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Magento 2 WhatsApp Chatbot & Order Notifications: Now integrate the leading messaging service WhatsApp with your online store. Create a seamless web and mobile shopping channel using WhatsApp with features like - shopping bot, place orders on WhatsApp, receive various order-related notifications, show custom WhatsApp buttons. Expand your sales channel and establish a user-friendly consumer shopping experience by leveraging the features of WhatsApp and Magento 2 store as a powerful business tool into a low-cost web store solution.

Note: Also check our Magento 2 WhatsApp Contact module using which admin can feature WhatsApp Contact button on the storefront allowing customers to communicate with the store owners via WhatsApp.

Highlighted Features

 Purchase Made Easy & Instant via. WhatsApp

The store owners can take orders directly from WhatsApp which is one of the most widely used and user-friendly messaging applications.

 WhatsApp Notifications for All Order Events

The customer gets instant notification via WhatsApp when their order is placed, shipped, canceled, and even when an order invoice is generated for the purchase.

 Shopping Bot Assistance

The customer gets various alternatives as suggestions over WhatsApp concerning the required mode of shipment and payment for their purchase.

 Guest Users Can Purchase

One of the most excellent features that save time because customers don’t have to be logged in to the store to make a purchase.

Showcased at Magento Innovations Lab

We are extremely proud once again that this year 2021, PWA WhatsApp Shopping Assistant got selected and featured in Magento Innovations Lab. Read the complete article here - https://magento.com/innovations-lab/pwa-whatsapp-shopping-assistant

First PWA Scan and Go, then PWA POS with MSI, and now PWA WhatsApp Shopping Assistant. Webkul has always been at the forefront in building innovative solutions on top of Magento PWA Studio. With WhatsApp Shopping Assistant innovation, this will help to improve repeated sales and remove the complexities caused by slow internet, thanks to the offline capability powered by the progressive web app.

Moreover, as an official Magento Technology Partner, Webkul is always dedicating its time and resources to build world-class commerce solutions and also make online shopping experiences more intuitive and user-friendly.

Find the complete list of Webkul solutions that got showcased at Magento Innovations Lab - https://webkul.com/magento-innovations-lab-winner/

Why Integrate WhatsApp Chatbot into Magento 2 Store?

The store owners have a good web store but still are not able to convert visitors into new customers. The problem lies in volatile consumer behavior, not your online store. Engaging the customer becomes simpler with a complete module like this. Where you can take orders on WhatsApp thus secure as well as notifying your customer with personalized messages for various order events making it more informative. 

Target more audiences as your buyers can share their order summary with friends and over WhatApp groups too and the store link can generate more visitors and the cycle goes on. Not to forget the module also provides shopping assistance by providing different alternatives for shipment and payments.

Display Purchase on WhatsApp Button

The store owners can give their customers a choice of purchasing from WhatsApp or from the web store itself.

  • Customers making purchases via WhatsApp can get all the notifications at one place with order details.
  • The admin can show both add to cart and purchase on the WhatsApp button or remove one of them based on the requirement from the product list and view page.
  • Set label the take orders on the WhatsApp button with a custom personalized text.
  • The admin can use the WhatsApp platform as the sale channel by hiding the add to cart button and the buyers can complete a purchase using their WhatsApp number.

Hide Proceed to Checkout

The admin can manage the product checkout option made available to their customers through WhatsApp and store both.

  • In most cases, if the store owner is providing the WhatsApp purchase option to the customers then they do not want to show multiple checkout buttons on the cart page.
  • So this module also provides the option to hide the regular add to cart button and only show the WhatsApp checkout option.
  • This can make the purchase easier and the customer can checkout from their WhatsApp and they won’t be confused as only specific buttons will be visible to them.
  • Also, the proceed to checkout button will be removed from the cart icon popup present on the top-right corner.

Place Order on WhatsApp & Receive Order Status Notifications

The admin controls the complete order management and notification system for the WhatsApp platform.

  • The customers can check their order summary on WhatsApp and estimate the purchase amount.
  • WhatsApp shopping Bot provides assistance in purchasing by providing alternatives for shipment and payment options to the customers.
  • One of the best parts is that the customer will receive the WhatsApp message inclusive of all the order details like product URL, name, quantity, and price.
  • Customers will also get to see the order subtotal, shipping charges, tax applied along with its grand total on the purchase, they don't need to navigate to the web page for this.
  • The admin can choose to allow customer WhatsApp numbers as a compulsorily required form input value.

Send Order Invoice / Payment Received WhatsApp Notification

Store owners can choose to notify their customers when an invoice is generated for the purchased product.

  • The admin can wish to turn off sending order Invoice notifications to the customers.
  • The admin can enter a custom template message with its order ID and invoice number that will be delivered to the customers.
  • Before the invoice is created from the admin end, customers have to choose a required offline mode of payment to complete the purchase.
  • The admin can select to send a copy of the Invoice mail to the customers on the email provided previously using WhatsApp.

View Live Shipping Rates & Receive Order Shipped Notification

The admin can choose to notify their customers whenever an order is shipped.

  • The admin can enter a custom template message with its order id and tracking number that will be delivered to the customers whenever an order is shipped.
  • The customer can easily choose a mode of shipment from the given alternatives using WhatsApp.
  • In the case of a virtual and downloadable product, this step is automatically omitted as they don't require shipping.
  • The customers are instantly notified when an order is shipped moreover the message timestamp gives info about shipment date and time to the customers.

Receive Order Cancellation WhatsApp Notification

The admin can choose to notify their customers on WhatsApp when an order is canceled.

  • The customers can identify which product is canceled with the help of its order id.
  • For every canceled order the admin can send a custom template message.
  • The message template could be changed collectively for all the customers by admin.
  • Also, see Magento 2 RMA System extension to manage product returns, refunds, and exchanges.

 Complete Features List

  • The admin can enable or disable the buy on the WhatsApp button.
  • The admin can label the WhatsApp icon with the required custom text.
  • Moreover, the admin can choose to hide add to cart button from the front end.
  • The Admin can enable or disable notifications to the customers for various order events.
  • The Admin can notify the customers by delivering a custom personalized text message for the orders.
  • This module works for all types of products and guest users can purchase them as well.
  • The customer can purchase their order directly from their WhatsApp account after initiating the process from the storefront.
  • Further, the buyer is notified of the orders that are placed followed by order events like invoice generation, shipment, and cancellation.
  • The guest users can enter their details like email address using WhatsApp.
  • The customer can opt to pay using an offline mode of payment only.
  • Customers can also select the mode of shipping and payment options from the given alternatives.
  • Customers can download the invoice of the order from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chatbot Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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Meltri Online
meltri.com/en/ (ID)
Posted On - January 13, 2021
Goods teamwork , best support and fast response
We are hardware distributor and use eCommerce as one of our tools to help us to sell our product. This won't happens without the help of Webkul Team.
It's been few year that we work together. and until now webkul team provide us with great support and very fast response.
Marketing will always change and need a good team support to make it happens. We think Webkul team is one of them.
Roberto Botrán
Posted On - December 21, 2020
Perfectly Developed!
I had been looking for a module that would do this job for a long time and this has been the best choice.

Emphasize that the support is fast and efficient, a 100% quality service.

Thank you very much and best regards!
Posted On - December 3, 2020
Great and Fast support by Webkul Team
Great and fast support. Active development to improve product. I highly recommend Webkul products

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