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      Founded in 1983, Prologis is the largest logistics real estate company in the world, it owns over 4,703 buildings in 19 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia. The company focuses on providing warehouse real estate solutions and services to over 5,000 tenants (clients) including Amazon, BMW, FedEx, Pepsico, UPS, Walmart.

      Prologis Essentials

      Prologis holds deep expertise in locating properties to acquire land and buildings, leasing real estate, constructing high-quality facilities, and reducing costs with clean energy and storage solutions.

      Warehouse Industry Growth with E-commerce Logistics

      With the rising demands of e-commerce, there has been a significant rise in the newer and bigger warehouse and distribution centres. As the online store scales with more orders and products, we also need bigger spaces to stock those inventories.

      (Also, check out WMS Mobile App, a dedicated warehouse management system app for staff to easily manage orders and track inventory.)

      Earlier warehouses were located in remote areas where the cost of land, labour and taxes were low. But now due to stiff competition among major e-commerce players, companies want to deliver the products as fast as possible with minimal shipping time.

      To meet the growing demands of online shoppers and fast delivery promises, companies have created new warehouses and partnered with 3PL (Third Party Logistics) that are within the urban areas.

      Offer Curated Warehouse Solutions Digitally

      Prologis was scouting to develop a virtual B2B marketplace platform for offering warehouse-as-a-service to global businesses. With Prologis Essentials, the company helps businesses to grow by providing curated one-stop-shop warehouse-related solutions and services.

      Prologis Marketplace

      With dedicated support and expertise, it enables businesses to optimize their existing logistics processes or set up new warehouse operations completely.


      Through the Prologis Essentials Marketplace website, the company sells:

      • Warehouse supplies and equipment
      • Warehouse related services
      • Material handling equipment
      • Energy solutions - solar, LED
      • Autonomous mobile robots
      • Smart buildings - networks, devices, service, smartdock
      • Workforce solutions

      Prologis Essentials is basically creating an integrated solution network by bringing together global scale solutions with local expertise. It has partnered with world-class vendors, to help small and medium-sized businesses to move in, set up or solve a problem in a warehouse.

      Prologis Marketplace

      From operations and transportation to technology, clean energy, and labour demands, their innovative solutions make the business decision process easier and more efficient.

      Develop Prologis Essentials with Best Marketplace Solution

      While Prologis was on the lookout to build its warehouse solution marketplace and selected Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, now known as Adobe Commerce Cloud, as its digital commerce platform.

      Magento has always been a preference for enterprise-level clients to build their digital stores. As the platform offers:

      • Innovative e-commerce experiences with rapid deployment
      • Flexible architecture for customizations
      • Provides security and reliability to create scalable web storefronts
      • Engaging development community

      While building the Prologis Essentials, the development team needed a Multi-Vendor Marketplace solution to handle the buying-selling process between various sellers or service providers.

      Prologis Marketplace

      Webkul Marketplace having a proven track record of building some of the leading marketplace sites globally was selected by the Prologis technical team. Our awarded digital marketplace solution has been trusted by companies to develop a B2B commerce marketplace.

      (Read LabX case study, world’s leading marketplace to buy and sell laboratory equipment and supplies.)

      Further, Webkul feels pride that global companies like Prologis have built their e-commerce storefront utilising our Multi-Vendor Marketplace solution.

      B2B Marketplace for Warehouse Supplies & Service Providers

      Prologis wanted to build a customized B2B marketplace possessing certain specific functions for its vendor and buyers. Originally, Webkul B2B Marketplace has many vital features for business buyers and suppliers.

      • Monitor marketplace vendors and their products from the admin panel
      • Supplier order management and fulfilment
      • Multi-vendor products checkout
      • Support multiple payments and shipping methods
      • Dedicated seller dashboard panel
      • Bulk order quotation request system
      • Vendor commission management by the admin

      Webkul B2B Marketplace

      However, there are certain developments that have been done in Prologis Essentials Marketplace to deliver a well-defined B2B shopping experience for warehouse equipment and supplies.

      Batch Upload Bulk Product Listings

      Webkul B2B Marketplace allows each vendor to upload products to their own catalogue and offer them to customers from the same storefront. The vendor can mention detailed product information and upload high-quality images as well.

      • Vendors can manage their products
      • Manage product prices, tax information
      • Manage catalog changes and inventory

      Prologis Marketplace

      Further, using Mass Upload Marketplace Add-On, the vendors can bulk add products via. CSV excel spreadsheet. The process is quick and saves a lot of time when adding or updating numerous products.

      Prologis Marketplace

      Manage Complex B2B Product Specs

      Product attributes and specifications have an important role in the B2B industry. Suppliers need to mention a lot of information as compared to consumer products.

      Further, the conventional ‘Add to Cart’ button and checkout flow may not work for all the B2B products and services.

      Using Custom Attribute Marketplace Add-On, Prologis Essentials vendors are now able to mention additional information about their products and display them on the catalog page with detailed specifications.

      Prologis Marketplace

      The additional product attributes can be controlled by the marketplace admin. Whether to make them available to the suppliers with dropdown select option and show or hide them on the storefront.


      Shipping & Fulfilment by Marketplace Vendor

      With Webkul B2B Marketplace, each vendor has the ability to fulfil and manage their own orders of their products sold. The vendor can also add shipping and tracking information to the marketplace order.

      Prologis Marketplace

      Further, with Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Add-on, the Prologis Essentials vendors can create custom shipping methods with defined zip code coverage, weight range, and freight cost.

      Prologis Marketplace

      The shipping records details can be entered manually or uploaded via. CSV spreadsheet. Uploading shipping files will be helpful for those merchants who want to quickly add or update complex shipping costs with varying zip codes, cost, weight, and regions.

      Prologis Marketplace

      Moreover, with Multi-Shipping Marketplace Add-On, every vendor can decide which specific shipping method to be made available to their customers during checkout.

      Prologis Marketplace

      Being a marketplace system, buyers can purchase products from multiple sellers in a single instance. As they don’t have to do the checkout separately for each vendor product.

      Prologis Marketplace

      Additionally, the customers can select various ways to make the payment for their order. Webkul B2B Marketplace supports both offline and online payment methods.

      Prologis Marketplace

      All the costs are calculated with accurate shipping costs, taxes, and marketplace commission. Depending on the online payment gateway workflow, the admin can also hold the payment till the order is fulfilled, and then release the vendor payout.

      Innovating Supply Chain Logistics

      Prologis is always ahead of what’s next, with its innovative solutions curated for every business need. From renting, leasing, operating, constructing and maintaining buildings globally. It has now created a dedicated marketplace, Prologis Essentials, to help you find warehouse supplies and equipment.

      Webkul Marketplace has once again shown how it is helping clients globally across different industries to make the business processes less complex and more adaptable for both B2C and B2B markets.

      Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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