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Odoo Marketplace Q&A & FAQ - Solving customer queries is the utmost responsibility of an admin of Odoo Marketplace. Creating a mode of interaction via FAQ & Q&A will solve queries of customers in seconds will definitely add supreme value to your marketplace. Customers can directly seek these commonly asked questions and satisfy themselves at that instance of time itself.

Odoo Marketplace Q&A & FAQ Module enables you to add a FAQ and Q&A features to the marketplace. This feature helps your customers to resolve their queries and compels them to go for instant purchase thus, boosting sales and profits. This module mainly provides you a mode of interaction between you and the customers and lets you maintain a good harmony with them.

 Prerequisites For Odoo Marketplace Q&A & FAQ

Odoo Marketplace Q&A & FAQ works in conjunction with the following modules:

These are the framework modules to provide the structure for Odoo Marketplace Q&A & FAQ Module. The base modules need to be installed first for Odoo Marketplace Q&A & FAQ Module to work.

 Odoo Marketplace Q&A & FAQ Features

Add a mode of interaction on your Odoo Marketplace

  • The Odoo Marketplace Q&A & FAQ Module allows your customers to ask the question for the seller’s and admin’s products.
  • Customers can ask the question about the seller and his/her shop.

 Enable sellers to respond to customer queries

  • The sellers can also respond to the questions asked by the customers.
  • Customers can search for questions and also answer questions that are asked by other customers.

Post product related queries in the form of FAQ

  • Product-related queries can be posted in the form of FAQ on the product page.
  • These questions will resolve customer queries in seconds and leads to instant purchase.

 Manage the product FAQs from the backend

  • A seller can manage their product faqs easily from the backend.
  • Customers can refer to those faqs before making the purchase and resolve their queries.
  • Marketplace related queries are posted in the form of FAQ on the selling page.

Enable mail notifications for sellers of the customers query

  • You and the seller will get a mail when a question is put up from the frontend by the customer.
  • A mail is sent to the customer when his/her question is answered by you or the seller.

 Allow registered customers to place questions on Odoo Marketplace

  • A login required by the customer to place questions, answer questions, vote questions.
  • Unregistered customers have to create and login accounts for placing a query.

User friendly module with easy process

  • The module is fully Ajax based with no page reload.
  • The Google reCAPTCHA verification is included in the module.

Create a question from the Odoo backend

  • Create the Q&A questions for the sellers from the Odoo backend.
  • Once approved, these questions can be answered by your sellers.

 List of questions for different sellers

  • You can view all the customer questions for different sellers at Odoo backend.
  • You can publish or unpublish these questions accordingly.

Question making option available at Odoo frontend

  • Customers can ask by clicking on this tab on the Odoo website.
  • These questions can be answered by the product sellers from the Odoo backend.

Odoo Marketplace Q&A & FAQ Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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