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    WooCommerce Flutter Native POS Mobile App

    WooCommerce Flutter Native POS Mobile App is a POS mobile app that allows POS cashiers to manage the customer checkout process using Android and iOS devices.

    • Real-time synchronization of the app data with the website.

    • Interactive home page with easy product search option.

    • Option to generate & print invoices and apply discount coupon codes.

    • Cash drawer checking and SKU product search.

    • Change product quantity from the cart page.

    • Create customers on the go and can manage order list and printers as well.


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    WooCommerce Flutter Native POS Mobile App renders the swift operating POS mobile application for completing the checkout process in physical stores. This means that now the sales agents can process checkout, manage orders, and print invoices using the mobile application on their Android and iOS devices.

    As the application is created using the Flutter native, it can easily be developed by the web developers, and there is no requirement of putting time in writing multiple codes.

    Note: The main configuration of this WooCommerce Flutter Native POS Mobile App will be done from the web end plugin so it is a must to purchase and install the WooCommerce Point of Sale plugin first.

    WooCommerce Flutter Native POS Mobile App

    Highlighted Features of WooCommerce Flutter Native POS Mobile App

     Easy Cart Management

    Sales agents will Manage the cart by adding products, changing the quantity, and adding the customer.

     Product Search

    Search the product by typing its name in the search box.

     Add New Customers

    Sales agents can simply add the customers and edit the details.

     Print Invoice

    The invoice can be generated easily from the order details.

     Apply Discount Coupons

    On the cart page only, the sales agent can apply discount coupons.

     Check Cash Drawer

    The sales agent has a cash drawer to manage orders.

     Reset Cart

    The sales agent can simply reset the app to refresh the cart and cash drawer.

     Update Product Quantity

    The product quantity can be updated on the cart screen in a convenient manner.

     Product Barcode Scanner

    The POS mobile application has an inbuilt barcode scanner. Using it the sales agent can scan the product barcode to add them to the cart.

     Real-Time Synchronization

    The mobile app synchronizes its data with the website in real-time.

    Why use the WooCommerce Flutter Native POS Mobile App?

    This app will process all the POS activities including the print invoice facility. The invoice PDF can be saved and sent to the customer via email also in case the printers are not available.

    Most times it happens that a large number of people visit the store at once, which makes it difficult for the sales agents to manage the checkout process for all of them in suitable time duration. In such conditions, the POS devices become insufficient, and there comes the requirement of more devices which is not so easy.

    Apart from that, if you’re looking to integrate both web app and native features into a single flutter-based hybrid application, then do check the WooCommerce Hybrid Mobile App.

    Make Checkout Process Easier

    The sales agent can process the checkout very easily and in an interesting manner.

    • The sales agent will add products to the cart.
    • Quantity can be easily changed according to the requirement.
    • The sales agent can add the customer for order on the cart page.
    • Customers can be selected from the list.
    • Discount Coupons are available for orders that can be added using a specific code.
    • The price details will be visible including the coupon details, tax, etc.
    • After that, the sales agent will complete the checkout process.
    Make Checkout Process Easier

    Check Cash Drawer Amount

    Whenever the sales agents initialize the application, they need to enter an amount.

    • The amount which is entered by the sales agent will be the Cash Drawer amount.
    • This will be used to provide the change to the customer if any amount is remaining.
    • When the order is completed, that amount is added to the cash drawer amount.
    • When the sales agent resets the application, this amount reaches back to the initially entered amount.
    • With this, the sales agent can provide safe and error-free checkout to the customer.
    Check Cash Drawer Amount

    Add New Customers

    The sales agent has the leverage to manage and add new customers to the list.

    • The sales agent can add the new customer from a separate section available.
    • Details of the customer will be added by the sales agent.
    • For the details, the sales agent must enter the full name, email, etc of the customer.
    • After saving the customer account, that customer will also be visible in the list of customers while making the checkout process.
    • The customer can also search for the customer using the search box.
    Add New Customers

    Change Quantity on Checkout Screen

    The interesting feature in this app is that one can add the products to the cart just by clicking on it.

    • Generally, the quantity of the product in the cart will increase by clicking on the product's desired times.
    • Just in case the sales agent has added a single product to the cart and wants to increase the product amount, then it can be done from the cart as well.
    • There is a drop-down for quantity updates from where the sales agent can select the desired number.
    • After clicking on the view more button the sales agent will be able to type the quantity also.
    Change Quantity on Checkout Screen

    Interactive Home Screen

    The home screen of the mobile application is very easy to use.

    • A list of products will be visible to the sales agent.
    • The sales agent can click on them for adding the products to the cart.
    • There is a floating rectangle box available on the same screen.
    • That box will show the product subtotal added to the cart.
    • If no product is added then NO SALE will be visible.
    Interactive Home Screen

    Order List and Details

    Under the home screen navigation bar, the sales agent will find the orders section.

    • The list will contain all the completed orders.
    • The order list field will contain some basic information like order id, order total, and date of order.
    • The sales agent can view the order details that include items ordered, price details, payment details, customer notes, etc.
    • If any discount coupon is applied then its details will also be shown here.
    Order List and Details

    Quick Invoice Generation

    After the completion of the order, it is a must to provide a receipt to the customer.

    • The invoice will be generated from the mobile application.
    • Under the order details, there is a button available for generating the invoice PDF.
    • Further, the sales agent will connect with the available printers and a receipt will be generated from the same printer,
    • In case printers are not available, the PDF can be saved and shared via email ID.
    Quick Invoice Generation

    Wireless Printer Connection

    This is the most impressive feature of the application, as it allows the sales agents to print PDFs.

    • The sales agent can connect the wireless printers available.
    • Connectivity will be done using the Wi-fi.
    • This will be most helpful to the sales agent as they can generate PDF from a specific distance from the printer.
    • In case you want the Bluetooth printer connectivity, then it will be done by paid customization. For that, you can connect with our team.
    Wireless Printer Connection

    Barcode Scanner

    The WooCommerce POS Flutter Native POS Mobile App has a barcode scanner built within it. Using it, the sales agent can-

    • Scan the product barcode.
    • Add the product to cart.
    • Add multiple quantities of the same product to cart.
    • Add multiple products to the cart by scanning their barcode.
    Barcode Scanner


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality WooCommerce Plugins.


    Product Version1.5.0
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedJune 25, 2024 (17 days ago)
    Supported VersionsAndroid  7.0 and up  WordPress  6.x.x  WooCommerce  7.x.x  8.x.x  9.x.x  iOS  12.0 or later  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 2 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Amazing App for startup companies

    Posted On - January 4, 2023

    I have worked with webkul for last 1 month and they provided good service to customize the App for both Android and iOS versions for my company. I want to work with them in future as well.

    Good developers and easy to talk to

    Posted On - February 17, 2021

    Good developers and easy to talk to. They never argue and always help to resolve any and all issues.

    Frequently Asked Questions

     How will the printer be connected to the POS Mobile app?
    The sales agent can connect the mobile app to the printers via Wi-Fi only. The Bluetooth connectivity is not there right now but it can be easily implemented by customization requests that will be paid.
     What screen size does the WooCommerce POS App support?
    The POS app supports any of the smart Android or iOS mobile devices.
     Can the sales agent add a new customer?
    The sales agent can select the default customer for making the checkout or can add a new customer as required.
     How to sync the order or app details with the online store categories?
    The app supports real-time synchronization so the orders or other activities will get synced to the online store automatically.
     Will the sales agent be able to search for an existing customer?
    Yes, if the customer already exists in the store then they can be searched in the search box present in the customer list.
     Can the address of a customer be edited by the cashier?
    Yes, the sales agent will be able to edit all the customer details whenever it is required.
     What is the tech stack used for building the application?
    Technical details of the mobile app are- IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used Visual Studio Code, Android Studio. The language used - Flutter Native 0.63.2. The code is written in Visual Studio Code only. Android Studio is used for generating the APK for Android.
     What design pattern is implemented?
    The app uses the MVC (Structural) Architecture design pattern.
     What are the minimum and maximum Android OS support?
    The minimum Android OS support is for version 7.0 and the maximum is up to version 14.0.

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