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Opencart Stripe Payment Gateway

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Opencart Stripe Payment Gateway : This module works with checkout for payment in Opencart. It will work Live as well as Test mode. Stripe payment gateway handles everything, including storing cards, subscriptions, and direct payouts to your bank account.

Also available for Opencart version 3.x.x.x

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Opencart Stripe Payment Gateway - This module helps the Opencart Website owners to integrate stripe Payment gateway which will allow the transaction to be received over the mail. It works for Live as well as Test mode. Stripe payment gateway handles everything, including storing cards, subscriptions, and direct payouts to your bank account.

Opencart Stripe Payment Gateway is also available as Marketplace Stripe Payment Gateway. You can also check the following Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment Gateway module for the Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace.

 Highlighted Features

 Custom Logo and Description

The admin can add the custom options for the pop menu logo, title, and the description.

 Set Payment Range

The admin can set the range between which the customer can pay through the Stripe payment gateway.

 Custom Status

The admin can set the status as desired for various conditions of the order.

 Multiple Payment Mode

The admin can set the payment to be transferred in the two payment mode (Test or Live)

 Why use stripe payment gateway on your opencart store?

The Stripe payment gateway is one of the most vastly used Opencart payment gateways. If you are starting your ecommerce business, then it is highly recommended getting stripe payment gateway as stripe offers minimum transaction and service fee and more secure in data sync as the data is not saved in the server it is directly transferred to stripe. This is safer as any breach in the server will not result in stolen credit card details.

 Module Configuration

With the help of this module, the stripe can be integrated with a few simple steps. Some of the following configurations are as follow.

  • Allows admin to set the custom payment title and the button text.
  • Set the minimum and maximum permissible limit between which the customer can pay through this payment gateway.
  • The customer groups can be set for which the payment gateways need to be added.
  • The admin can also set the geo zones in which the customer can pay
  • The admin can add the live and test credentials and can switch between the live and test modes.
  • The admin can disable the currency in which the payment is not desired.
  • The admin can even allow data to sync for charge the pay again in future.
  • The admin can alter the text and the logo of the pop-up box
  • The admin can refund for the payment done through Stripe.
 Module Configuration

 Customer End

The customer will be able to add the following Stripe payment gateway during checkout.

  • This will allows the customer to pay with various cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club).
  • Both the guest and the registered customer can check out.
  • In the case of guest Checkout, the customer needs to add the email address along with the card details.
  • But for the registered customer, the customer needs to add the card details.
  • The customer can see the custom logo and the title set by the admin
 Customer End

 Refund Management

The admin can place the refund of the online orders on selecting a particular order from the order list. The admin can allow the return for that particular order.

After that, the order status automatically changes to “Refunded.” The admin can check the refund status and refunded amount on Stripe Amount Dashboard.

For better management of product return, refund, exchange, please use Opencart RMA Extension.

 Refund Management

 Complete Features List

  • Admin can set min/max price for payment.
  • Admin can add multiple options at the time of checkout for customers like – Remember Me, Email, Shipping/Billing Address.
  • Admin can refund payment from Opencart end.
  • Custom order status as per the Order process of the customer.
  • Pop up logo and descriptions can be configured
  • Set the payment to acceptance for selective Geo Zones.
  • Allows saving customer data to be charged them in the future.
  • Admin can map the payment conditions with the payment status.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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 Frequently Asked Questions

  Does the module support Multilingual functionality?
Yes, the module does support multilingual functionality.
 Does the module save the customers data?
Yes, customer data can be saved for future purchase.
  Can the refund be possible using this module?
Yes, the admin can place refund and the refund gets transacted back to the customer's account.
 What all Card payment does the module?
The module supports multiple cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.
 Can payment be done with variable currency?
Yes, the payment can be done with variable currency. The admin can select whether to enable or disable the currency or not.


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  • * Resolved issue in OC2.3 related to currency
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