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    Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription

    Odoo Saas Kit Subscription handles all recurring payments. With its seamless integration, you'll save time and streamline your payment procedures. It helps to make your payment process easier with automated recurring payments.

    • This module provides a Recurring Plan monthly, quarterly, and annually.

    • With a subscription plan, you can predict the revenue.

    • The Module supports many payment gateways, that are Paypal and Stripe.

    • Provide subscription services on the products in Odoo.

    • Subscription details are available on the website account.

    Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription
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    Odoo SaaS kit Subscription: Save your time and do planning for you.

    The days of manual renewal of your SAAS kit plan are over. The Odoo SaaS Kit creates a ready-to-use structure for your Odoo database. After installation, you can start offering Odoo as a service to your customers.

    It saves time by eliminating the need for correct code and offers Odoo as a SaaS service that is ready to use. You only need to pay for and use the service.

    Yet, the issue arises when we have to register and pay. You can use our Odoo SaaS subscription to sign up for a plan. It will deduct the payment according to the desired recurring plan and renew your plan.

    Moreover, With an Odoo Marketplace seller membership, you can manage your Odoo Marketplace website.

    Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription

     Highlighted Features of Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription


    • Customers can choose their preferred subscription plan for a service.

     Many payment gateways

    • It accepts many payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe. Once an order is confirmed, the subscription plan is activated.

     Activate the subscription after the order confirmation

    • The customer's Odoo website account contains a purchased subscription plan list.

     Recurring Plan

    • It offers a recurring subscription plan that you can configure in days, months, and years.

     Why do we need Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription

    Flow Payments are an essential part of the business for a business owner. It is very crucial to make the process automated and track the payments.

    The Odoo Saas Kit Subscription enables you to pay at the end of each recurring cycle. Odoo SaaS Subscription services are dominating the market. As more customers sign up for various subscription-based services.

    The customers can add the subscription-based SaaS Plan to the cart and place the order to avail of the plan.

    Check out our Odoo Mobile App Builder to create Android and iOS apps for your Odoo ecom store.

     Prerequisites For Using Odoo Saas Kit Subscription

    The Odoo module name works in conjunction with the following module

    You must install these module first for the Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription to work.

     Recurring Plans

    It provides a recurring subscription plan, allowing customers to choose their preferred plan.

    • Odoo Saas Kit Subscription offers you a recurring subscription plan.
    • It allows you to offer recurring plans on a monthly, quarterly, or annually.
    • Customers can select their preferred plan for a product or service from the Odoo website.
    • On the order confirmation, the activation of the subscription plan is done.
    Recurring Plans

     Provide subscription-based products in Odoo

    This Module enables admins to use many features in their Odoo account.

    • Odoo Saas Subscription adds the ability to create subscription-based services/products.
    • The Odoo administrator can create subscription-based services/products.
    • Customers can view purchased subscription plan details in their Odoo account.
    • Customers can also use the module, to renew and cancel their subscriptions.
    • Paste the PayPal client ID into the checkout form.
    Subscription Plans

     Configure subscription plans

    The Odoo Subscription Plan Setting allows backend configuration. It features customer approval, automatic deduction, and collaboration with Stripe and PayPal.

    • Users can Configure The Odoo Subscription Plan Setting from the backend.
    • It provides you with various features and functionality.
    • It deducts the subscription plan upon customer approval.
    • It enables collaboration with Stripe and PayPal.

    Dedicated Support For Your Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription module.

    For any query or issue please Create a ticket here

    You may also check our other top-quality Odoo Plugins.


    Product Version1..0.0
    Released3 months ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsToolCloudkul
    Last UpdatedMarch 21, 2024 (3 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  16.x  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     Do We need any other module to use the Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription?
    Yes, You need to install the Odoo SaaS Kit, Odoo Website Subscription Management, and Odoo Subscription Management to make this module work.
     Can We provide a subscription plan for a particular product?
    Yes, you can configure any product to a subscription type. You can also provide a subscription plan according to the need.
     How Can I create a SAAS plan?
    You can configure SaaS plan with flowing steps :- Apps >> Saas Kit >> SaaS >> SaaS Plans >> New
     Can we configure the SAAS plan subscription?
    Yes, you can configure a SAAS plan subscription in months, and years.
     What should be the type of product while using a subscription plan?
    The product type should be serviceable to use the odoo saas kit subscription plan.

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