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    Prestashop Infinite Scroll

    Prestashop Infinite Scroll : Prestashop Infinite Scroll replaces the standard pagination links from your product listing pages with user-friendly infinite scroll. When the user scrolls down, the products associated with a category will load automatically. Allow your customers to easily navigate through your catalog products by including continuous scrolling on collection pages.

    Note: Prestashop Infinite Scroll module is compatible with PrestaShop 8.x.x

    This module is MultiShop compatible.

    Prestashop Infinite Scroll Prestashop Infinite Scroll Prestashop Infinite Scroll Prestashop Infinite Scroll Prestashop Infinite Scroll Prestashop Infinite Scroll Prestashop Infinite Scroll Prestashop Infinite Scroll Prestashop Infinite Scroll Prestashop Infinite Scroll Prestashop Infinite Scroll
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    Prestashop Infinite Scroll - For any eCommerce company, User Experience (UX) is critical as it makes it easy for customers to navigate your website and find the needed products quickly. If a customer visits your website and does not find it appealing, he will probably leave without even exploring the products. Therefore, improving the UX of your website is crucial if you want to offer an enjoyable shopping experience. Though, there are different methods that you can use to improve the UX of your online store, one of them is infinite scrolling.

    Infinite scrolling enables users to scroll through hundreds of products on the same page without interruption. Customers do not have to click on the next page numerous times to find the desired products. Reduce bounce rate , boost user engagement, and improve the user experience by adding automatic scroll on collection pages.

    1- Prestashop Infinite Scroll module is compatible with PrestaShop framework version 8.x.x.
    2- The module is Prestashop Multistore compatible.

    Prestashop Infinite Scroll Module

    Highlighted Features

     Auto Loading of Pages

    Your site will load the next pages automatically when customer scroll down.

     "View More" Button

    Enable users to load additional products manually.

     Scroll + View More

    Allow auto loading for certain pages, then load more products with a button click.

     "Scroll to Top" Button

    Allow users to reach to top of the listing page with a single click.

     End Page Message

    Display a custom message at end of the product listing page.

     Customize Message Box

    Choose custom text color, background color, and border color of the message box.

    Prestashop Infinite Scroll Features -

    • Prestashop Infinite Scroll automatically loads products without the need of clicking additional page links.
    • Choose the pagination type as scroll, view more, or both (scroll + view more).
    • Replace the standard pagination links with the "View More" button and let users manually load the products with a button click.
    • Enable automatic scroll for the first few pages and then display the "View More" button by selecting pagination type as both. This means the products will display continuously for a specified number of pages, then click on "View More" to load additional products.
    • "Scroll to Top" button to allow users to easily scroll back to the top of the product list with a single click.
    • "Set a custom message to show at the bottom of the listing page when customers have browsed all the products.
    • Configure the number of products to load per page when a user scrolls down on a category page.
    • Choose from 3 pre-made loading animations or upload your GIF to show as a loader.
    • Select the product layout as "List" or "Grid" from the back office.
    • Change the look and feel of the end page message box by setting its text, background, and border color.
    • Customize "Scroll to Top" and "View More" buttons.
    • Customize the appearance of your site using custom CSS and JS.
    • Selector settings for the users who use a theme other than the default Prestashop theme.

    Improve Browsing Experience

    With automatic loading of products, customers just need to scroll down to find their needed product. Customers can browse more products on websites with infinite scrolling than on websites with pagination. The more products your customers see the better chances they make the purchase. Make catalog browsing smooth and efficient with Prestashop Infinite Scroll.


    Boost Visitors' Session Duration

    Navigating from one page to another to load the products can be exhausting. It is really frustrating for customers when they have to click on the next page, again and again, waiting for the page to load. As a result, they don't browse further and abandon your store. Infinite scrolling solves this problem by showcasing entire listings of a category to users on a single page. In this way, the customers will browse more products and spend more time on your site.


    Provides Easy Navigation

    Offer your customers convenient navigation through catalog pages with continuous scrolling. However, at times the user unknowingly digs so deep that it becomes difficult for him to reach the top. Considering this in mind, an extra feature of ‘scroll to top’ is given which allows the customer to easily navigate to the top of the page. This will also save the user's time as he doesn't have to scroll continuously to get back to the top of the product list.


    Choose Scroll Type

    This extension offers 3 options for the display of products.

    • Scroll - Automatically load the next pages once a user scrolls to the bottom of a category page.
    • View More Button - Load additional products manually by clicking on "View More" button displayed at the end of product listing page.
    • Both (Scroll + View More) - With this option, you can enable your users to auto load products for first few pages and then show "View More" button.

    Prestashop Infinite Scroll Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our other top-quality PrestaShop Extensions.


    Product Version5.0.6
    Released5 years ago
    Last UpdatedApril 30, 2024 (24 days ago)
    Supported VersionsPrestaShop  1.7.x.x​  8.x.x  
    Rating 4.9
    based on 16 reviews

    Recent Reviews

    Write a review

    Very good module.

    Posted On - January 9, 2024

    Excellent technical service, fast and they have solved a problem we had of conflict with the template and the module. All perfect.

    Perfect addon + following sevices

    Posted On - June 10, 2022

    Kind and professional services. I got my addon adapted to my website exactly according to my ideas and plans.

    Highly recommended

    Excellent module and support

    Posted On - December 3, 2021

    It works as promised and met my expectations!

    I will search more modules from WebKul. I enjoyed the first experience.

    great module

    Posted On - September 15, 2021

    Working as expected, they fixed little issue we had with our prestashop. Thank you for great support.

    This is a great Product!

    Posted On - February 10, 2021

    This is a great Product! It adds speed and easy-to-use to the site and makes the customers life easier! Support is also great!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

     What are the available pagination types available in the module?
    There are three pagination types in the module:
    • Infinite scroll
    • View More button
    • Infinite scroll + View More button
     On what pages can I use the infinite scrolling feature?
    From the back office you can configure the pages where you can use infinite scroll. You can use the infinite scrolling feature on the following product listing pages:
    • Category page
    • Best sellers
    • Search results
    • Brands
    • Suppliers
    • New Products
    • On sale
     Does it work on the homepage of the e-shop?
    It works on the catalog product listing page. On homepage, it will not work.
     Does this module work also with homefeatured module? and random products? need infinite scroll for categories with layered navigation and also for homefeatured random products.
    Well, by default, this module, work in place of Pagination, (that is, automatically load the pages, when scrolling down). While the products displayed by the “Home featured module” are shown into a block on the Homepage, that block doesn’t have any pagination.
     Is there an option to change the loader image?
    Yes, there are three pre-made loader images available in the module:
    • Bubble Animation
    • Rotating Wheel
    • Custom GIF
    Also, you can choose to upload your GIF image to show as loader.
      If a user reaches the bottom of the page, is there an option to take him to the top of the page directly?
    There is a “Scroll to Top” button that allows user to easily scroll back to the top of the product list with just a single click.
     How many products gets loaded using infinite scroll?
    Well, you can configure that on your own in the module.

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