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      You know the ISHA foundation as an organization that has done good and served well for the benefit of humanity and other social causes. In this case study, you will find how multiple online channels run by the organization are helping it to have financial autonomy.

      Isha Foundation

      Webkul offers our clients quality dedicated support for our various products and solutions based on the platform that is ready to be deployed.

      From outlying the client requirements and discussion we make sure that our client achieves their desired solution in an extremely precise timeline.

      Isha foundation reached out to us with the development requirement of a POS app based on ODOO which helps them manage their offline sales easily for their local stores and certain remote villages.

      Isha Foundation

      Moreover, using the same POS app may also facilitate their staff to manage the sales at their multiple key restaurants, cafes, and outlets that the organization has initiated recently.

      Read the complete case study and explore how the organization’s business workflow management has simplified with the use of various ODOO extensions developed by Webkul.

      About the Isha Foundation Organization

      Webkul is proud to be associated with a group that has provided power, commitment, performance, innovation, and trust to its followers for almost two decades now.

      The Isha Foundation is home to the Isha Yoga Centre, which offers Isha Yoga yoga programs. Jaggi Vasudev created a non-profit spiritual organization in 1992 near Coimbatore, India.

      The Isha Foundation is committed to raising human consciousness and fostering global harmony through individual transformation.

      Isha Foundation

      Webkul Helps Isha Foundation in Business Expansion

      The client relies on various platforms where they are selling commodities associated with the Isha Foundation which includes herbal, clothing, and household cooking-based products.

      However, there was a void when it comes to managing the sales while selling on multiple websites as it’s not easy to manage the huge number of orders and keep track of sales.

      How obvious it is that a centralized solution, a single platform that can help manage all the stores, was the key and ODOO helped achieve the same results effectively for isha Foundation using Webkul’s ODOO products.

      Isha Foundation

      Centralized Solution To Connect Multiple Channels

      The primary solution that enabled the Isha Foundation to sync order statuses and inventory manually from their multiple eCommerce platforms as you can opt for Real-time synchronization using the ODOO Multichannel Sale.

      Webkul’s ODOO Multichannel works as a base for the other two multichannel extensions that the Isha Foundation is using, namely, Odoo ERP Connector For Magento 2 & Odoo Multichannel Shopify Connector.

      Isha Foundation

      POS App For Isha Foundation - Tablet Compatible

      Webkul’s developed app uses the react-native framework for the android and iOS platform built using Visual Studio Code and AndroidStudio/XCode.

      The app is compatible with a device of 7 inches or bigger and designed in a way to provide an intrusive user experience to the POS sales agent.

      Please note the showcased images use product images that belong to the website Isha store synced with the POS App.

      Isha Foundation

      The POS agent of the Isha foundation can perform a quick product search to simplify their work and enhance productivity as they no longer have to hunt for a product from thousands of listed products available.

      • Products & Categories for Point-of-Sale. Moreover, the POS Mobile App maintains a navigation hierarchy.
      • Product categories and subcategories can be used to search the POS shop.

      Isha Foundation

      Hold Multiple POS Cart & Resume With a Click

      While managing a bulk number of offline customers, the Hold cart feature makes it easier for the POS sales agent of the Isha physical store to hold a cart and manage other customers' carts.

      • Hold POS cart functionality enabled in the Isha POS mobile App.
      • Hold multiple POS Carts with a click and resume at any time.
      • The held POS cart can be viewed on a different menu.

      Isha Foundation

      Easy Checkout & Offline Support in Isha POS App

      The POS agent can manage and complete payments for customers' orders using multiple in-built payment options like Cash, DD, bank transfer, and card.

      Isha Foundation

      The Isha foundation's Odoo POS Mobile App works both online and offline.

      • When online orders are synced in real-time with Odoo.
      • Take orders even if the POS App isn't available.
      • When the internet connection is restored, the orders taken in offline mode are automatically synced to Odoo.

      Isha Foundation

      Stock Management Across Isha Life Store & ODOO POS

      The Magento 2 ODOO ERP integration helps the Isha Foundation manage their Products, product categories, and orders are all synchronized in real-time from Magento to Odoo.

      Taxes, shipment methods, and payment methods may all be mapped to Odoo, and stock operations, accounting, and stock operations can all be managed from a single screen.

      • Moreover, it provides real-time order sync from Magento to Odoo.
      • The taxes and payment methods of the Magento store can be easily mapped in Odoo.
      • The delivery for the order gets automatically done at Odoo’s end when the order gets shipped at Isha life store which is built on Magento

      Isha Foundation

      Webkul’s Shopify Connector For Isha Foundation Australia Store

      The Isha life store for Australia is built using the Shopify platform.

      The Odoo Multichannel Shopify Connector allows the ISHA foundation to handle their Shopify Store(s) data from the Odoo Backend.

      With its assistance, businesses may manage orders, items, customers, and categories.

      Isha Foundation

      • Import Shopify Products, Orders, Categories(collection in Shopify), Partners, and Delivery Methods in Odoo.
      • Import data manually or via cron scheduler.
      • Product details (like category, attributes, attribute values) are imported along with the products.
      • Order details (like customers and their addresses, taxes, payment methods, currency) and order statuses (like cancel, fulfillment, and invoice) are imported along with the orders.
      • Customer details (like addresses) are imported along with the Customers.

      Isha Foundation

      Disclaimer -

      • Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners.
      • Moreover, this article uses certain images that are just to provide the readers with an idea of how Webkul’s products and services are being used by the client.
      • However, if you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]
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