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    Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Magento 2

    It allows the admin to add a binary MLM system to the online store where customers can become sponsors and sub-sponsors and can earn commission.

    • Customers can use the sponsor dashboard to view the earnings and sponsor's details.

    • The admin can set the commission for the sponsor tree.

    • The admin can view the entire sponsor tree.

    • Create different levels for the sponsorship members.

    • Set the priority for the levels like gold, silver, bronze, etc.

    • The admin can release the payout for each sponsor.

    • Sponsors can have their separate dashboards.

    Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Magento 2 Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Magento 2 Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Magento 2 Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Magento 2 Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Magento 2 Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Magento 2 Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Magento 2 Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Magento 2 Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Magento 2 Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Magento 2
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    Adobe Commerce Multi-Level Marketing refers to a business strategy. Magento 2 MLM sells products and services through a non-salaried workforce. It uses a binary tree commission system. Also, it is referred to as network marketing or referral marketing. It allows you to establish deeper into network marketing. Also, it gives an extended visitor base to your sponsors and their sub-sponsors.

    Magento 2 Multi-Level Marketing gives you the best advantages of referral marketing. As it allows you to add many levels and tiers into the sponsors’ network. Thus, Magento 2 MLM expands your online business. Magento 2 Multi-Level Marketing module allows your sponsors to bring in sub-sponsors.

    Thus, they can grow their genealogy tree. The sponsors and sub-sponsors earn the bonus for adding sponsors. Also, they earn on completion of each sponsor's level within the tree. The sponsors earn the commissions for adding their two sub-sponsors. And they keep earning next commissions as their network grows.

    Further, it allows the admin and respective sponsors to earn a set commission percentage. They get a commission on product sales, new member joining, and sponsor member level-up.

    Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Magento 2

    Highlighted Features

     Expand Your Business

    Magento 2 Multi-Level Marketing gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base. Also, it brings a wide network of sponsors and sub-sponsors.

     Manage Magento 2 MLM Activities

    This module provides you with a set of specialized tools. Thus, they help you to manage and organize Magento 2 MLM accounts.

     Many Sponsorship Levels

    This module facilitates you to create different sponsorship levels. The admin can create levels like silver, bronze, gold and more to set the priority of the sponsors.

     Commission To All Sponsors On A Product Sale

    Everyone in the network receives a commission on a product sale. From the child sponsor to the last parent, they all get a set commission on a product sale.

     Commission Logs Available

    It maintains a log of commission transactions.

     Sponsors Genealogy Tree

    All the sponsors and sub-sponsors can view the genealogy tree of the network.

     Commission To All Sponsors On A New Member Joining

    Everyone in the network receives a set commission on a new member joining the network.

     Earning Statistics

    This module displays monthly and lifetime earning statistics of the sponsors.

    Why Do We Need Multi Level Marketing [MLM] for Adobe Commerce Module?

    The key goal of any business is to increase its sales conversion and turnover. Magento 2 MLM is the perfect solution for the enterprise that wants to grow. In fact, companies that use multi-level marketing. Indeed, they encourage existing sponsors or distributors to recruit new distributors.

    They are referred to as the “downline” of the prevailing one. The Magento 2 Multi-Level Marketing strategy is useful to both the admin and the sponsor. So, your e-commerce store can gain access to an extended customer base. Thus, multi-level marketing expands your business in a wide geographical range.

    Join as Sponsor

    • To join the program the customer will have to login or create an account on the website.
    • Now, the customer will need to enter a sponsor referral code to register himself as a sponsor.
    • Then, the registered users will also get their referral code.
    • They can use it to refer to other customers as well. Whenever a customer registers himself as a sponsor.
    • He comes as a child under the sponsor whose referral code is used while registering.
    • And after getting registered they will get their own dashboard.
    • This will enable them to track their activities and progress.
    • Not only that, but they will also get their genealogy tree that will help them to keep a track of their prospects.
    Join as Sponsor

    Levels and Roots in Tree

    • Magento 2 Multi-Level Marketing is a horizontal tier of sponsors in the network tree.
    • Here, the sponsor will be the root of the tree of his sub-sponsors.
    • And their prospects will be under the tree in chronological order.
    • Also, sponsors will get more commission on their and their prospects level up.
    Levels and Roots in Tree

    Sponsors Dashboard and Wallet

    • Magento 2 Multi-Level Marketing provides sponsors with a separate dashboard and wallet.
    • After logging, the sponsor can view all the sponsor details.
    • Here, the dashboard will also display details like referral link, payment method, and genealogy tree.
    • The dashboard displays the essential details about the account information.
    • Also, it displays the orders, account information, address, product reviews, and newsletter subscription.
    Sponsors Dashboard And Wallet

    Genealogy Tree

    • The admin can view the entire sponsor’s genealogy tree.
    • Also, the admin can see the members in the tree format in the right order of joining.
    • Thus, sponsors will also be able to see their prospects by the means of the genealogy tree.
    Genealogy Tree

    Sponsors Sales Commission

    • In the Magento 2 Multi-Level Marketing, the admin can set the commission rate for the sponsors.
    • Also, this module allows the admin to view the commission logs for the sponsor tree.
    • Sponsors receive a commission percent on product sales.
    • Also, they get a commission on new members joining, and sponsor members level up.
    • Also, the admin can set the different commission percentages on the different levels.
    Sponsors Sales Commission

    Sponsors Referral Code and Email

    • The admin can set the format for the referral sponsor code according to his choice.
    • Also, the admin can set the referral email and content here to send for being referred.
    • Sponsors can also send referral codes or e-mails to the customer to join as sponsors.
    Sponsors Referral Code And Email

    Manage Magento 2 MLM Activities and Member Level

    • Magento 2 Multi-Level marketing equips you with a set of specialized tools.
    • Thus, they help you to manage your marketing network.
    • Also, it provides a few other Magento 2 MLM tools that allow the admin to track your customers and recruits.
    • This module helps you to organize and report day to day sales, revenue, and profit.
    • Magento 2 MLM offers sponsors to work full-time or part-time to best adapt their schedules.
    • Magento 2 Multi-Level Marketing enables the admin to see the status of all the prospects.
    • Also, the admin can keep a track of the earnings of the prospects.
    • Also, the admin can also create the levels and adjust the settings according to their choices.
    • The admin can set a maximum amount at a certain level, bonus amount, priority, level name, and the badge image.
    • Even, the admin can make changes to the existing level.
    Manage Magento 2 MLM Activities and Member Level


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Helpful Support & Excellent Product

    Posted On - October 21, 2021

    Great support and wonderful plugin

    Frequently Asked Questions

     What is Magento 2 Multi-Level Marketing module?
    Multi-level Marketing in Magento 2 is an extension enabling your online store to add a binary networking system. It allows you to get two sponsors and further these two sponsors can have two sub-sponsors. This will continue.
     How to enable Magento 2 Multi-Level Marketing module?
    To enable Magento 2 Multi-Level Marketing module, You will need to Log in to Admin Panel > Store > Configuration > Multi-level Marketing. There you need to configure it and turn the Enable to Yes. Go through our User Guide to set up this module.
     How many total sponsors or sub-sponsors can be added to the tree?
    There is no limit to the number of sponsors or sub-sponsors to be added to the MLM.
     In which ways, sponsors can send referral code or links to the customers?
    Sponsors can send emails with the referral code to customers to join or sponsor products.
     Can admin create member levels?
    Yes, the admin can create as well as modify member levels.
     How is the commission percent decided for the sponsors?
    The admin sets the commission percent on product sales, new member joining, and sponsor member level up.
     Can the admin disapprove of the sponsors?
    Yes, the admin can approve/disapprove sponsors.
     Can the sponsor view his genealogy tree?
    Yes, the sponsor will be able to view his genealogy tree.

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    • + Features
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    Version 5.0.1
    • - Fixed Issues
    • + Sales Earning List
    • + Member Bonus earning list
    • + Sales Bonus earning list
    • + Child sponsor View
    • + Sponsor Disapproved Option
    • + Sponsor Disapproved/Approved Email
    Version 5.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4
    Version 3.0.1
    • + Fixed Issues
    Version 3.0.0
    • + Fixed Issues
    • + Separate dashboard for sponsors.
    • + Sponsors can view total earnings from joining till present.
    • + Sponsors can view current balance in their wallet.
    • + Sponsors can view daily/weekly/monthly/yearly earning graphs
    • + Sponsors can view his/her child sponsors earning activities
    • + Sponsors can view genealogy tree of his/her sponsors having his/her as the root node of the tree.
    • + Sponsors can view his/her wallet transactions.
    • + Sponsors can refer products to customer for earning commission from sales.
    • + Sponsors can earn commission on his child/grandchild sponsor earnings.
    • + Sponsors can request payments from admin.
    • + Sponsors can configure payment method for requesting payments from admin.
    • + Sponsors will get level up bonus, when they hit current level threshold
    • + Sponsors can send emails to customers.
    • ADMIN:
    • + Can create/modify member levels.
    • + Can view commission earned from sponsors earning.
    • + Can view sponsors genealogy tree.
    • + Can view/delete/pay payment requests generated by sponsors.
    • + Can view/approve/disapprove sponsors.
    • + Can view sponsor detailed page.
    • + Can send emails to sponsors.
    • + Can change sponsors memberlevel.
    • + Can generate payment requests on behalf of sponsors.
    • + Can configure commission percent on new sponsor joining, member level up, and product sale.
    • + Can configure different commission percent for different memberlevels on sponsors earnings
    • + Can configure format of sponsor referral code
    • + Can configure payment methods, that can be used for requesting payment by sponsors from the admin.
    • + Can configure minimum joining fee for becoming sponsor.