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    Magento 2 Social Selling

    Now sell Magento 2 catalog on Instagram, tag your online store products on Instagram posts and stories. Integrate Magento 2 with Instagram Shopping, sync catalog feed, and enable customers to shop and share your Magento 2 store products on Instagram.

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    Social Commerce - Learn how to promote, influence purchase decision and sell products directly on social media channels.


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    Adobe Commerce Social Selling module lets the store owners feature their product on Instagram by tagging one or multiple products in Instagram posts & stories. Show or remove out of stock products and add suitable prefixes to products. The store owners can redirect the customer to the web store product page or directly to the checkout page from Instagram Shop. Ultimately sell to a larger and targeted audience by leveraging the features of Instagram Shop and Magento 2.

    Important Note -

    • To enable Instagram shop you must have a business account approved from Instagram.
    • Your account must be approved for Instagram Shopping to feature products in posts and stories.

    Highlighted Features

     Feature Products

    The module helps to feature the Magento 2 Store product with the Instagram Shop.

     Tag Products

    Allows businesses to tag Magento 2 store products in Instagram shop posts and stories.

     Automate Product Feeds on Instagram

    The admin can enable auto or manually generate product feed CSV.

     Redirect To Store Website

    The admin can wish to redirect the customer to the product page or directly to the store checkout page from Instagram Shop.

     Attribute Mapping with the Magento 2 store

    The Admin can create attributes from the back-end and map them with Facebook attributes. Since some of the Facebook attributes are not available in default Magento 2.

     Special Price Imports

    The module supports special price imports to the Instagram Shop. The customer can see the special prices of the products.

    Why Feature Adobe Commerce website products on Instagram Shop?

    Business uses multiple conventional strategies to promote their brands through commercial ads hoardings and several other ways. Finally are left with an immense piece of expense cost yet with no promise that it will be fruitful or bring more customers.

    With online marketing on social platforms like Instagram, store owners can not just offer their various products straight to the consumer in the form of feeds such as tagged product posts.

    Highlight new commodity item details in Instagram stories allowing customers to view products and access info like product description and special pricing. Availing option to purchase by visiting a product or checkout directly from the storefront.

    Magento 2 Store products on Instagram Shop

    Create Instagram Shoppable Posts

    The store owners can add a post on Instagram with tags and options to view products.

    • The admin can use multiple product tags to pin one or a group of products on Instagram posts.
    • Customers can tap on View products to open up tagged products.
    • The admin can choose to redirect the customers to the product or checkout page after clicking on View on the Website.
    • A product detail page that contains all relevant information imported from the Facebook product catalog including pricing, rich descriptions, and media.
    • Here, the Instagram shop visitors can swipe and view the product carousel.
    Create Instagram Shoppable Posts

    Feature Product On Instagram Stories

    Use shopping tags to highlight products of your Instagram business store in reels & stories.

    • Select the product from your catalog that you want to feature.
    • Create shoppable Instagram stories with required product tags for the featured product.
    • Product tags have a brand and product name visible on them.
    • To check the product pricing click on the visible product tags.
    • Reveal new product launches using these product tags on Instagram Shop stories.
    Feature Product On Instagram Stories

    Exhibit a Product Gallery on Instagram

    Make use of Magento 2 Instagram integration while adding product titles to be a little expressive.

    • Create a unique Magento 2 Instagram Shop storefront allowing visitors to explore and shop directly on business profile pages.
    • The complete tagged product list is visible on your Instagram Business profile under the shopping tab.
    • Customers can save your store products into their wishlist by taping the save post icon just below product posts.
    • Cross-selling is done as people can view similar and the rest of Facebook imported products on your Instagram shop.
    Exhibit a Product Gallery on Instagram

    Manage Stocks & Product Info for Instagram Shop

    The store owners can compose the layout of Instagram product features.

    • The admin can choose to discard or include all out of stock products to be featured on Instagram Shop.
    • The admin can enter a required prefix for all of their products.
    • Grab the attention of customers browsing your Instagram shop posts using these product names of format (prefix_product Id).
    • Give a suitable default product brand name for the Instagram products using Magento.
    • Enter the Default Google Product category for the Products.
    Manage Stocks & Product Info for Instagram Shop

    Authorize Product for Instagram Shop / Import Facebook Products

    The store owners can enable or disable a product to be visible on Facebook. From where Instagram fetches the synced products.

    • The admin can manually enable/disable products to be visible on Facebook - Magento 2 Instagram shop.
    • Where product condition, brand, gender, and google product category can be entered.
    • Even mass enable/disable can be done directly from the product grid page.
    • Customer Redirection from the Instagram shop to the product page can be enabled or disabled manually from here.
    • Mass redirection can be executed from the product grid page.
    • Else the customer will be redirected directly to the shopping cart page of the Magento 2 Store.
    Authorize Product for Instagram Shop / Import Facebook Products


    • Use product tagging to feature the Magento 2 store product on the Instagram shop.
    • Manually enable or mass setup the customer redirection to the product page of the store or else customers will reach directly to the check out page.
    • The admin can automate the product feed CSV or generate it manually as well.
    • The admin can generate the product CSV feed periodically.
    • Set cron to schedule the product feeds CSV generation frequency.
    • The start time of the CSV generation can be set by the admin.
    • The admin can give the required prefix for all of its Instagram Shop products.
    • Discard or Include all the out of stock products to be synced while generating the product feed CSV.
    • Mass assigned the Products to be featured on Instagram and their Google Product Categories for the products synced from the Facebook shop.
    • Map the Facebook attributes with the required available Magento 2 store product attributes for your Instagram Shop.
    • The module supports all of the product types including Simple, Configurable, Downloadable, Grouped, Virtual, and Bundle.
    • The Instagram shop will fetch Special prices imported from the Facebook shop.


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version4.0.0
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedSeptember 2, 2022 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsMagento  2.0.x  2.1.x  2.2.x  2.3.x  2.4.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 3 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Excellent Customer Support

    Posted On - May 9, 2022

    Excellent customer support! Quick and clear explanations for ANY queries!

    Best Support Team Ever

    Posted On - February 10, 2022

    Webkul support is the best I have experienced so far. Response time is so fast and it gives me confidence in my project knowing they are always available to help out.

    Highly Recommend Webkul Services & Products

    Posted On - February 10, 2022

    Thanks to Webkul, I have a perfect and integrated website
    all the Webkul team is wonderful. I hope that there will be a rating of 10 stars or 100 stars to rate you
    Thank you and thank Webkul Team and thank you to the management of the company that brought together this wonderful crew.'

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Why do store owners need to map the Product attribute to Facebook attributes?
    The store admin needs to link the Facebook attribute with that of the corresponding Product attribute from the list. Since not all facebook attributes are present in the default Magento 2.
     Can an existing attribute mapping done previously by the admin be edited?
    Yes, the admin can click on View under the actions column and edit the respective attribute mapping anytime.
     What is the purpose of assigning Google Product Categories to the store product?
    Google Product Category attribute is used to categorize products that are selected from Google's taxonomy. The admin can use this to set the store product with its associated category for Facebook to which it belongs.
     Can the customer's purchase products directly from Instagram Shop?
    No, the customers will be redirected to the product page or the checkout page of the Magento storefront from there they can buy products.
     Which product types the store owners can tag on Instagram Shop posts and stories?
    The store owners can tag all the product types including Simple, Virtual, Downloadable, Configurable, Grouped, and Bundle.

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