use an effective back-end to streamline the entire process. Just synchronize your Prestashop Shop with Odoo to enjoy bi-directional connectivity for your products. Sync your orders, products in real-time, manage your buyers/customers, and also your vendors/sellers in one place. The customers' records are automatically imported to Odoo with orders so you can separately manage a customer database. Also, the stock gets updated at Odoo's end as soon as an order is placed in Prestashop. View sales and purchase orders in the same back-end App, run advanced inventory management, manage delivery operations, generate reports and invoices with a click of a button, and much more. It has a highly flexible user interface so you are always at your best.


For Odoo online(SAAS) users, You first need to have Odoo.sh tool before installing Prestashop Odoo Bridge (POB) at Odoo end because Odoo restricts third-party software installations on Odoo online(SAAS).

Prestashop Odoo Bridge Features -

  • Real-time sync of Sale orders from Prestashop to Odoo end.
  • Bi-directional sync of products, their attributes between Odoo and Prestashop.
  • Real-time inventory sync from Odoo to Prestashop and with every sales order from Prestashop to Odoo.
  • Bi-directional Real-time update of order’s statuses like paid,cancel,delivered, etc.
  • Synchronize product categories bi-directionally.
  • Payment method, taxes and delivery method synchronization from Prestashop to Odoo.
  • Compatible with Odoo POS, inventory will automatically sync at both ends, Prestashop and Odoo while order/delivery at Prestashop or POS
  • Tracking number synchronization from Odoo to Prestashop
  • Check Missing order history. If any order fails to sync in Odoo due to any issue like server issue then the user can check all failed order history in Missing order menu.
  • You can sync Simple and Multi-variant products bi-directionally.

Products Synchronization with PrestaShop Odoo Bridge :

  • The bidirectional sync feature makes it easy to create and synchronize the products and product categories on both Odoo and Prestashop.
  • You can add products and categories on either Odoo or Prestashop and sync them both from Prestashop to Odoo and vice-versa.
  • Update the product information on the Odoo backend and sync to Prestashop.
  • Any changes made in product stock in Odoo get automatically reflected on PrestaShop in real-time.

Orders synchronization with Prestashop Odoo Bridge :

  • You won't have to worry about managing the orders and importing them to Odoo.
  • The orders placed in Prestashop are automatically synced in the Odoo backend in real-time.
  • The changes made to the order's status will reflect at Prestashop and vice versa.
  • The stock changes made after the placement of an order are also reflected in the Odoo in real-time.
  • Besides, the orders placed in Prestashop before installing this module can also be synced in Odoo.
  • There has been an interlinking between the POS and Prestashop. So, the order update at POS will be reflected at PrestaShop also.

Inventory and Accounting Solution with Prestashop Odoo bridge :

  • The entire invoicing menu is dedicated to being your accounting solution for your Prestashop shop.
  • Manage reports, invoices, vendor bills, taxes, credit notes, and much more of the orders placed in Prestashop with Odoo.
  • The inventory app allows you to track effectively manage warehouses, stock, and track the movement of the products.
  • You can overview the current delivery status of any order, generate delivery slips, set up procurement rules, and manage your warehouses with orders on the same screen.
  • Inventory update at POS is also synced to Odoo and PrestaShop with the help of our POB module.

Taxes, payment, and carrier/shipping methods Mapping from Prestashop to Odoo:

  • You can easily set up taxes, carrier/shipping methods, and payment methods in Odoo (if not already saved).
  • Once saved they will be automatically imported to the Odoo while synchronizing orders.

Prestashop Odoo Bridge extensions/Plug-ins:

We have a whole list of modules that can be installed with Prestashop Odoo Bridge to suit your needs. Check them out >>>

Tedious is the word for handling multiple-shops at the same time and delivering excellent performance simultaneously. Tedious becomes trouble-free for your Prestashop multiple shops With Prestashop Multishop Extension Odoo connector. Integrate and effortlessly handle multiple shops in one Odoo database.

It’s your store and you decide how to run it. So to lift the language barriers Prestashop Multi-language Support POB allows you to synchronize your Prestashop shop products and product properties in any preferred language. Just map the desired language and translate the various properties and characteristics of your Prestashop product and product categories into any language in the Odoo.

Import and manage custom features of your Prestashop store products along with attributes. The imported features of a product from the Prestashop store to Odoo can be viewed in the product template form.

Export products’ suppliers' information from your Prestashop store to Odoo with the extension. The suppliers get automatically linked to their corresponding products while syncing them from Prestashop to Odoo.

Running discounts on your Prestashop store. Now, Import the discounted prices of the products on your Prestashop store with POB Extension Discount On Products. The imported discount prices would appear as a complete price list in the Odoo and can be directly used to put prices on the products in the Odoo and POS.

Avoid delays in order fulfillment and manual labor to maintain consistency between Prestashop and Odoo order status with POB extension Order Status Comparison to avoid confusion. The extension shows you the current status of the orders at Odoo and Prestashop end so you know exactly what's happening with the order fulfillment in your store.

Compare the stock status of the products across Prestashop and Odoo so you can manage the inventory better. POB Stock Comparison extension shows you any mismatch between the current product stock at Prestashop and Odoo’s end for any reason, thus eliminating the need for manual labor and efforts.

Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Bridge For Prestashop Module

Webkul's dedicated official support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Bridge For Prestashop and its extensions. For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 37 reviews
Alexander Olivares
Posted On - April 28, 2023
Good service with proper assistance
We recently used the Odoo software customization services and we are more than satisfied with the level of service and support provided by Webkul, the business analyst assigned to us was always very professional and responsive to solving each incident reported regarding our requirement, the communication was fluid and responses, taking into account the timezone difference, occur in a reasonable amount of time.
Jean-Junior DELEAZ
Posted On - March 21, 2023
Excellent support and services
(Translated by Google) Integration of a connection module for our ERP and our online store. Very responsive customer service, rapid customization of features, solves operating problems quickly. I highly recommend webkul.
Integration of a connection module for our ERP and our online shop. Very responsive customer service, quick customization of features, and solving problems quickly. I highly recommend webkul.

Intégration d'un module de connexion pour notre ERP et notre boutique en ligne. Service client très réactif, customisation rapide des fonctionnalités, solutionne les problème de fonctionnement rapidement. Je recommande grandement webkul.
Integration of a connection module for our ERP and our online shop. Very responsive customer service, quick customisation of features, solves problems quickly. I highly recommend webkul.
Posted On - October 4, 2022
Excellent Services by Webkul
I'm very satisfied with Webkul services: I purchased some Odoo-Prestashop connectors with custom development and I'm pleased about the job they've done. The support team is reactive and all my early problems and a few bugs were resolved quickly.
I would recommend Webkul with no hesitation for that kind of project.
Nicolas Gaeta
Posted On - March 8, 2022
Excellent Services by Webkul
Good service with Webkul. They have helped in the configuration of the connector between ODoo and Prestashop. They were responsive when asking questions. The only downside is that they support only from EST zone which gives some trouble sometimes. Overall satisfied
Posted On - February 15, 2022
Highly Recommend Webkul
Have used Webkul for 2 modules for my Prestashop. They made them very fast and they worked as I had described. Can highly recommend Webkul!
Ali Mezni
Posted On - July 16, 2021
Awesome product with great team
They have great products. I am completely satisfied with my experience with Webkul. The work is professional, the teams are responsive and the quality of work is impeccable. Work carried out efficiently by webkul on Odoo and Prestashop.
I highly recommend
Eugene K
Posted On - May 18, 2021
buying Addons from Webkul for many years
I have been buying Addons from Webkul for many years, for both Odoo and Prestashop. Great team, responsive. Obviously working with a remote team is not easy, but Webkul is a solid team.
Posted On - April 3, 2021
Lo recomiendo sin duda alguna.
Funciona a la perfección, al principio costo un poco configurarlo, pero gracias al servicio técnico del desarrollador se solucionaron todos los problemas.
Posted On - April 3, 2021
Un bon service
Un bon service
Posted On - March 12, 2021
Posted On - March 12, 2021
Quick Response
You will need help from the support to install and configure it but the good news is that the support responds quickly and finds solutions to your problems.
Posted On - June 19, 2020
Posted On - June 17, 2020
équipe très réactif et professionnel Bravo Sylvain
Bonjour, Suite à cette achat, j'ai eu quelques soucis. j'ai donc utilisé les service de la hotline via les messages. Réponse immédiate (décalage horaire à prendre en compte tout de même :P) Explication très claire Correction et/ou assistance à l'installation impeccable Résultats : tout est fonctionnel, Prestashop est bel et bien synchronisé avec Odoo :) Je suis vraiment très satisfait,
Posted On - June 13, 2020
Una Atencion excelente por parte del soporte técnico
Una Atencion excelente por parte del soporte técnico
Posted On - June 9, 2020
Support rapide et efficace.
Je suis ravi ! Quelques bugs au lancement, mais maintenant tout fonctionne !!!
Posted On - June 3, 2020
Excellent product
I looked long and large before finding the perfect match and this is it. Definitely. Now it requires some skills to set it up properly, but the team is extremely helpful and patient.
Posted On - June 1, 2020
Very responsive developer. Totally recommended.
Initially I has some compatibility issues because the module was not fully compatible with the version I was using. Besides some functionality issues, the developer was very responsive and helped me to solve every single issue I had. Totally recommended.
Posted On - May 16, 2020
Posted On - April 21, 2020
Buén módulo para sincronizar con openerp
Buén módulo para sincronizar con openerp, un fallo de instalación rapidamente solucionado por la atención al cliente.
Posted On - March 20, 2020
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