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Opencart AliExpress Dropship Management Module
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Opencart Dropship Management Module: With the help of AliExpress Dropshipping module, the admin can import products from AliExpress into the Opencart store. After that, the admin can start selling those products from their own store without having to stock the products physically.

All the products are stored in different warehouses across the region. So, when a customer places an order, the product is directly shipped from the nearest warehouse instead of the main store. Once the Order has been placed, the admin can make the payment and place the order on AliExpress via automated order process by one click.

Please Note - You need to install Opencart AliExpress Dropship Chrome Extension into your Google Chrome web browser to make this module work.

Highlighted Features

 Import AliExpress Product

Using the Opencart Dropship Management Module, the admin can easily import the Aliexpress products into the Opencart store within a few minutes.

 Edit Product Information

The admin can edit the product information like images, price, product name, description, and review, etc. while importing the products from the aliexpress.

 Import product with variations

The admin can import the aliexpress product with the variations

 Import product review

The admin can also import the review with the imported product from the aliexpress.

 Remove Keywords

The admin can remove the particular keyword accordingly from the product name, meta description, description when importing the product from the aliexpress.

 Real-time Sync

Products imported from the aliexpress are real-time synced with the Opencart store while running the cron.

Why Do We Need This Module?

Want to start or have a drop shipping business but don’t know where to start with? Well, Drop shipping is an eCommerce business model where the store owner doesn't keep the physical stock of the products in own store.

Instead, all the products are stored in different warehouses across the region. So when a customer places an order, the product is directly shipped from the nearest warehouse instead of the store.

AliExpress is one of the most popular marketplaces for e-commerce entrepreneurs. So, we have introduced the Opencart Dropship Management Module to import the products from the aliexpress. Using the module, the admin can manage the products from the back end also.

Import AliExpress Products

Using this module, the admin can easily import the products from the aliexpress. The admin can

  • Import single or bulk products from aliexpress to the selected store.
  • Manage the product name, price, title, description, and review, etc while importing the products from the aliexpress.
  • Import the products from the aliexpress with the product variations
  • Admin can increment or decrement the price of the products through "Price Rule".

Pricing Rule

The admin can set the price rule for the different-different channel accordingly. The admin can

  • Set the price rule for the products imported from the aliexpress or manually
  • Select the price range to apply the price rule on the products
  • Select the amount type as fixed or percentage
  • Add, remove, and edit the existing price rule.

Place Order From The Back-End

Once the order is placed successfully from the front end then that order will be visible under the Aliexpress order section. The admin can easily place the aliexpress order from the back-end. The admin can

  • Make payment and place the order on AliExpress via automated order process
  • Place the order from the back-end which will redirect the admin to the aliexpress and the product will be automatically added to the cart
  • View the AliExpress Order Status and also review the order before placing and confirming the order
  • Address of that order will be fetched automatically or the admin can also enter the new one

Warehouse Management

The admin can manage the warehouse from the back-end easily. Here, the admin can

  • Add new warehouse by entering warehouse code, title, description, the user (supplier), and other required fields.
  • Select the applicable shipment method for that particular warehouse.
  • View all the created warehouses.
  • Disable or delete any particular warehouse from the back-end easily.

 Opencart Dropship Management Module Features

  • Import single or bulk products from AliExpress to your selected store.
  • The admin can also import product with variations.
  • Edit product information on AliExpress website before importing to Opencart store.
  • Along with AliExpress Imported products Product description, Images & Additional Images, variations, variations with range, and Reviews are also imported.
  • The admin can update the store information and token key.
  • Enable the AliExpress products automatically or based on the configuration.
  • View all AliExpress Orders in a separate section.
  • View AliExpress placed orders listed within the extension popup.
  • View AliExpress order status details with their status(Not placed, Processing, and Placed).
  • Option to enable e-packet Identification within the extension popup for the AliExpress products.
  • Option to hide the products without e-packet within the extension popup for the AliExpress products.
  • Choose AliExpress product’s images at the time of product importing.
  • Set all variation price while importing products with a variation.
  • Update authentication credential option added within chrome extension popup.
  • View the Seller Information after product import from AliExpress.
  • Automated Order Process for the AliExpress Orders.
  • The admin can create different pricing rules for different channels like – Manual and AliExpress.
  • The admin can manage the warehouses.
  • The admin will be able to add multiple warehouses.
  • Filter warehouses using the filter types.
  • Admin can assign multiple products to warehouses.
  • Assign the same product to multiple warehouses of the same supplier(Warehouse Manager).
  • The admin can approve/disapprove warehouse products and can see the list of warehouse product with the warehouse product quantity.
  • View the warehouse income and see the payout button to make the payout to the warehouse managers.
  • The warehouse transaction log for all the payouts for the warehouse managers.
  • Warehouse managers have separate login.
  • Warehouse managers can add products from their own end.
  • Warehouse Managers can see their warehouse product.
  • The warehouse managers can see their warehouse orders.
  • The buyers can select products from different warehouses in the same order.
  • Easy to manage Store.
  • Increase store Efficiency.
  • Real-time sync
  • Select the minimum or maximum product price accordingly.
  • Remove keywords from aliexpress imported products.

 Opencart Dropship Management Module Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

based on 4 reviews
Krishnendu Roy
Posted On - June 25, 2019
Great service and support
Awesome response turnaround. They surpass my expectation in fixing issues.
frankserah.com (MY)
Posted On - March 25, 2019
One of the Best Script so far
they comprised of a great team, Very articulated, polite in support and above all, they understand what clients needs.

I was having an issue setting up the file, they did it for me and everything works perfectly.
goodguyprices.com (US)
Posted On - November 14, 2018
Support With Installation
This team just rocks and the software is even better.
I asked them to look into my installation because I could not get it to work and it took them 1 night to look at and have me up and running.

If you want to add products to your store, this makes it very easy.

Will finish getting the store stocked for the holiday sales.

Thank you again for the fast and prompt support.
Posted On - September 24, 2017
Solid OpenCart AliExpress and Warehouse Dropshipping Extension
Great OpenCart extension for dropshipping. It comes with AliExpress auto-fulfillment functionalities to import product details and place automatically orders into AliExpress with the Google Chrome extension. I am not sure if it also keeps them uptodate, since we are still testing it for our new ecommece in construction. It comes also with warehouse management functionalities which will help us keep track of inventories at our fulfillment sites.
The extension looks very well developed and nicely integrated into OpenCart.
Without having to invest in more expensive ecommerce solutions like WooComerce/WordPress, Shopify and co. I am glad that Webkul brought to the open-source community driven solutions OpenCart this Warehouse/AliExpress dropshipping extension. It supports OpenCart upto version 3.x.x.
I highly recommend the combo of OpenCart + Webkul's Dropship Management Module instead of the alternatives with WooComerce, even if with OpenCart you might need some development skills, but at least you have an open-source fully dedicated ecommerce software.
Webkul has as excellent support service answering within 24 hours and solving straight ahead a technical problem we were having. I am really thankful for his Dropship Management Module for OpenCart and hope them keeping supporting it with updates and further functionalities also in the years coming.
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