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Prestashop Odoo Bridge - Prestashop's open source e-commerce platform gives you the powerful base to set up your own online shop. So, why not use an effective back-end to streamline the entire process. Just synchronize your Prestashop Shop with Odoo to enjoy bi-directional connectivity for your products. Sync your orders, products in real time, manage your buyers/customers and also your vendors/sellers in one place. The customers' records are automatically imported to Odoo with orders so you can separately manage a customer database. Also, the stock gets updated at Odoo's end as soon as an order is placed in Prestashop. View sales and purchase orders in the same back-end App, run advanced inventory management, manage delivery operations, generate report and invoices with a click of a button and much more. It has a highly flexible user interface so you are always at your best.


For Odoo online(SAAS) users, You first need to have Odoo.sh tool before installing Prestashop Odoo Bridge (POB) at Odoo end because Odoo restricts third-party software installations on Odoo online(SAAS).

Prestashop Odoo Bridge Features -

  • Bidirectional sync for products and product categories.
  • Real-time stock synchronization.
  • Bidirectional real-time update of order status like cancellation, payment accepted, delivered.
  • Real-time sync of orders placed in Prestashop to Odoo
  • Automatic synchronization of customers from Prestashop to Odoo while importing the orders.
  • Import old orders to Odoo from Prestashop placed before the module's installation.
  • Real-time inventory sync of PrestaShop product combination as Odoo variants
  • Successfully map the taxes saved on your Prestashop shop to Odoo
  • Efficient mapping of payment and shipping methods present in Prestashop to Odoo. 

Products Synchronization with PrestaShop Odoo Bridge :

  • Bidirectional sync feature makes it easy to create and synchronize the Products and product categories on both Odoo and Prestashop.
  • You can add products and categories on either Odoo or Prestashop and sync them both from Prestashop to Odoo and vice-versa.
  • Update the product information on the Odoo back-end and sync to Prestashop.
  • Any changes made in product stock in Odoo gets automatically reflected on PrestaShop in real time.
  • Note: Any changes in the stock made manually at Prestashop's end are needed to be synced manually to Odoo. using order sync tab in Prestashop.

Orders synchronization with Prestashop Odoo Bridge :

  • You won't have to worry about managing the orders and importing them to Odoo.
  • The orders placed in Prestashop are automatically synced in Odoo back-end in real time.
  • The changes made to the order's status will reflect at Prestashop and vice versa.
  • The stock changes made after the placement of an order are also reflected in the Odoo in real time.
  • In addition, the orders placed in Prestashop before installing this module can also be synced in Odoo.
  • There has been an interlinking between the POS and Prestashop. So, the order update at POS will be reflected at PrestaShop also.

Inventory and Accounting Solution with Prestashop Odoo bridge :

  • The entire invoicing menu dedicated to being your accounting solution for your Prestashop shop.
  • Manage report, invoices, vendor bills, taxes, credit notes and much more of the orders placed in Prestashop with Odoo.
  • The inventory App allows you to track the effectively manage warehouses, stock and track the movement of the products.
  • You can overview the current delivery status of any order, generate delivery slips, set up procurement rules and manage your warehouses with orders on the same screen.
  • Inventory update at POS is also synced to Odoo and PrestaShop with the help of our POB module

Taxes, payment and carrier/shipping methods Mapping from Prestashop to Odoo :

  • You can easily set up taxes, carrier/shipping methods and payment methods in Odoo (if not already saved).
  • Once saved they will be automatically imported to the Odoo while synchronizing orders.

Prestashop Odoo Bridge extensions/Plug-ins:

We have a whole list of modules that can be installed with Prestashop Odoo Bridge to suit your needs. Check them out >>>

Tedious is the word for handling multiple-shops at the same time and delivering excellent performance simultaneously. Tedious becomes trouble-free for your Prestashop multiple shops With Prestashop Multishop Extension Odoo connector. Integrate and effortlessly handle multiple shops in one Odoo database.

It’s your store and you decide how to run it. So to lift the language barriers Prestashop Multi-language Support POB allows to synchronize your Prestashop shop products and product properties in any preferred language. Just map the desired language and translate the various properties and characteristics of your Prestashop product and product categories into any language in the Odoo.

Import and manage custom features of your Prestashop store products along with attributes. The imported features of a product from Prestashop store to Odoo can be viewed in the product template form.

Export products’ suppliers' information from your Prestashop store to Odoo with the extension. The suppliers get automatically linked to their corresponding products while syncing them from Prestashop to Odoo.

Running discounts on your Prestashop store. Now, Import the discounted prices of the products on your Prestashop store with POB Extension Discount On Products. The imported discount prices would appear as a complete pricelist in the Odoo and can be directly used to put prices on the products in the Odoo and POS.

Avoid delays in order fulfillment and manual labour to maintain consistency between Prestashop and Odoo order status with POB extension Order Status Comparison to avoid confusion. The extension shows you the current status of the orders at Odoo and Prestashop end so you know exactly what's happening with the order fulfillment in your store.

Compare the stock status of the products across Prestashop and Odoo so you can manage the inventory better. POB Stock Comparison extension shows you any mismatch between the current product stock at Prestashop and Odoo’s end for any reason, thus eliminating the need for manual labour and efforts.

Dedicated Support for Webkul's Prestashop modules and extensions: -

The Webkul's dedicate official support provide you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Prestashop Odoo Bridge and its extensions. For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

based on 15 reviews
Posted On - January 15, 2020
équipe très réactif et professionnel
Bonjour, Suite à cette achat, j'ai eu quelques soucis. j'ai donc utilisé les service de la hotline via les messages. Réponse immédiate (décalage horaire à prendre en compte tout de même :P) Explication très claire Correction et/ou assistance à l'installation impeccable Résultats : tout est fonctionnel, Prestashop est bel et bien synchronisé avec Odoo :) Je suis vraiment très satisfait, équipe très réactif et professionnel Bravo Sylvain
Hervé P
Posted On - July 16, 2019
The solution to synchronize ODOO <-> PRESTASHOP
Great software and support for the best solution to synchronize Odoo with Prestshop on the market.
Thanks to Webkul for this good job.
4x4parts.fi (FI)
Posted On - June 26, 2019
Lot of work, but worth of it
There are so many things that need to be taken care, but with great support of webkul we have done all of these.

I like the bridge and I like the Webkul team.

Thank You
Posted On - March 26, 2019
Great module, great support
Thanks to Webkul for the great support they gave for their software.
Always free for a customization for the need you have on integration.
Thanks a lot to the team for their happiness and support they gave us
www.onduex.com (ES)
Posted On - November 9, 2018
Great software - Happy customer
Great software, great support, how much we need? Nothing.
Odoo and prestashop perfectly sych without problems.
Thank you very much.
Posted On - November 21, 2017
Perfect solution for instant synchronization between Odoo Prestashop
Very good module for quick synchronizations. We have tested out other solutions also, but only Webkul's solution have provided us the best solution for our needs. We also did a lot of customizations and I can say that working with these guys is a pleasure. Communication skills and quick understading of the problem solves a lot of time compared to other companies. We are very glad to get along with Webkuls and using their connector. If Webkul guys keep working like this constantly, they will always beat the competition.
Bruno M
Posted On - May 27, 2015
The Odoo to Prestashop bridge/connector you need
Our company is using Odoo for our warehouse management and we urgently needed a solution for our e-commerce setup. We use Prestashop and we needed to synchronize everything with Odoo and thanks to this module we have a solution to our complex issues.

The module is very flexible, allowing you to choose exactly what you need to have synchronized and in which direction you need data to flow. This feature is vital because you will probably have to synch customer data to your Odoo (web registered members on the shop) and on the contrary the product data needs to arrive from Odoo in the shop.
This module makes all that possible and is not limited to this configuration: you can synchronize everything bidirectionally.

Further notes:
- support is outstanding
- module is easy to use and configure
- mistakes can easily be undone
- product combinations!

Bruno M
Posted On - January 13, 2015
Excellent module
Good service and excellent module!
Posted On - November 4, 2014
Excellent module and support team.
Excellent module pour odoo.
Le support est super pro et disponible.
Il devrait être disponible aussi bien dans les stores de prestashop qu'Odoo.

Excellent odoo module
Support are pro and available.
This module must be in prestashop and odoo storer.
Posted On - September 25, 2014
Great module and great support
This module have all the features announced and works perfectly.
But the best part of my purchase was the support received from Webkul Team (Shyam,...)
They solved all of my doubts and problems in fast time despite the time lapse between his country and mine.
Posted On - September 23, 2014
Great support
This module was exactly what I need for my project. I needed also some customization and webkul do all work for a competitive price. Thanks for your great support!
Alex Derkin
Posted On - September 8, 2014
A convenient an
A convenient and efficient interface to keep synchronized your OpenERP with your store Prestashop ... Best of all? the effectiveness of its technical support, a 10 out of 10.
Alex Derkin
Posted On - September 8, 2014
I have been loo
I have been looking long and hard for a module that can sync Prestashop to OpenERP, and almost gave up. After accidentally stumbling on this module I was very skeptical about its capabilities. I wrote an email to Webkul support and within 15 minutes I had a response. After a few more back and forth emails I decided to make a purchase.<br /><br />The module worked right straight out of the box. Installation instructions were extremely accurate and simple to follow. If you have an OpenERP system and you are using it together with Prestashop, this module is a must. With a great support and development team behind it, you will be running properly synced systems in no time.
Shaun Rampersad
Posted On - September 8, 2014
The Prestashop
The Prestashop Open ERP product is worht every cent. We have been running this for the past 4 months now and it works as expected.There were a few issues we encountered, but the support from webkul has been excellent.I would really recommend this product for anyone looking to integrate OpenERP and Prestashop.Shaun
Posted On - September 8, 2014
Efficient piece of software and great support team
i would like to share with you my experience with this module, thanks to the great help and support of Webkul I have all my customers, products, categories, etc.. synced and i can work with openerp seamlesly integrated with prestashop.
I higly recomend you this option its worth every penny.

Ismael Ojeda - CEO CubikoSolutions
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