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Odoo Marketplace Mass Upload:  When your Marketplace is expanding. So is your customer base and revenue.

But how do you and your sellers deal with product management on your Odoo Marketplace?

How do you add new products to the Odoo Marketplace website?

How do you update the inventory fo these products? Manually?

  • Odoo Marketplace mass content upload module removes the manual work of product and inventory management on your marketplace.
  • You can add hundreds of new products to the marketplace website in a second.
  • No need to create every product manually by filling each field in Odoo.
  • Upload new product data using a simple CSV file.
  • Upload the file and The new products are automatically created in Odoo.
  • Update product inventory with a simple CSV file.

Create and Publish Hundreds and Thousands of products on the Odoo Marketplace in a few seconds with Odoo Marketplace Mass COntent Upload Module.

Update Inventory Of Odoo Marketplace products in an instant to make your work dramatically organized and easy.

 Prerequisites For Odoo Marketplace Mass Upload Module

Odoo Marketplace Mass Upload works in conjunction with the following modules:

You would need to have the above module installed in your Odoo for Odoo Marketplace Mass Upload to work properly.

 Odoo Marketplace Mass Upload Features

Bulk Import Products to Odoo Marketplace

  • The seller can import marketplace products using the zip file.
  • The zip contains a product CSV file and image folders.
  • The imported products are auto-created in Odoo.
  • The status of the added products depends upon admin settings - approved or to approve.

 Bulk Update Marketplace Product Inventory

  • The sellers can bulk update inventory of their products with CSV files.
  • The CSV file includes the required fields and data.
  • The status of inventory update depends upon admin settings - approved or to approve.
  • The operation updates the on-hand product quantity.

Bulk Import functionality for Both Sellers and Admin

  • The sellers can bulk upload products and update inventory for their shops only.
  • The admin can perform bulk operations for any seller on his Odoo marketplace.

 Allow/Disallow Bulk Upload Operations For Sellers.

  • The admin can enable/disable bulk product and inventory upload on the Odoo marketplace for all sellers.
  • Also, the admin can allow/disallow the functionality for individual sellers separately.

Set the rules for creating CSV files

  • Set the required fields in CSV file for uploading products.
  • If the required field(s) is missing the upload would go unsuccessful.

 Multi Website Compatible

  • The Module is designed to be multi-website compatibility.
  • The admin can create independent uploading rules for each website.

Track every upload Operation

  • The history of each upload operation is stored in Odoo.
  • The admin can see the history of every seller.
  • The sellers can see only their upload history.

 Instantly check for Unsuccessful uploads

  • The module lists the unsuccessful records (if any) of each operation.
  • Open the operation history to see which records were unsuccessful.

 How to Create Products In Bulk in the Odoo Marketplace?

  • To bulk create products in Odoo Marketplace, make a folder in your system.
  • The folder contains a CSV file with product details and an image subfolder with product images.
  • Add the data to the CSV file under columns with field headers names such as Name, list_price, type, and image.
  • Under the image header, write the name of the respective product image in the image sub-folder.
  • Create a zip of the main folder and upload it to Odoo using the module to automatically create the listed products.
  • The number of fields to be added to the CSV can be managed from the settings

 Set Rules For the format of CSV file for Bulk Product Upload

  • The admin can manage what fields the sellers should include in the CSV file before uploading.
  • The upload operation will give an error if required fields and their information are not added in the CSV file.

 How to Update Odoo Marketplace Inventory In Bulk?

  • The Bulk inventory update CSV contains the required fields headers only - variant_id, default code, and quantity.
  • Add the data under the respective header and upload the to Odoo using the module.

 Check Unsuccessful Uploads / Records

  • The record of each operation is stored in the Odoo.
  • Sellers can see their bulk import and update history.
  • The admin can see the history of all the Odoo marketplace sellers.
  • Each operation record also contains the list of unsuccessful uploads.
  • Check the unsuccessful product or inventory upload directly from the records.

 Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Marketplace Mass Upload Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Marketplace Mass Upload Module.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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