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Magento 2 Akeneo Connector: With the help of this extension, you can connect your Magento store with the Akeneo PIM (Product Information Management) platform and manage thousands of products quickly. Once you import all the catalog data in Akeneo, you can push that data into the Magento 2 store. It works with simple, configurable, and virtual types of products. The store owner can import information about the categories, attributes, configurable variations, attribute family, and much more.

Please Note -

 Highlighted Features

 Update Exported Product

Once the products are exported from Akeneo, you can do any changes as you require. Go to Catalog>Products and Edit any exported product.

 Send Multiple Images

Export multiple images of a product from Akeneo.

 Export Configurable Products

You can create a product with multiple options and export it as a configurable product

 Filter Products for Export

If you don't want to export all the products, you can use various filters using category, SKU, time condition, completeness, attribute family

 Select Attributes to Export

You can select which product attributes you want to export with the products at the time of export job

 Create Cron Job

You can decide when you want to do the exporting process, set up a cron job or manually execute the export process.

 Export Content in Multi-Language

You can export your content (description, short description, labels, etc.) in multiple languages such as English, German, Spanish, etc.

 Execution Details

When an export job is running, you can see the progress on the screen and check any errors as well.

 What is Akeneo PIM & why do I need it?

Akeneo PIM will allow you to gather all your product information in one single place, enrich it and spread it to several channels like an e-commerce website like Magento store, a mobile application like Mobikul Native Apps. You can store and export product information like name, description, technical information like characteristics, material, logistics information like a product’s size, weight and media information like images.

  • Export bulk product data
  • Update product information on multiple channels
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Send product image

GraphQL API - Magento 2.3 Feature

GraphQL is an open-source data query and manipulation language which administers the queries at runtime by using Type System. Magento 2.3 implements GraphQL as an alternative to the traditional approach like SOAP/REST for custom frontend development, including headless storefronts and PWAs.

After implementing GraphQL in our Magento2 Akeneo connector, we can import only updated data from Magento.

  • With GraphQL, there is no need for versioning like REST. It is possible to add or update a new field without affecting the existing application. 
  • A user can get organized results with a single query that defined in the typed schema.
  • GraphQL provides faster and more efficient results.

Asynchronous and Bulk Web API - Magento 2.3 Feature

Now the Magento 2.3 works over the Asynchronous API. Asynchronous API enables the process of bulk requests asynchronously without waiting for the response from the server.

Bulk Web API is established on the rest principle and used for loading or deleting a large amount of data. Magento2.3 works over Message Queue (RabbitMQ) which is a protocol that helps to execute the Web API Asynchronously and complete the task at the backend.

After implementing the Asynchronous and Bulk Web API, we can export the product in the queue and reduce the payload of bulk requests.

  • It includes separate status APIs that checks the status of each request.
  • Provide more efficient and scalable implementations that eliminate round-trip network overhead.

 Product Attribute Mapping

A product attribute is the characteristics of the product that gives information about the product and change the consumer purchase decision. Product attribute is like size and description, color, weight, and price.

You can mention the detail information about the product in Akeneo and map the Akeneo attributes fields with Magento2 product fields so that information synchronized correctly.

  • Sync Magento2 field mapping with Akeneo attributes
  • A user can mention any fixed value for the exported products
  • Map additional product fields

Data Filter

Data filtering is used in Akeneo PIM for the taking out information that is not much necessary for the user. You can filter the data with the help of Channel, Locales, and Attributes.

  • Channel – You can select the channel like E-commerce, Mobile, and ERP where you want to export the data.
  • Locales – You can send the product information in Multiple locales.
  • Attribute –You can filter the attribute that you want to export from Akeneo to Magento 2.

Product Filter

Product filtering allows the users to refine product while exporting from the Akeneo to Magento2. You can filter the product with Family, Status, Completeness, Time condition and Category.

  • Family – You can select the product family which is indicating similar products. 
  • Status – You can Filter the product by status. Like- Enable, Disable.
  • Completeness - You can filter products with product completeness.
  • Time Condition – You can filter the product with time like - Updated product from since this date.
  • Category – You can filter the product with product category and sub-categories.

Export Multiple Images

Product images are essential when you are selling stuff online. Using this module, all the product images are exported to the Magento 2 store. You can export multiple pictures with high resolution.

When you export the images then exported product images go to the same folder and same format to the Magento2 store.

  • You can send multiple images
  • You can limit the size of an image 
  • Send high-resolution images

Export Categories

Categories help to export the products which are similar. You can choose single or multiple categories for the export process. A product can be classified into one or more categories.

If you made changes in one category, then you can export only that category.

  • You can export the categories as such as in Akeneo
  • You can filter the categories

Export Product Variants

You can export the product and variants product in Akeneo to Magento 2. You can create a product model in Akeneo and add information about its variants such as color, size.

When the product is exported to the Magento 2 store, the product variant attributes and information are also exported and mapped on the Magento store. The variant product inherits all the properties of the products information.

  • Export variant product image
  • Variant product inventory
  • Auto-sync option names and option values

Export SEO Information

You can send search engine listing information with your products. We know SEO is crucial for getting maximum visibility and traffic to your website. SEO provides higher brand credibility and take your business next level. You can mention the following information about a product:

  • Meta URL key 
  • Meta Title
  • Meta keyword
  • Meta Description

Sync Multiple Stores

If you are managing multiple Magento2 stores, you can connect them with Akeneo and do product synchronization simultaneously. At the time of export, you can mention your Magento2 store credentials where the products will be created.

  • Send product data to multiple stores 
  • You can select various stores for exporting the products

Import From Magento 2

Magento 2 Akeneo Connector, now allows you to import your product catalog data from Magento 2 to Akeneo also. Magento 2 Import Product job profile is available which will enable you to import products, variations, categories, attributes, options, and much more data from your shop to your Akeneo.

  • Product with variations can be imported
  • Configure imported product attributes

Product Association Mapping

Associativity of the products means a group of product that is closely related. An associative product can be the product with the same types, same price range, and same customer types. In this connector, we are providing three types of association mapping:

  • Cross-sell products - Cross-selling of the product involves the product with the same kind.
  • Upsell Products - Upsell products typically involve trading up to a better version of what’s being purchased.
  • Related products - Related products are similar in the category and types. It provides you with a vast number of options in addition to the main product.

 Magento 2 Akeneo Connector Complete Features List

  • Works with simple, configurable, and virtual products.
  • Create multiple jobs and schedule them for execution.
  • Map product attributes between Magento and Akeneo.
  • Export all the categories from Akeneo to Magento.
  • Filter exported products based on category, family, status, completeness, etc.
  • Export specific product(s) using an SKU identifier.
  • Create attributes, attribute sets, attribute options using Akeneo.
  • Export multiple images of a product.
  • Set sorting order for the product images
  • Export Akeneo attributes as Magento custom attributes
  • Select currency during store view mapping
  • Map standard attributes of Magento using their code
  • Decide how you want to export attributes - Single predefined group or All Attributes Group
  • Send SEO information with products.
  • Set URL prefix for product models to avoid same name issue
  • Set fallback name field when the mapped field is not present
  • Five types of Magento export profiles available
  • Quick export job functionality is included
  • Send product information according to locales such as – en, es, de.
  • Support multi-language translations.
  • Akeneo connector module also works with multi-store Magento setup.
  • Source code is fully open for customization.
  • Magento 2 Akeneo Connector is also compatible with latest Magento version 2.3.x
  • Now supports importing of product, attributes, attribute sets, categories data from Magento.

Akeneo 4.0.x Compatible

What's different in Akeneo 4.0.x

  • Faster imports and exports for a faster time to market.
  • Rapidly detect poor data quality and quickly improve it to reduce your time-to-market.
  • Increased conversion rates by delivering high-quality content.
  • More flexible asset model and asset transformations for each channel or locale.
  • The easier and faster connection between your external asset storage and Akeneo to centralize your catalog's digital assets in one single place.

Better import/export performance in 4.0.x compared to 3.2

  • Improved 2x to 4x API product import.
  • Improved 3x to 6x API product model import.
  • Improved 1.5x to 9x CSV product import.
  • Improved 6x to 12x CSV product model.
  • Improved API export by 30% between 3.2 and 4.0.
  • Improved CSV export by 2x between 3.2 and 4.0.

We have made all our Akeneo modules compatible with Akeneo 4.0.x And implemented RabbitMQ to make the export process faster.

We have added Automated Process to export products using automate CSV upload and made it work with Akeneo Community and Enterprise editions with the latest features.

BMN (Bouwmaterialen Nederland)

Instead of using the standard CSV import/export process, Webkul Akeneo Connector enabled BMN to integrate Magento 2 Enterprise Edition with the Akeneo platform.

With the customized API integration solution, BMN synchronized the bulk amount of product data across its multiple web stores. To read more about the BMN success story, read the complete story.

Nielsen Shop (Germany)

The management of product data seemed very annoying for the shop owner. Webkul Magento 2 Akeneo connector helped Nielsen shop to enrich their product information and export the product successfully from Akeneo to Magento 2.

Webkul also helped them to migrate the Akeneo 1.7 version to 2.0 and successful configuration of the Magento 2 Akeneo connector. To read more about Nielsen's success story, read the complete story.

POL Heteren Bv (Netherlands)

POL is a family business unit in Netherland using Pimgento connector which did not work out for them. POL found their way in using the Akeneo PIM solution on the Webkul Magento2 Akeneo connector.

Webkul Magento2 Akeneo connector allows them to easily import products from Magento 2 to Akeneo. To read more about the POL Heteren success story, read the complete story.


ISTOBAL is a corporate group headed by ISTOBAL SA which is the parent of the group that provides excellent vehicle care. They were looking for a PIM solution to manage and enrich the products.

They found their hands-on Webkul Magento2 Akeneo connector. Webkul helped them in creating the configurable product and product enrichment. Webkul also helped them in the installation process of the Magento 2 Akeneo connector.

DIRCKIII (Netherlands)

DIRCKIII is one of the largest Liquor stores in the Netherlands. They were selling the liquor products with the online store based on the Magento 2 eCommerce framework. They want to manage the multilingual Product Information in PIM and export it to the different store views in Magento 2. They found their solution as Magento 2 Akeneo Connector. To read more about the DIRCKIII success story, read the complete story.

Yahla - Libyan Online Shopping Market

Yahla is an upcoming e-commerce market for Libya online shoppers. It sells more than 100,000 products in various categories across electronics, fashion, home products, watches, perfumes, and others. Yahala not only to contributes to improving Libyan society’s economy but also encourages everyone to do so.

Creating an online store is a challenging task in Libya due to many reasons. There are no zip code system or proper addresses, further, no online payment processor that works in the country. For this project, Webkul developed a custom voucher pre-paid cash payment method, enabling buyers to shop local and imported products via, marketplace web and mobile app, read the complete story.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

based on 17 reviews
Dominique Beugelsdijk
horecaworld.nl/ (NL)
Posted On - January 28, 2020
Amazing company to work with!!
Amazing company to work with!!

The best Akeneo support in the world.
Kevin Huang
gade.suomi.cc/de/de/ (FI)
Posted On - January 21, 2020
Excellent support service!
Excellent support and the service provided by the Webkul team.
www.premier-deadsea.com/en/ (IL)
Posted On - January 2, 2020
Professional Developer Team
Been working with webkul for a while now for different Akeneo and Magento 2 customization.

They always deliver in a timely manner, quick to respond to tech tickets and provide excellent support.

Will definitely continue working with them in the future
Francois Villon
darantasia.com/ (FR)
Posted On - November 29, 2019
Great product and support by Webkul
Ce qui est super avec Webkul, c'est d'une part que leur produits sont stables et bien conçus, mais aussi que le support est de première qualité. Il est non seulement possible de résoudre l'essentiel des problèmes ou questions, mais il est possible d'avoir avec eux une discussion ouverte sur le roadmap de leurs extensions, qu'ils partagent avec les détails nécessaires, pour influencer le design de leurs extension et toujours trouver la meilleure option pour nos propres besoins. Cette équipe motivée fait toujours partie de ma première liste, dès lors que j'ai besoin d'une extension standard, et même si il est nécessaire d'y effectuer des adaptations. Very good Job guys and thank you very much ! Keep this great passion for Customers, it will bring you very far !

Translated ---

What is great with Webkul is that their products are stable and well-designed, but also that the support is top quality. It is not only possible to solve most of the problems or questions, but it is possible to have with them an open discussion on the roadmap of their extensions, which they share with the necessary details, to influence the design of their extension. and always find the best option for our own needs. This motivated team is always part of my first list, since I need a standard extension, and even if it is necessary to make adaptations. Very good Job guys and thank you very much! Keep this great passion for Customers, it will bring you very far!
plasticflessen.nl/ (NL)
Posted On - November 29, 2019
Great service and support
Webkul offers great support and takes their time to understand and assist with the situation, even when you didn't purchase their product yet. Their extensions are working great and affordable.
Eric van Wenkop
Posted On - November 15, 2019
Great professional support
Great professional support for magento > akeneo and the akeneo > shopware connectors.
Ton Schmitz
www.xenos.nl/ (NL)
Posted On - October 22, 2019
Fast and appropriate support
We had an issue with the Magento 2 Akeneo Connector. I raised a ticket and within a few minutes there was already a respons..They helped me very good, response was quickly and good and they even fixed the Akeneo installation!
Posted On - July 31, 2019
Fast and appropriate support
Highly recommended!
Fast, professional and kind support.
Posted On - July 14, 2019
Outstanding Support
The support from Webkul is excellent. Fast and competent help from friendly and patient employees.
Harry Glatz
Posted On - May 28, 2019
Quick response and good service
Quick response. Good service. Like it a lot.
Helped me a lot with their support on installing a connector between Akeneo and Magento2
Posted On - May 20, 2019
Fast and appropriate support
Our request to customize a purchased module was handled fast and appropriately.
Shruti Prajapati
Posted On - May 9, 2019
Best service from Webkul
We received Best Services from Webkul Team.
I am very impressed with their accurate & fast response.
www.atvise.nl (NL)
Posted On - January 25, 2019
Great Module, Great Service
Thanks for the great module en great service. Small issues are usually solved within a day. Many thanks from all of the Atvise Team
Posted On - October 24, 2018
Great extension
We have saved a lot of work hours with the help of your extension. The webkull team support is excellent.

Congratulations for your work
www.riffonline.com/ (NL)
Posted On - September 5, 2018
Great module, easy to get started
We used Pimgento first but that did not work properly. Now using Magento 2 Akeneo Connector and it runs great. Had some issues but Webkul helped instantly. Great service.
Posted On - June 5, 2018
Congratulations to Webkul for the great product and the great team.
We have been using the Magento 2 Akeneo connector from Webkul for several weeks. It is a new product, But Webkul's support is very dedicated and solved all problems within a few hours. Even if the problems were not caused by the extension but by Akeneo, Magento or the user (us), the support always found a solution.

We have never experienced such excellent and outstanding support!

Congratulations to Webkul for the great product and the great team.
www.bmn.nl/ (NL)
Posted On - March 2, 2018
Easy, innovatieve and great solution for Akeneo 2+ and Magento 2+
We're using Akeneo 2+ Community and Magento 2.2 (Enterprise/Commerce). Therefore I was searching for an connection to sync the productdata. There a few extenstions on the market but it's most of the time working by CSV import/export. Which I think is really the old way of syncing this amount of data.

Then I founded this extension for Akeneo, which me really supprised me.
- Easy to install on Akeneo.
- Good manual how to install
- Great support from Webkul (sometimes it's a bit hard to get connection with security these days). But we have solved it.

What we have now (not in production yet)
- Akeneo 2.0.7 with this connector
- Magento 2.2 EE/Commerce
- Syncing products(simpel and configurable)/categories/attributes/Sets/options and this all really fast.

I think they made a good extension for Akeneo and Magento and support is fast.And on both sides, the API's getting better and better, this is the future.

Feel free to contact me if you want to have a customer reference.
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