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Odoo Marketplace Buyer Seller Live Chat:Effective Customer Support in Odoo Marketplace!

The quality of customer support you offer directly depends upon your sales. Customers always prefer to get quick and effective support; it increases their chance to shop from you again.

What could be better than an apt person offering the support!

If a buyer can directly communicate to the concerned person then chances to get better support eventually increases. Same way, in a marketplace a customer can get best support from the seller of the product they are buying.

Benefits offered by Live Chat Option

  • Live chat offers real-time support to customers.
  • No need to hold the line as it happens on phone support.
  • Phone support takes time to connect the customers to the customer service agent.
  • With LiveChat, the customer can just click on the widget and open the chat window.

 Prerequisites For Using Odoo Marketplace Buyer Seller Live Chat Module

Odoo Marketplace Buyer Seller Live Chat Module works in conjunction with the following modules:

You would need to install all the above modules first for Odoo Marketplace Buyer Seller Live Chat to work properly.

 Odoo Marketplace Buyer Seller Live Chat Features

Allow Buyer Seller Communication

  • Offer Live Chat option between sellers and customers.
  • The module allows the buyers to directly contact sellers for any query or feedback.
  • The buyer can contact sellers from the product page or seller profile.

 Offer Communication Flexibility

  • The customers/sellers can send emoticons in the live chats.
  • Customers can communicate with multiple sellers at a time and vice versa.

Manage the thread from front-end

  • Customers can check all the message threads from all sellers from front-end.

 Better Tracking Management

  • The Super admin can track conversation from all sellers on the marketplace.
  • Moreover, as an admin you can also check details of each message from the backend.

Notification For Each Message

  • Customers gets notification for each message of the conversation in the same tab.

 Chat widgets for each conversation

  • There are multiple chat widgets in the front-end as well as backend.

 Sellers can easily Reply their Customers Instantly

  • The operators are required to activate the message channel for portal users.
  • Seller can chat through odoo default chat window.
  • Seller can chat with multiple buyers at a time.

 Chat Now Option for Customers to Talk to any Seller Instantly

  • Customer can start chatting with customer from the product page.
  • They can add emoji to the chat to show emotions.
  • The chat is used to get the instant support from the seller
  • Customer can see the their chat history.
  • Customer can talk to multiple clients at once.

 Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Marketplace Buyer Seller Live Chat Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Marketplace Buyer Seller Live Chat Module.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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