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    Odoo Website Helpdesk & Support System

    Odoo Website Helpdesk and Support System: We have a ticketing system for you that helps not only with post sales customer queries but also allows you to generate revenues by accepting new requirements from potential clients. The module helps you to install a ticketing system on your Odoo website. So now the customer can raise ticket(s) for their queries and also ask for a new service requirement directly from the website.The admin can see and resolve the general support tickets from the backend and create sales orders for new service tickets to charge for the billable hours used to provide the service.


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    Odoo Website Helpdesk and Support System: Introduce the perfect Odoo support ticket tool on your website to keep things smooth and at one place. An effective ticket system not only provides support to the existing customer but it also helps the interested customers or potential clients to contact you regarding their requirements.

    And the Odoo website helpdesk and Support module work both ways:

    • Help customers with their queries and issues with the products to raise support tickets.
    • Allows new customers or potential leads by allowing them to create chargeable service tickets for any new requirement or service. You can then create billable hours for the efforts in hours used to provide the solution to the paying clients.

    Benefits of using the module:

    • The customer can reach out to you via the ticket system instead of emails or calls.
    • Keep everything in one place.
    • The conversation threads for a ticket are stored in the same ticket for better tracking.
    • Generate revenue with chargeable service tickets.
    • Track the cost of service using the tasks and sales order in Odoo.

     Prerequisites For Using Odoo Website Helpdesk and Support System Module

    Odoo Website Helpdesk and Support System Module works in conjunction with the following module:

    You would need to install this module first for Odoo Website Helpdesk and Support System to work properly.

     Odoo Website Helpdesk and Support System Features

    Install helpdesk & service system on Odoo website

    • It allows you to implement a support ticket system on the Odoo website.
    • The customer can raise support tickets from the Odoo website.
    • The admin can manage and resolve the tickets from the Odoo backend.
    • The admin can enable the recaptcha option to submit the ticket to avoid spam.

     Allows to raise the tickets from the Odoo website

    • The customer can raise the tickets with the admin for their queries.
    • Only the logged-in customers can raise a ticket.
    • The customer can fill the form to create a ticket.
    • The ticket shows up to the admin in the Odoo backend.
    • Sends automatic acknowledgement mail to customer once his support ticket is raised.

    The Customer can manage the tickets from his website account

    • The customer can see his ticket in his customer’s account.
    • The customers can also track his ticket status from my account section.
    • The ticket form also shows the details of the ticket and communication thread to the customer.

     Allows chat communication with the Odoo admin

    • Allows two ways communication between admin and the customer.
    • The admin-customer can communicate with each other through odoo chatter.
    • The customer can send message to the admin from his website account from the ticket.

    Auto-sends feedback/reviews mail to the customer

    • The system sends the feedback mail to the customer once the ticket is resolved.
    • The customer can go to the link in the mail and give the service ratings and feedback.

     Create ticket category and topics/reasons in Odoo backend

    • The admin can add ticket categories and ticket topics in the odoo backend.
    • The customer needs to choose the categories and proper reason while raising a ticket.

    Create different teams to manage different ticket types

    • The admin can create multiple teams for different ticket types in the backend.
    • Each team can have multiple members and a manager to handle the tickets.
    • The admin can assign an apt team to a raised ticket.

     Set ticket stages to show the current progress of a ticket

    • The admin can create stages to assign to the raised tickets.
    • The stage can be set to a ticket to show the current status of the ticket.
    • The customer can also see the current stage of his ticket in his website account

    Resolve/cancel the raised tickets to close them in Odoo

    • The user needs to resolve/cancel the ticket to close
    • it. A reason needed to be added while closing the ticket.

     Now Take billable service requests through service tickets

    • The customers can raise tickets to ask for any available billable services.
    • The admin can bill such requests according to the hours used to resolve it by creating sales order/invoice from the ticket.

    Create Tasks from the raised tickets

    • Make billing trackable and easy for the every raised services ticket.
    • The admin can create relevant tasks directly from the ticket.
    • Multiple tasks can be created for each ticket as required.
    • The timesheets recorded in the tasks of a ticket shows the time used to provide the service.
    • The combined timesheets from all the tasks created for a ticket shows up in the ticket form in the backend.
    • A project is needed to be added to the ticket to create tasks and sales order.

     Create sales order from the project to bill the customer

    • The admin can create a sales order for the project to bill the client/customer.
    • The cost per hour can be added to the sales order while creating it.
    • The combined timesheets from all tasks shows up on the orderlines of the sales order.
    • The orderlines of the sales order shows the total time utilized on all the associated tasks, cost per hour and total cost.

    Generate invoice for the sales order of the ticket

    • You can create the invoice from the sales order while closing the ticket.
    • The invoice shows the orderlines and cost associated with the sales order.
    • The invoice can be created with a downpayment (prepaid amount) or as a regular invoice.
    • Ths downpayment in the invoice shows up in the original ticket form in the backend for better tracking.

    Dedicated Support For Odoo Website HelpDesk & Support System Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Website HelpDesk & Support System Module

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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