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    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

    OpenCart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ)

    Opencart Marketplace Request for Quote (RFQ): This module allows the customer to raise RFQ on the products. These RFQ can also send for the custom products. The seller and buyer can chat about the raised quote. The module help in sales and purchase of products at a negotiable rate agreeable both by vendor and customer.

    OpenCart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ) OpenCart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ) OpenCart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ) OpenCart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ) OpenCart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ) OpenCart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ) OpenCart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ) OpenCart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ) OpenCart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ) OpenCart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ)
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    Opencart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ): OpenCart RFQ Extension is meant for the customer to send the RFQ to the marketplace seller. These RFQs are either auto-assigned to the sellers The admin here sets the default quantity of the product in the quote.

    Once the sellers receive the RFQ, both sellers and customers can negotiate over the RFQ or ask questions relative to the product. This will allow them to built a strong business relationship. Additionally, the customer can raise buying leads for the customer which is RFQ for products not in the store

    Please Note:

    • This is a marketplace add-on, so you must install Webkul's OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension first.
    • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
    • Opencart Marketplace Request For Quote module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.
    OpenCart Multi Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ)

    Opencart Multi Vendor RFQ Features

     Registered customers can raise RFQ

    The Quote request feature is restricted to the registered customer for secure bulk ordering.

     Customized Product RFQ

    The customer can raise RFQ for the product which is not part of the store that registers as Buying Leads.

     Seller Bid On RFQ

    The sellers of the marketplace can send the feasible quote for the RFQ to the customer.

     RFQ discussion

    The seller and customer can communicate about the RFQ before the finalization of the deal.

     Admin Control on RFQ Assignment

    The admin has full authority to assign the lead to any seller if auto-assignment is set to disable.

     Updated Layout

    Updated the whole module with the new layout.

    Multi Vendor RFQ Management By Admin

    RFQ Extension for OpenCart is meant to allow the RFQ to the customers it is important to configure the module as per business as per requirement. Thus, allowing the customer to take advantage of the functionality. It requires the admin to--

    • Define the minimum quantity to quote, enable or disable the auto-approval of requests and the sort order of the extension.
    • The admin can set mail templates for various instances that receivable to sellers and customers.
    • The admin can even specify the Mail Keywords that get auto-replaced in the templates as per customer or seller.
    RFQ Management By Admin

    Negotiation about Vendor RFQ

    The customer now can raise the Quote as per their requirement. The Seller and customer henceforth can chat with each other once the RFQ is sent to the seller. This communication link can help both customers and well as sellers-

    • Avoid any sort of confusion that occurs in the bulk ordering of products.
    • Sellers can get a clear idea of customer requirements and can easily share new quotes using the information.
    • This will allow the establishment of an effective communication channel between the seller and the customer.
    Negotiation about RFQ

    Buying Leads

    These are the special quote which customer shares on the product that is not on the store. These quotes are shared with multiple sellers. These sellers then review the quote and as per feasibility respond to it. For thus the customer-

    • Needs to Add product to quote by adding details like- Product name, its description, quantity desired, the price per quantity, sample requirement and a sample image of the product.
    • However, the customer can raise lead for more than one product.
    • Specify the further Quote information and contact details.
    • The sellers must add the product to the store for the customer to buy it.
    Custom Product Purchase

    Multi Seller RFQ Management

    As per the admin setting the seller can view the RFQ. This will allow the seller to-

    • Propose the quote for the desired product.
    • Communicate with the customer about the quote.
    • Manage the quotes in various status- Open, Pending, Answered, Resolved, and Closed.

    The seller can now increase there approach by selling customized products.

    Seller RFQ Management

    Customer Quote

    If the customer wishes to get the products in bulk the best mode of purchase via RFQ. Herein, the customer can get room to purchase the product at a customizable rate. For the customer needs to-

    • Remain login on the store and go to the product page.
    • Specify the rate and quantity of the product.
    • The sample selection is on the choice of the customer.
    • State the Quote Information by specifying Quote title and Quote Brief details.
    • Share the contact information like name, company name, address, and contact number.
    Customer Quote

     Complete Features List

    • Approve the RFQ Automatically or Manually.
    • Set the Default/Minimum quantity for the quotation from customers.
    • Customers can upload images with the RFQ.
    • A 'Request For Quote' button on all product pages.
    • Admin can create Custom attribute fields for the RFQ form.
    • Sellers can update the bulk order quantity.
    • Quotation Status - pending, open, answered, resolved, and closed.
    • The admin can specify the mail template for each action in the RFQ system.


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Opencart Extensions.

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    Top quality product

    Posted On - June 23, 2021

    Great product 5++++

     Frequently Asked Questions

     Can the customer order the products which are not present in Marketplace?
    Yes, the customer can order the products that are not part of the Marketplace. These products fall under Buying Leads for which different sellers can present the rates.
     Can the admin send the RFQ to the sellers in bulk?
    Yes, the admin can select the products whose RFQ is not sent and then click on ‘Send Quote To Seller’ to share it with all the sellers in the marketplace.
     Can the admin apply restriction on minimum quote quantity?
    Yes, the admin can restrict the minimum quantity for quotation in the Admin Configuration.
     How can the customer purchase the product which is not the part of Marketplace?
    The customer can share the RFQ, which is shared with all the seller in the marketplace. In turn, the seller will share the available quote details with the customer. Post complete negotiation the seller can create the product in the marketplace for the customer. Wherein the customer can purchase the product and complete the usual checkout process.
     How can RFQ help the customer?
    The feature can benefit the customer in multiple ways-
    • Get customized products as per choice.
    • Negotiation with the seller about the quotation.
    • Bulk purchase of the desired product.
    The plugin is most beneficial where the customers are from - fashion industry, specialized machinery manufacturing, car parts, and many such.
     Does the RFQ system support Mail?
    Yes, the RFQ system allows the exchange of mail on any action that takes place regarding the quote.
     Can the seller automatically receive the RFQ raised by customers?
    The auto-assignment of RFQ depends on the admin settings of OpenCart Marketplace RFQ Extension wherein the Auto Approval Request For Quote must be enabled.

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    • Git issues resolved.
    • Now customer can also check their recent Quote Details.
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    • Git issues resolved.
    • Git issues resolved.
    • + Updated the whole mod with the new layout.
    • + Fixed git structure.
    • + Fixed mail sending issue
    • * Resolved the git issues
    • * Updated code update in all versions
    • * Git issues resolved for version 3.x.x.x.
    • * Name change of the project Request For Quote.
    • + Request For Quote in version 3.x.x.x added.