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Opencart Sales Rep: With the help of this module, the admin can manage the quotation request in a more effective and orderly manner. The admin can create Sale Representatives and managers will manage the quotation requested by the customer.

The solution will serve the purpose best for a market where there is more B2B approach. As the admin can assign dedicated Sales Rep agents to the respective product/category. The various team can be made with the multiple Sales Rep managed by one or more than one managers.

The Sales Rep agents/Managers have their separate login through which they can easily manage the quotation requested and the orders.

Highlighted Features

 Easy Management

The quotation requested can be easily managed by multiple Sales Rep agents

 Automatic Assignment

The Sales Rep can be auto-assigned based on the conditions and their priority set by admin

 Customizable Permission

The admin can provide access or modify permissions to the Manager and Sales Rep for various sections

 Custom Notifications

The admin can configure the subject and the mail templates for the different events.

Integrating Sales Rep

Opencart Sales Rep module allows the admin to configure the Sales Rep, manager and team. The admin can configure the mail templates for various events( quote generation, quote updation, message, status change, and assignment of sales rep) that will send to admin, customer, sales rep agent and manager.

  • The admin can either manually or automatically assign the Sale Rep.
  • Assign dedicated sales rep agents for product and category messages.
  • Size of the team and the count of the manager/team can be set.
  • Set the default name and email which will be shown to the customers.
  • The quotation can only be requested for products whose quote status is enabled.
  • The admin can select the quote to be enabled for selective products or all products.
  • Select the customer group who can request the quote.
  • The admin can show or hide the add to cart, product price, and request quote button.
  • The status for scenarios like initial quote,update quote, quote approval.

Requested Quotations

The admin can check all the quotation requests and can assign it to any desired Sales Rep.

  • The customer can edit the quotation.
  • The customer can communicate with the sales rep, admin or manager through quotation messages.
  • The status can be updated for the quotation by the admin.
  • The admin can edit the quoted product.
  • If the quotation is completed add to cart button will appear on the quotation page for customers.
  • The quoted price and quantity will automatically get added to cart.
  • The manager can see all the requested quotes of the Sales Rep agents in his team.
  • The manager can change the sales rep agent for any requested quote assigned to the sales rep under his team.

Quotation Status & Orders

After the quotation gets approved by the Sales Rep/Manager, the customer can order the requested quote with the quoted price and quantity. The requested quote gets converted in the quoted order.

  • The quoted order can be viewed with the new quoted price and order.
  • The customer can check the discount amount in the order information of the order history section.
  • The admin can set multiple statuses for various stages of the quote.
  • The admin can set the status in multi-languages through multilingual tabs.
  • The admin can add ‘n’ numbers of status as desired.
  • Custom color can be set for a different status.


The admin can view all the conversation for the customer and the sales rep for the quotations.

  • The conversation can be view or even can participate in the conversation.
  • The admin will be able to monitor the conversation between the sales rep and the customers.
  • The Manager can also check the conversation between the customer and the sale rep of his team.
  • The Manager can even participate in the conversation if needed.
  • All the status update will be notified in the conversation.
  • Any change in the quotation like the product, its price or quantity will be reflected in the conversations as well.

Managers & Sales Representatives

The admin can add new managers and sales rep as required. The Sales rep can be created to manage the requested quote in a practical way.

  • The admin needs to fill up the following details in order to create Sales rep and Manager like – Username, Agents name, Email, Agents picture, password, etc.
  • The admin can choose to validate the sales rep or manager by enabling the status.
  • The admin can assign the role to the respective Sales Rep/ Manager.
  • The Sales rep can be assigned products and category for which the notifications will be sent when the quote is generated.
  • The admin can assign the Sales Rep to the particular Manager as desired.
  • The Sales Rep will get the Requested quote of the assigned products and categories as chosen by the admin.

Customer’s Role

On the Front end, the registered customer in the accessed customer group can Quote Products which the admin has enabled to quote. The quote can be created by entering the Quotation Quantity, Quotation Price/unit, Message, and Shopping list.

  • The customer can create the quotation from the products page and the shopping list section as well.
  • The customer can create a new shopping list, move the items from one list to another.
  • The limited number of shopping list can be added by the customer which is defined by admin in the backend.
  • The customer can even edit the quotation after the request for quote has been generated.
  • The quote can be deleted by the customer if needed.
  • The customer can initiate the conversation with the sales rep.
  • After the requested quotation gets approved the customer can add it to cart.
  • Quotation discount will be visible to the customer on the cart and in the quotation orders.

 Complete Features List

  • The admin can create new Sales Rep agents
  • Assign sales rep manually or automatically
  • Admin can set sequence/priority for assigning a sales rep
  • Dedicated sales rep for products and categories
  • Admin can assign sales reps to a manager for better management
  • Admin can set max team size and max number of managers of sales rep
  • Admin can set minimum quote quantity for the products
  • The admin can select products for which the quote status needs to be enabled.
  • Admin can set custom status for initial quote, update quote, and approval quote
  • Customer, sales rep, manager, and admin can send, receive, view complete conversation


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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