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      AMBIDU is the first online market specialized in hospitality in Spain and was born with the aim of creating a macro portal specialized in hospitality, a virtual market that brings together and makes known, with the possibility of comparing, all the companies and products offered in the sector.

      It is an online market in which any supplier related to the hospitality sector can advertise and sell their products.


      What Were the Business Challenges?

      The biggest challenge was to deliver a marketplace that will provide all suppliers a tool to present their product catalog to their customers in the most complete and comfortable way possible.


      Their biggest challenge was to integrate a seemingly powerful yet, very easy-to-use marketplace system.

      How does Webkul Marketplace Extension help out?

      Webkul was contacted by Mr. Luis Gil Alonso, with this vision and idea together with Catalweb technical support.

      To achieve this Webkul created a marketplace using the Prestashop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace module on their Prestashop website, where all these suppliers related to the hospitality sector can come together and get a chance to advertise and sell their products with ease.

      In order to create a user-friendly process, multiple other modules were integrated into their website to provide seamless shipping, checkout, and payment flow for the users.

      • Marketplace Seller Shipping
      • Marketplace Cart And Order Split
      • Marketplace Slot Pricing
      • Marketplace Mass Upload
      • Marketplace SMS Notification
      • Marketplace Seller Voucher
      • Marketplace Zipcode Validator
      • Marketplace Seller Payment Request


      Webkul also helped in the installation of the module. As well as provided customization work to modify the marketplace as per their needs, like :

      • Sellers can set their own minimum order values.
      • Display shipping prices based on zones created within Spain.

      What Positive Changes Were Noticed?

      With the help of Webkul's marketplace module and its extensions, AMBIDU marketplace was able to fulfill their idea of creating a platform to promote suppliers related to the hospitality sector, which allows them to showcase and sell their products with ease.

      Now customers can easily connect and buy products from a wide range of products, all available in one place, giving sales boost to the industry as well.


      Disclaimer: Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

      PrestaShop Marketplace Cart and Order Split
      Prestashop Marketplace Mass Upload
      PrestaShop Marketplace Postal Code Validator
      Prestashop Marketplace Seller Payment Request
      PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Shipping
      Prestashop Marketplace Seller Voucher
      Prestashop Marketplace Slot Pricing
      PrestaShop Marketplace SMS Notification