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    Magento 2 Affiliate Extension

    Magento 2 Affiliate allows the store owner to run an affiliate marketing program on its online store.

    • The affiliate users can register on the store and start promoting.

    • The admin can analyze incoming traffic.

    • Compensate to affiliate users via. PayPal.

    • Set up affiliate programs for the online store.

    • Allow or ban store affiliate registrations.

    • Auto-approve affiliates if required.

    • Define initial bonus for affiliates.

    • Manage Affiliate General Commission Rates.

    • Set Magento 2 affiliate commission type (Fixed or Percent).

    Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Magento 2 Affiliate Extension
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    Magento 2 Affiliate extension allows the merchants to set up the affiliate program. Using Magento 2 affiliate module merchant facilitates the affiliates to send the referral link to others. When a new affiliate user comes from the referred link then affiliates get the defined commission/reward.

    Merchants can auto-credit the defined commission/reward to affiliate users via PayPal. Moreover, the Magento 2 affiliate module empowers the merchant to pick the appropriate email template for auto-send the notification to the affiliates.

    This Magento 2 affiliate management module works as an engaging marketing tool to get new traffic on eCommerce stores that directly or indirectly leads to boosting the store sale.

    Affiliate Program for Magento 2

    Magento 2 Affiliate Extension - Highlighted Features

     Run an Affiliate Marketing Program

    The Magento 2 Affiliate Marketing module allows the store owner to run multiple affiliate marketing programs on the eCommerce store.

     Affiliates Send Referral Links to Others

    Facilitates the merchant to allow affiliates to send referral links to others

     Define a Reward or Bonus for Affiliates

    The merchant has the full fledge right to define the referral bonus for affiliates.

     The Affiliate Earns a Reward/Bonus

    Authorizes the affiliates to use refer and earn concepts for store marketing.

     Analyze the Conversion and Benefit

    Easy for merchants to analyze the sales, payment records, and driven traffic using statistics graphs and more.

     Drive More Traffic Boost Store Sales

    Encourage customers to refer and earn and drive traffic will help in getting more sales.

    Why do we need Magento 2 ( Adobe Commerce ) Affiliate Extension?

    Well maintained store is nothing without organic traffic and sales. To get organic traffic and sales, merchants must apply lots of tricks and tools. To resolve this concern Affiliate System is there to marketize and promote the eCommerce store. Affiliate System for Magento 2 Module is a marketing tool for the merchant to promote their store.

    The best of this module is it equally encourages the store customers to become affiliate users to refer and earn via affiliate marketing tools. It helps the merchant to get more sales and benefits the affiliate too.

    Start Affiliate Marketing Programs for Magento 2

    The affiliate program for Magento 2 allows the store merchant to start and run multiple affiliate marketing programs. Facilitates the merchant to encourage customers to refer and earn the prescribed reward.

    • Set affiliate programs for the online store.
    • Allow or ban store affiliate registrations.
    • Auto-approve the affiliates automatically or manually.
    • Determine the minimum payout balance.
    • Set the payment date of the month for affiliates.
    • Assign Payment methods for making the payments.
    Start Affiliate Marketing Programs for Magento 2

    Define Affiliate General Commission

    The merchant needs to manage the affiliate's general commission. Merchant defines a general commission to give as a referral reward to the affiliate user for a store promotion.

    • Set the payment for pay per click and pay per unique click.
    • Define the commission type for sale as - fixed or percentage.
    • Determine the commission in USD and enter the affiliate terms and conditions.
    • The user needs to agree with affiliate program terms before as an affiliate.
    Define Affiliate General Commission

    Auto Send Affiliate Email Notification

    This module facilitates the merchant to choose the relevant email template for sending automated emails to notify the affiliates. Automated emails work as an information tool for the merchant as well.

    • Put the blog hint URL and enter the email for managing the affiliate users.
    • Pick the relevant email template for the affiliate user account status update and when the affiliate manager sends any notification to the user.
    • Select the email template when affiliate user payment is credited to the bank and on the affiliate sales order approved notification.
    Auto Send Affiliate Email Notification

    Magento 2 Affiliate Management

    Customers can click to 'Become Affiliate User' and it will generate a request to the admin for approval to become an affiliate user. Affiliates will have their own configuration panel to refer more and earn more.

    • Check overall records and review commission rates.
    • With Magento 2 affiliate tracking, the affiliates can add and run email campaigns.
    • Monitor the traffic on the referred URLs and check the sales.
    • Check the payments made for the referrals.
    • Examine the statics using a graph. Change the URL to promote the ads.
    Become Affiliate User

    Withdraw Affiliate Reward

    Magento 2 Affiliate Extension allows the merchant to credit the referred bonus into the affiliate user's account. Also, the user can withdraw the affiliate reward into their preferred payment mode.

    • Facilitates the admin to credit the amount in the affiliate's preferred account.
    • Allows the admin to process payout to affiliate users.
    • Magento 2 affiliate payout options available - Check/Money Order, Bank Transfer, or PayPal to receive earnings.
    Withdraw Affiliate Reward

    Magento 2 Affiliate Extension - Support

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here You may also check our quality Adobe Commerce Extensions.


    Product Version4.0.3
    Released7 years ago
    CategoryMagento 2
    Last UpdatedApril 4, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsMagento  2.0.x  2.1.x  2.2.x  2.3.x  2.4.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 2 reviews

    Recent Reviews

    Write a review

    Easy to use

    Posted On - October 7, 2020

    It's usefull and easy to use. I hope you will update it soon to Magento ver. 2.2.1 :)

    Great service and support

    Posted On - February 18, 2020

    Very strong company and excellent support

    Frequently Asked Questions

     How many affiliate programs can I create for the store?
    There is no limitation to the number of programs to create for the store.
     In which type can the commission be calculated?
    The commission can be calculated based on the percentage or on the fixed amount.
     Name of the payment methods can an affiliate use to receive the commission?
    The affiliate users can select any preferred payment method mentioned ahead - Check/Money Order, Bank Transfer Payment, PayPal Standard Payment to receive payment.
     In case when an affiliate order is returned/ refunded, will the store owner deduct the commission from the affiliate balance?
    No, the store owner can not deduct the commission when the affiliate order is returned or refunded.
     As a store owner can I get affiliate's information?
    Yes, the merchant can get the affiliate's information.
     Can the store owner approve/ disapprove the request to withdraw reward?
    Yes, the store owner can approve/disapprove the request to withdraw the reward.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    Version 4.0.3
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.6^
    • - Bugs Fixed
    Version 4.0.2
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.6 and php 8.2.
    • - Fixed minor issue
    Version 4.0.1
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x.
    • - Fixed minor issue
    Version 4.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x.
    Version 3.0.0
    • + Fixed Issues
    • - Remove Refer URL Compare functionality
    Version 2.1.1
    • + Refer Url Compare functionality added
    Version 2.1.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.x
    Version 2.0.2
    • + Category wise commission functionality added
    Version 2.0.1
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.2.x
    • + Installable through the composer
    Version 2.0.0
    • + Fixed Issues
    • + Separate user panel for Affiliate User.
    • + Send blog link approval request to admin.
    • + After approval from admin all product links will be available for the banner.
    • + Also text banners created by admin will be appearing at the affiliate panel.
    • + On clicks or sales of product affiliate will get the commission.
    • + Can see the summary of clicks and sales.
    • + Can see the commission rate of each seller.
    • + Can see the sold product detail.
    • + Prefered Payment method filled by the affiliate.
    • + Able to see the Paid summary from the admin.
    • + Affiliate user can send the email to friends with product links to increase sales of products.
    • ADMIN:
    • + Admin can approve/unapprove affiliate.
    • + Admin can change the blog URL for the affiliate.
    • + Admin can set the payment method for affiliates.
    • + Admin can control the Affiliate registration.
    • + Manage the affiliate request, admin can approve, unapproved, and delete the request.
    • + Manage the commission rate for Affiliate.
    • + Admin can Create/Edit/Delete the text banners.