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Now your customers can easily purchase and book everything online including Appointments, Event tickets, Rental products, hotels, tables etc. Adobe Commerce Advanced Booking and Reservation module will create dynamic booking and reservation like Appointment, Event, Rental, Hotel, and Restaurant Booking.

This will convert the store into a dynamic event-driven site. This plugin introduces new product type, Booking Products. This will allow the store owner to sell booking services as a product. This product type lets admin manage all necessary details of the Booking product like date available, slot period, stock value and price settings and much more.

Some Useful Booking Add-ons:

  • Booking Reservation SMS - Send text messages to customers for booking and reservation notification with this add-on
  • Marketplace Advanced Booking System - You can also check out, marketplace solution for multi-vendor listing and order management.
  • Booking Mobile App - Create fully native mobile application for allowing customers can create and manage booking and reservations.
  • Reservation Booking QR Code -  Use this module to authenticate the bookings and the customers. Booking QR is visible on email, invoice, PDF.

Highlighted Features

 Booking Types

Support Appointment, Event, Rental, Hotel, and Restaurant Booking types.

 Time Slots

Flexible settings for creating the multiple time slots.

 Contact Details

Configure the address so that customers can find the location easily.

 Ask Queries

Customers can post the queries for the hotel booking product.

 Booking Management

Easy management of booking orders and products.

 Cancellation Booking

Customers can cancel the booking product.

 Create Multiple Booking Slots

The module has easy management for creating multiple time slots

Types of Booking Products

This module is an absolute solution to host a Booking and Reservation website conveniently. And, offers flexible module settings to create different types of booking product for the Magento store -

  • Appointment Booking
  • Event Booking
  • Rental Booking
  • Hotel Booking
  • Table Booking
  • Default Booking

Contact Information

The admin can configure the address for each booking product so that customers can find the location easily. And can even add the contact information like:

  • Set the location name which will be visible on the product page.
  • Control the visibility of the location map on the product page.
  • The location map will help the customers to navigate to the exact location.
  • Display “Contact Us” link on the product page which will allow the customers to contact the admin.
  • Restrict the “Contact Us” link visibility on the product page type – Logged In users or Everyone.

Time Slots management

The admin can easily manage the time slots created for the Booking product like:

  • Add start and end date for the slots.
  • Set the time interval of a slot.
  • Define the break time between the slots.
  • Set the minutes to prevent the booking before the start time of the slot.
  • Can also define the stock value as per each time slot.

Create multiple booking slots

The module has easy management for creating the multiple time slots -

  • Create time slots for continual and intermittent days.
  • Set either same or different time slots for each day of the week.
  • Define multiple time slots for each day of the week.
  • Set available slots for bookings and reservations for each day as per the choice, e.g. reservations can be made only from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Instead of disabling the complete bookings and reservations for a particular day, the admin can remove a particular time slot for a day.

Event type

This module also allows the admin to create and sell tickets online for different types of events like concerts, movies, party etc.

  • The admin can define the start date and end date of the event.
  • Upload the Map or chart of the location of the event.
  • As per the event, the admin can create unlimited classes of tickets like VIP ticket, normal ticket etc.
  • Can also configure the name, price, and quantity of each ticket type.
  • Can even add the description for each ticket class.

Rental type

Using this module, you can create an online rental store for renting properties like a car, cycle, bike etc.

  • There two types of renting available – Hourly based and Daily Based
  • The admin can set renting type as either Hourly Basis, or Daily Basis or both.
  • Can also configure the rent price for each rental type.
  • Configure the time slots and quantity per slot as per the choice.
  • Add images for the property which will help the customer to visualize the property condition.

Hotel Room Booking

You can easily run your hotel business because this module lets you manage the hotel reservation service without any hassle.

  • For Hotel Booking product, the admin can set the amenities which will be visible to the customers on the front-end. The amenities added to the room will give customers information about room facilities.
  • Configure the charge basis like per night or day.
  • Enable to show the map which will allow the customer to search the nearby places of the hotel and accordingly make plans for the trip.
  • The customers can even ask questions or queries they will have regarding the hotel rooms and their services.
  • Add multiple attractive images of the hotel.

View Questions

The admin will be able to check all the questions that have been asked at the Hotel booking product page -

  • View the queries or questions asked by customers on the front-end.
  • View the customer name, the question asked, and type of customer.
  • Delete, enable or disable status of the questions asked.
  • The admin will get to know what questions are being asked and moderate them as per the need.
  • The customers can post the questions for the hotel booking product only.

Restaurant Table Booking

Now you can easily enable your customers to book the table for dining on your Magento store. The admin can manage table reservation configurations like -

  • Configure the charge basis like - per table, guest, plate etc
  • Set the charges per quantity like per guest, table etc.
  • Set the maximum number of guests the table can be booked for.
  • Can add slot information also like - Slot Duration, Break Time b/w slots and Prevent Scheduling.
  • While booking a table the customer can even add the additional note for the admin if in case, the customer wants any special arrangement.

Default Booking Product

Two types of Default Booking Product Available - Many Bookings In a Day and One Booking for Many days -

  • Two types of Default Booking Product Available - Many Bookings In a Day and One Booking for Many days.
  • The admin can add the default Booking product type – Many Bookings In a Day and One Booking for Many days along with the advanced Booking Products to the catalog.
  • The admin can also manage default Booking product and their orders as well.
  • View and manage the default booking products and orders just like other advanced booking types.
  • Just like Advanced Booking products, the customers will place the order for Default Booking Product conveniently.

Booking Order Creation By Admin

From the backend, the admin can create booking orders for the customers, and that will appear in the customer's order list.

  • The admin can make available forms of reservation or booking, such as an appointment, an event, a rental, a hotel, or a restaurant reservation.
  • The admin can create a new booking order and can cancel the prior order based upon the requirement of a customer.
  • Discount coupons can also be applied during the order creation.
  • It allows the admin to accept orders from other sales channels like offline, phone calls, etc., and then place orders manually in the admin panel.

Email Events

An email notification is an absolute solution to keep your customers informed about their bookings -

  • The most convenient and liable way of notifying the customers about the booking events occurred in the Magento store via emails.
  • These emails are sent to the customers at the time of invoice created.
  • Receive an email attachment having the booking details.
  • Add the booking details to the Google Calendar or any other by first downloading the attachment.
  • This way the customers will be able to know that a particular booking is coming up thereby saving a miss.
  • The email events functionality will work for all booking types – Appointment, Event, Rental, Hotel, Restaurant, and Default Booking as well.

iCalendar (.ics) Supported

This module supports the iCalendar (Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification) feature. It allows the customers to save the booking event to their online calendars. When a customer book the products, the customer receives the booking details via email. It includes the .ics file in the email that can be used to store/ save the booking event to the phone calendar, computer calendar, or any other scheduling software.

  • It is supported by most of the software like email reader and calendar application.
  • Moreover, it is used and supported by many other products like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc.

Manage orders

The module has easy management of booking products and the orders -

  • The admin has a separate section to view and manage the booking products.
  • The admin has a separate section to view and manage the booking orders.
  • Can view the complete details of the booking in the order details.
  • After placing the orders, the customers can view their Booking order details.

Cancel Orders

Using this module you can easily cancel the product for Appointment Booking, Event Booking, Rental Booking, Hotel Booking, and Table booking.

  • Admin can enable booking cancellation function for advance booking products.
  • The admin has a separate section to view and manage the cancellation booking products.
  • Admin can also provide cancellation charges for the product.
  • After placing the orders, the customers can request to cancel their Booking order.

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