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Magento 2 QuickBooks Desktop Connector: With the help of this extension you can integrate your Magento 2 web store with QuickBooks Desktop platform. Magento 2 QuickBooks Desktop Connector lets you synchronize products, customers, orders and invoices data from Magento to QuickBooks Desktop. Sales receipts with shipping details will be created in QuickBooks Desktop using this module.

For integrating QuickBooks Online with Magento 2 store, please use Magento 2 QuickBooks Connector module.
To use the desktop version, you need to install QuickBooks Desktop version onto your computer.

Features -

  • The admin can synchronize the Magento 2 store Orders to the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Select when to create Sales Receipt in Quickbooks - Order Place, Invoice Create, or Order Complete.
  • The admin can configure the time period for Quickbooks Scheduler.
  • Sync customer who have placed the orders.
  • Sync the product for which the orders have been placed.
  • Sync shipping options used in placing the order and their details.
  • Sync Guest user orders from Magento 2 to Quickbooks Desktop.

 Module Configuration

After the successful installation of the extension, the admin will configure the module settings like -

  • Set the status of the module as Enable or Disable as per the requirement.
  • Set the order state as per which you want to create the Sales Receipt on Quickbooks.
  • Enter the QuickBooks Web connector User Name and Password as per your requirement. These are used to authenticate your web application from web connector to synchronize the data with Quickbooks Desktop.
  • Enter the time duration for the web connector scheduler in minutes.
  • Select accounts which will reflect on product information in QuickBooks. These are the accounts to which a product belongs to so that it allows for an easy management at a later time.

 Admin End

  • Separate section to view all the synchronized orders with the Quickbooks Desktop application.
  • Display sync status also so that admin can get the sync information for the orders.
  • Sync status “In Queue” signifies Magento order is not synced with the Quickbooks desktop.These orders will be created in QuickBooks when you connect your QuickBooks with web connector application.
  • Sync status “Successfully” signifies that the Magento order is synced with the Quickbooks desktop.
  • The admin can also manually add the Magento store orders to the Queue.

 Sync Orders

The admin can view the sales receipts for all the synced orders in QuickBooks Desktop. The admin can also view the sales receipts customer wise. In sales receipt, the admin can:

  • Check the information of the product for which the order has been placed.
  • View the shipping option details used in placing the order.
  • View the customer details who has placed the order.
  • This module also syncs the orders to the QuickBooks Desktop placed by the guest users.

 Sync Customers

  • The admin can view the complete list of customers that have been synced to the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Synchronize only those customers who have placed the orders in Magento store.
  • Also syncs the guest users who have placed the orders in Magento store.
  • Can view the complete details of any customer.

 Sync Products and Shipping options

  • Sync all the products for which the order has been placed.
  • Sync all the shipping method using which order has been placed.
  • View the complete details of synced products and shipping methods.
  • Sync product order details like name of the product, quantity purchased, the rate of the product, the name of income, asset and COGS account of your store business.
  • Sync shipping options details used in the order.

Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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