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      Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App

      Odoo Multi-Vendor Mobile App: Odoo Multi-Vendor Mobile App configures your Odoo Marketplace with Odoo Mobile App for Android & iOS so your customers can now access the marketplace through their mobile phone. The App is smartly designed with user-friendly to involve all the key features of your marketplace. The customers can now view the sellers and individual products through the mobile App. The products can be added to the cart and proceeded through checkout to place the order. It also allows the customers to rate any seller and provide their feedback. Moreover, the seller can view their marketplace dashboard in the App. They can see the products and orders in their account, and check their current status.

      Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App
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      Odoo Multi-Vendor Mobile App: Why mobile App? Because your customers can’t keep a desktop in their pockets and carry it around.

      Bring the Odoo marketplace to your mobile phone with Odoo Multi-vendor Mobile App. Built natively for Android and iOS, the App allows the customers to browse the Odoo Marketplace products and also place the orders directly through the mobile App.

      Moreover, the seller’s shop policies are also visible in the seller profile. The ‘Ask the Admin’ section allows the customer to contact the admin through a simple form.

      In addition, the seller can quickly view the status of their product requests and of the orders in their account. They can manage the addresses view their shop’s orders history.


      Please NoteOdoo Multi-Vendor Mobile App is fully compatible with our Odoo Marketplace Module. To use this Mobile App, you must have the Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace Module. installed in Odoo.

      Odoo Multi-Vendor Mobile App Features

       Designed For Both Android and iOS

      • It is a mobile App that brings your Odoo marketplace to the play store.
      • The App is functional on iOS and Android platforms.
      • Designed as a Native App separately for Android and iOS platform.
      • The mobile App provides the key features of Odoo Multi-vendor Marketplace module right on the phone screen.

       Easy Navigation For Customers

      • The customers can browse the App or directly type in the search box to find a product.
      • It also supports voice search.
      • The customers can place the products in the cart, proceed to checkout, choose the payment option and place the order.
      • It also displays the products with their individual sellers on the sellers' page.

       Complete Access For Odoo Admin

      • The admin can also show seller shop policies i.e. shipping policy, returns policy etc in the seller’s profile in the app.

       Real-Time Synchronization

      • Real-time synchronization with the Odoo marketplace backend. Any changes made to the products, orders, etc at the Odoo backend will reflect in the mobile app in real time.

       Enable Notification Alerts

      • The admin can configure various notifications for the App in the Odoo backend.
      • SMS notifications to be sent for actions such as order placed, successful signup, etc can be configured in the Odoo.

       Multi-language Support

      • The app supports multiple languages to cater to people from various linguistic backgrounds.
      • The Right-To-Left script is also supported to make navigation easier for people interacting in RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

       Browse, Buy and Rate

      • With Odoo website Product Review Addon, the customers can view the sellers and their ratings through the App.
      • It allows the customers to read the ratings and reviews given to a seller by other customers.
      • The customers can rate and provide feedback for any sellers through the app.

       Allows Sellers to access their Shops

      • The seller can overview their marketplace dashboard in the mobile app
      • The sellers can see the status of various products and orders placed in their account.
      • The interested sellers can also fill the registration form in the App to sell on the Odoo marketplace.
      • The sellers can also contact the Odoo Admin through ‘Ask Admin’ form in the App.

      Shop From The Shops On The Go

      • The customers can browse the website on their mobile devices.
      • The app showcases the products as they would appear on the Marketplace, their details and prices.
      • Simple checkout process allows to quickly place the orders.
      • Embeds various payment options for the customers to choose.
      • Both Search bar and voice search available for the customers to ease the website navigation.
      • They can manage addresses directly from the App. Add a new shipping address or edit the old one.
      • Add products to the wishlist and continue browsing.
      • The customers can view their order history.
      Customer interface for Odoo multi vendor mobile app

      See Your Seller

      • Hitting the marketplace tab on the App displays the different sellers in the marketplace along with their products.
      • The customers can go to the seller's profile to view the seller shop details.
      • When enabled, the ratings and feedback from other customers are also available in the seller profile.
      • The registered customers can rate the seller and provide a review.
      • Various seller shop policies are displayed in the seller profile.
      Seller profile view in the Odoo mobile app

      Seller Store Dashboard

      • The sellers can access their respective Seller Dashboard through the mobile App.
      • They can check the products requests status as pending, approved and rejected in an instant.
      • View the order status as New orders, Approved or shipped.
      • ‘Ask the Admin’ tab for sellers to contact admin for any queries, suggestions, grievances etc.
      • The seller can edit his contact information through the App.
      • Manage address book to edit billing address and shipping address.
      Seller Dashboard view in the Odoo mobile app

      Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Multi-Vendor Mobile App

      Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Multi-Vendor Mobile App.

      For any query or issue please Create a ticket here

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      Posted On - December 5, 2019


      Frequently Asked Questions

        Will I get both the mobile applications (Android & iOS) with this Mobikul extension?
      Yes, you will get both the mobile applications (Android & iOS) with Odoo Multi-Vendor Mobile App.
        Will I get the mobile apps with the source code?
      Yes, you will get the mobile apps with the source code. You need to select the option"Mobile App with Source code" during Add to Cart.
        Will this App work for both Seller and Customer?
      The Odoo Multivendor Mobile app is for normal customers also and for sellers too. The seller can access their respective Seller Dashboard through the mobile App. They can check the product's request status and Order Status.
        Are there separate Apps for Android and IOS?
        Does the Multi-Vendor Mobile App support RTL Languages?
      Yes, the mobile app supports RTL language types. The languages supported can be Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew, and others.
        Is Ratings and Review Feature available with the Odoo multi vendor mobile app?
      Yes, but you would need to purchase Odoo website Product Review Addon with this app.
        Is this mobile application a purely native app, if yes then what's it based on?
      Yes, the Odoo Multi-Vendor mobile app is a purely native application that is based on Kotlin and Swift.

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