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Barcode Inventory for Magento 2


Barcode Inventory for Magento 2: Magento 2 Barcode Inventory module allows the admin to generate barcodes for the incoming shipment products. The admin can also update the stock automatically through barcode scanning after receiving the shipment from the supplier. The admin can even generate the barcode PDF of single as well as multiple shipments.

Please Note:

  • To use this module, you need to install Magento 2 Purchase Order first.
  • Barcode scanner device is required to read the barcodes

Highlighted Features

 Unique Barcode Generation

A unique barcode is generated for each and every product.

 Barcode Scanner

Scans the barcode using a barcode scanner.

 Stock Management

Update the received shipment inventory by scanning the product barcode.

 Print Barcodes

Print pdf of barcodes for single as well as bulk shipments.

Why use this module?

Incoming shipment is a part of the purchase order model. The incoming shipment comprised of multiple products. So, it makes difficult for the admin to update the product inventory upon on receiving the incoming shipment from the supplier.

But the Magento 2 Barcode Inventory module will eliminate the manual inventory management and ease the inventory update process for the admin.

The functionality of the module is useful majorly in areas like Book Shop, Medicine shop, and many such places where the store owner receives the shipments consists of multiple products.

  • Easy to maintain accurate stock counts of the incoming shipments.
  • Automatic inventory management of the incoming shipments products via barcode scanning.
  • This will reduce time and errors caused due to manual entry of product inventory.
  • The centralized process to manage the inventory of the incoming shipments.

Product Barcode

The module allows the store owner to generate barcodes for the incoming shipment products

  • Earlier the admin doesn’t get product barcodes in the incoming shipments. This makes admin update received shipment inventory manually.
  • But Magento 2 Barcode Inventory module will create the barcodes of the incoming shipment products.
  • A unique barcode is generated for each and every sets of the product.
  • The barcode will be generated on the basis of source_productid_quantity.

Receive Shipment

Advanced inventory barcode scanner module to receive a shipment with a barcode scanner

  • Scan the bar code of each product in the shipment.
  • This will display a pop-up screen.
  • The pop-up screen will display the product details like entity id, product name, SKU, and quantity.
  • Click “Receive Now” button and update the product inventory automatically.

Update Inventory

The module brings accuracy into the inventory management process. The admin

  • Manually update the inventory of the shipment products individually.
  • Bulk update the inventory of the shipment products.
  • Update the shipment products inventory through barcode scanning.
  • Generate the barcode PDF of shipments.


  • Enable and disable the module.
  • Generate barcodes for incoming products automatically.
  • Scan the barcode and update inventory.
  • Update individual product stock.
  • Update multiple inventories in bulk.
  • Print PDF functionality from mass action
  • Print PDF functionality from individual shipment.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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