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Odoo Marketplace Advertisement Manager -Advertising on a marketplace is an effective way of marketing and a new trend of promoting products innovatively. The attractive images in these ads instantly drive customer’s attention that gives you an amazing chance to build yourself financially strong. Selling ad space is a popular way nowadays to fill up your wallets more than usual.

 Prerequisites For Odoo Marketplace Advertisement Manager Module

Odoo Marketplace Advertisement Manager works in conjunction with the following modules:

You would need to install both of these modules for Odoo Marketplace Advertisement Manager to work properly.

Why Advertisement Manager?-

  • Sell free space to your sellers or customers at any price you wish for
  • No need to promote products by yourself as sellers will do that job
  • Attracts new sellers to publish their ad on your Marketplace website
  • Can display new products for the customers
  • You can set the price per day for every advertisement position
  • The block positions availability is automatically maintained by the module
  • Takes your ad business to a new level
  • Will make your Marketplace look more trendy and attractive


  • Gives you a chance to earn extra money from your marketplace’s free space
  • The advertisements of new products will lead in increased sales and profits
  • Attracts new users by advertising trendy products that leads to instant purchase
  • Retains the old customers as they can easily be informed about new trends
  • You can sell the block position at any price you want and earn profits
  • Makes your business more profitable and successful
  • You will be able to make money without any sale too

 Odoo Marketplace Advertisement Manager Features

Allows you to sell website’s free space to your sellers/customers

  • The module allows you to provide panels to a seller located at different positions of the website where they can place their products for advertisement.
  • Sellers or customers can purchase these block positions to publish their products.

 Set the price and date range of the ad blocks as per your wish

  • You can set the price per day for every advertisement position accordingly.
  • Sellers and customers can purchase the advertisement display positions according to the availability.
  • A date range is selected for advertisement to be displayed and make payment accordingly.
  • Customers can only add Banners on the advertisement position booked by them.

Allow sellers to add the banners for the products as per the choice

  • Sellers can add Products and banner as per their choice on the advertisement position booked
  • The sellers are allowed to add only their own products advertisement products added by the sellers in the product carousel.
  • The module allows you to add any product in the product carousel.

 Maintain all the advertisement orders from the backend

  • You can view all the advertisement orders in one place from the backend.
  • The module enables you to select the maximum number of products to be shown in the product carousel according to the ad-block position.

Configure the product carousel for each position from the backend

  • You can configure whether to allow/disallow the product carousel for each position from the backend.
  • The module allows you to configure the auto-approval settings for the products and banner added in the block content.

 Manage the advertisement publishment from the backend

  • You are in charge to publish/unpublish the advertisements displayed on the website.
  • You can view the list of customers and sellers who have purchased the advertisement blocks.

Manage the advertisement products added by the sellers from the backend

  • The advertisement products added by the sellers can be approved/denied or deleted by you as per your wish.
  • A mail will be sent to the customer and seller on the approval of block content.

Upload the banner image for the advertisement on frontend

  • Sellers/Customers can upload the banner image to display it on the frontend’s ad space
  • This ad space has to be purchased from the frontend itself to display banner images on it

 Select the ad block position and date range to display Ads

  • Customers/sellers can choose and purchase the ad block position and select the date range too.
  • The advertisement will be displayed in the date range selected and will expire automatically.

 Choose the block as per your wish

  • Customers/Sellers can choose the ad block position from the list of different block positions available on the website.
  • You can charge the ad block positions accordingly and can change their prices from the backend itself.

Odoo Marketplace Advertisement Manager Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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