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    Odoo Attendance Mobile App

    Let your Employees Mark their Attendance through Mobile App!

    • An employee can Mark Attendance directly through Mobile.

    • You employees can get their Attendance History.

    • Get Notified of important actions.

    • Show Important Information of Employee.

    Odoo Attendance Mobile App Odoo Attendance Mobile App Odoo Attendance Mobile App Odoo Attendance Mobile App Odoo Attendance Mobile App Odoo Attendance Mobile App Odoo Attendance Mobile App
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    Odoo Attendance Mobile App- When you Run a Business then you need to look into a plethora of aspects so that your business reaches the heights of success. You need to think about several aspects while running a business successfully to take the business to heights.

    The first thing you need to focus on is the plan of your business; after that finding a way to complete the plan is necessary. Resources are crucial to executing the plans; whether material or human resources.

    You need to manage the resources of your business efficiently to make sure that productive work is done. Resource Management is necessary for your business because it helps you to check everyone and everything involved in a project.

    Human Resource Management is important so that employees get good working environment and bring effective results. An efficient Human Resouce Management Tool also helps to manage work timesheet of employees.

    Odoo ERP offers a perfect solution for resource management; It offers a vast enterprise resource management system which lets your business grow efficiently.

    Now Manage Employee Attendances in Odoo Mobile App!

    Odoo Attendance Mobile App allows your employees to mark their attendance directly through their mobile phone. It also lets the employees check the sign-in and sign-out time; so that working hours can be checked as well as managed.

    Odoo Attendance Mobile App

     Perks of Attendance in Odoo Mobile App

    • Offers ease to manage each & every field forces employee attendance.
    • Eliminates the use of paperwork needed for attendance marking and monitoring.
    • Get live field employee attendance details.
    • No need for a heavy system to mark the attendance.

     Odoo Attendance Mobile App Features

    Employee to Mark Attendance directly through Mobile

    • Employee can Check-in with the help of Mobile App.
    • Offers an easy way to check-out from work.

     Check the Attendance History

    • Employees can check their Attendance history.
    • The attendance history consists of Date, check-in and check-out time.

    Filter-out the data with ease

    • Your employees can filter the attendance history on the basis of months.

     Employee Details Available

    • When an employee log-in his/her account in the app then details are available.
    • Details like Name, Photo, Designation, Contact Number, Email Id and Work Location is shown.

    Let your employees check-in to work easily

    • Employee can Check-in with the help of Mobile App.
    • The module offers an easy way to check-in to work.
    • Employee can see their current sign-in attendance status.
    • Employees just needs to click on check-in button to mark their attendance.
    • Once, work is done and employee wants to checkout then he/she can mark check-out from the Mobile only.

      Manage Employee Attendances in Odoo Mobile App

    • Employees can manage their Attendances in Odoo Mobile App.
    • Employee can view their attendance history.
    • This will enable them to easily check-in or check-out from their work.
    • Employee can check the time and calculate the working hours easily.
    • The screen shows Employee Name, Day, Date, Check-in Time and Check-Out Time.

    Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Attendance Mobile App-

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo Attendance Mobile App. For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

    You may also check our other top-quality Odoo Plugins.


    Product Version2.0.0
    Released2 years ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsMobile
    Last UpdatedApril 12, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsAndroid  6.0 and up  Odoo  14.x  15.x  16.x  iOS  12.0 or later  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Will I be able to get mobile apps for both iOS and Android?
    Yes, you will get both mobile applications (Android & iOS) with Odoo Attendance Mobile App.
     Will I receive the source code for the mobile apps?
    You can purchase the mobile app's source code. You must choose "Mobile App with Source code" and make a payment during Add to Cart.
     After purchasing the Mobikul mobile application, what should I do?
    You will receive a prerequisite pdf file on your Webkul store account, after which you must give us all the necessary information. 
     How can I obtain the app's source code after buying it?
    We will send the source code to the appropriate email address. 
     Should we receive the iOS app's source code?
    Yes, you can obtain the iOS app's source code. You must choose the "Mobile App with Source code" option during Add to Cart in order to accomplish this.
     What are the advantages of the Odoo Attendance Mobile App for Employees?
    Your staff members can electronically record their attendance using the Odoo Attendance Mobile App. Employees can also check their sign-in and sign-out times, allowing managers to monitor and control working hours.
     What are the minimum and maximum Android OS support?
    The minimum Android OS support version is 6 (SDK Level 23) and the maximum support version is 13 (SDK Level 33).
     What are the minimum and maximum iOS version support?
    The minimum iOS support version is 12 and the maximum iOS support version is 16.

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