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Opencart Stripe Payment Gateway - This module helps the Opencart Website owners to integrate Stripe Payment gateway, which will allow the transaction to be received over the mail. It works for Live and as well as for the Test mode. Stripe payment gateway handles everything, including storing cards, subscriptions, and direct payouts to your bank account. Using this module, the admin can set the min/max price for the stripe payment. The admin can also set the payment to acceptance for selective Geo Zones.

Opencart Stripe Payment Gateway is also available as Marketplace Stripe Payment Gateway. You can also check the following Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment Gateway module for the Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace.

Note:For the live payments SSL is required, as per the Stripe terms and condition, for more info Click here.

Highlighted Features for Opencart Stripe Payment Gateway

 Min/ Max Price For Payment

The admin can set the minimum and maximum price for the payments to the customers. It can be done by the admin from the back-end easily.

 Easy Refund

The admin can easily refund to the customer from the own Opencart store.

 Payments For The Selective Geo Zone

The admin can set the payment module for the selective geo zone accordingly.

 Set Payment Range

The admin can set the range between which, the customer can pay through the Stripe payment gateway.

 Custom Title

The admin can enter the custom title for the payment gateway.

 Selected Group Of The Customers

The admin can enable or disable the module for the selected group of the customers.

 Payment Actions

Payment actions are available with different functionality

 Multiple Store Supported

The admin can manage the payments for multiple stores at once.

Why Do We Need This Module?

Want to start or have an e-commerce store? Want to receive online payment for your store in a fast and secure way? Want to make the refund process at your one click? Then, Stripe Payment Gateway is the result where you can stop searching for other payment gateways for your Opencart store. This payment module provides a secure, trusted, and fast payment method to your customer. You can also select the particular group of the customers for whom you want to enable this module.

Stripe Plugin Partner

Stripe is a simple and powerful way to accept payments online. Millions of businesses—ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies—rely on Stripe’s software tools to accept payments securely and expand globally.

Webkul is proud to be associated with Stripe in developing customized payment gateway solutions for e-commerce stores, marketplaces, and mobile apps.

  • Stripe is available to businesses in over 35 countries.
  • Accept all major debit & credit cards, wallets, local payment methods.
  • Supports processing payments in 135+ currencies
  • Stripe meets the most stringent industry standards for security. Stripe is also audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. 

Manage Payment Method Functionalities

The admin can easily manage the module from the back-end easily. Here, the admin can-

  • Enter the title for the payment method, and it will display on the front-end to the customer while selecting the payment method.
  • Set the Min/Max price for the payment
  • Select the payment acceptance for the selective Geo Zones.
  • Select the payment method for the selected group of customers.

Easy Refund Process

In every e-commerce business, customers must be the priority for the store owners. Refund process helps to keep a better relationship with the customers. Using this module

  • The admin can easily manage the refund from the Opencart store. The refund process is now just one click away from the admin.
  • The refund can be generated for both, guest and as well as registered customers.
  • The admin can see the details of the refunded order from the back-end.
  • Customers can also see the details of the refunded order from the customer account.

Easy And Secure Way To Place Order

Customers can easily and securely pay for the order using this module. Using this module the customer can

  • Pay for the order by selecting this module easily and securely.
  • The Guest Users can also make the payment using this module.
  • Pay securely as the stripe is fully PCI compliant, no card details are submitted to the client-server
  • See the order items on the stripe checkout page. That helps the customer to verify for the products; the customer is paying for.

Easily To Configure For The Live and Test Mode

This module can be configured for the test and as well as a live website. Using this module

  • The admin can configure this module for the Live and as well as for the Test website.
  • The admin can analyze the test data from the Stripe dashboard.
  • This helps the admin to maintain and analyze the website transactions before making it live.
  • The admin just needs to enter the Secret and Publish key to configure the module with the stripe.

Choose Among Available Payment Actions

The admin can manage the payment done by the customer in various ways. The options available are Authorize and the other one is Authorize and Capture.

  • The payment actions just the way their name suggests.
  • With authorized, payment action the admin can directly complete the payment.
  • That means the payment will not be captured before succeeding.
  • With authorization and capture, the admin can capture the payment.
  • Once that payment is captured, it will get succeeded, and can also be refunded.

 Complete Features List

  • Provide a secure, trusted, and fast payment method to the customers as the stripe is fully PCI compliant.
  • The admin can enable this module for the selected group of customers.
  • The admin can select the payment action among Authorize and Authorize and Capture.
  • This module works for multiple stores, so the admin can manage the payment configuration specifically for the stores.
  • The admin can enable the Webhook functionality by entering the Webhook key
  • Wallet functionality added


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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