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    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

    OpenCart Login By Mobile Number

    OpenCart Login By Mobile Number: This module allows the customer to log in to the account using their mobile number. The OTP verification is done for each login which provides the customer with a reliable and secure login process. This will also increase customer engagement as they will experience a quick login process.

    OpenCart Login By Mobile Number OpenCart Login By Mobile Number OpenCart Login By Mobile Number OpenCart Login By Mobile Number OpenCart Login By Mobile Number OpenCart Login By Mobile Number OpenCart Login By Mobile Number
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    OpenCart Login By Mobile Number: With the module, the customer can easily log in to their store or account using their mobile number. The module provides the ease in the login process, plus the authorized way to get signed in to the store. The admin has the leverage to allow this module and work efficiently.

    The module authenticates its customers by verifying the accounts. The verification is done by sending an OTP to the customer's mobile number. Then the customers need to enter the received OTP to the respective field. If the entered OTP is correct then the customer will navigate to the dashboard successfully.

    NOTE - It is a must for the admin to have an active account with Twilio and to have Twilio Master Keys.

    OpenCart Login By Mobile Number

    Highlighted Features

     Easier Login Option

    No need to enter lengthy email IDs.

     Authenticated Mobile Number

    Mobile number verification is done for each login.

     Mobile Number Login

    Customers can easily log in using their mobile number.

     Secure Login For Customers

    The customer will experience a safe sign-in process.

    Why do we need OpenCart Login By Mobile Number?

    Being a store owner, it is really important to take care of the customers and their onboarding in the best manner possible.

    • Login is the first process that a customer has to deal with when they are initiating to access the store.
    • The module provides an easy login, where they just need to add their mobile number.
    • The process is secure as the mobile number is verified each time login or register is done.
    • The feature does not ask for any requirements like email, username, etc for login.
    • This will save the customer time and allow them to process a quick checkout.

    Generate API Credentials

    More than half of the population of the world is using mobile phones to date, as per the stats. So, it is becoming a very crucial point of concern for the customer.

    • The customer nowadays prefers easy login and checkout.
    • The module provides the most secure way to log in.
    • The feature for OTP enhances security by verifying the mobile number.
    • The new users can register easily just in the few clicks.
    • The user does not need to proceed with log steps for resetting the password.

    Admin Permissions

    The best advantage of this module is, the admin can provide the easiest login process to the customers just by entering some very flexible information.

    • The admin can easily enable/ disable the module from the backend.
    • The admin must have an account with Twilio to generate the API credentials.
    • Twilio provides the mobile number, which will be added to the backend.
    • The API credentials received after creating the account will be entered.
    • The admin can also change the message content which will be sent to the customer.
    Admin Permissions

    Login By Fewer Clicks

    The module provides a very interactive dashboard that allows the customer to login in multiple ways available.

    • If the module is enabled, log in with the mobile number will be visible on the login page.
    • The user just needs to click on that specific button to log in using the mobile number.
    • Then the customer will have to add their active mobile number by which they desire to log in.
    • The mobile number must be active as it will be used in further authentication processes.
    • A country field is also there in the login form, the customer needs to select the registered country.
    Login By Fewer Clicks

    Get Registered

    Once both the fields are completed with the required information, the system will detect if the mobile number is registered.

    • The system will rectify the details entered by the customers automatically.
    • The customer will directly navigate to the registration page if the entered mobile number is new.
    • In the registration form, the customer needs to enter the Name, Email, and Password.
    • The mobile number will be pre-filled.
    • The provided information must be as per the entry field validation, otherwise, the registration will not be successful.
    Get Registered

    Authenticated Customers

    This module is known for the most secure customer authentication, as it is powered the Twilio which is the best-known developer platform for communications.

    • Before getting to the account the customer is required to complete the authentication process.
    • After adding the details, the customer will navigate to the authentication page.
    • The authentication page includes the field for entering the OTP.
    • The customer receives the OTP to the registered mobile number sent from Twilio.
    • If the OTP entered is correct, the user will navigate to their account.
    Authenticated Customers


    • The admin can enable/ disable the module’s functionality.
    • Customers can log in using their mobile number.
    • The admin can create the Twilio account using the mentioned link from the back-end info section.
    • Customers will receive OTP every time they log in or register.
    • The new customers can easily register using their mobile number.
    • This module supports the features like multi-lingual feature.


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version2.0.0.6
    Released4 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 10, 2023 (6 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOpenCart  2.x.x.x  3.x.x.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     How is the module beneficial for the customers?
    The OpenCart Login With Mobile Number will benefit the customer with an easy and quick login process just by entering the OTP received.
     What are the details needed for the new customer?
    The customer will normally enter the country and the mobile number. The system will then detect the number and if the mobile number is new then the customer will fill the registration form which includes the details like name, email, password.
     What is the process for the registered customer?
    The customer just needs to provide the Country and the Mobile Number for the login process.
     Does the store owner need any API credentials?
    The admin needs to enter the Twilio API credentials, for the efficient working of the module.

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    • * Fixed git issues.
    • * Fixed git issues.
    • + added theme patch for journal3
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    • + Dynamic mobile number.
    • * Remove internal server error.
    • + Change model file names
    • + Modified code.
    • + Modified DB tables.
    • + Added module on git.