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      Launched at the end of May 2019, UNIK is the first French platform based on Prestashop, for the purchase and sale of handmade creations bringing together a community of designers, craftsmen, and professional artists.

      UNIK loves creative, trendy, authentic, original, or surprising objects. They like the idea that by buying a product from a craftsman, they are helping to tell their story.

      As per UNIK “We had tested a lot of handcrafted online shopping sites, but none were exactly what we were looking for. So, we wondered if we could not design ourselves a website that would allow artisans and designers to offer the fruit of their work and buyers to find unique and quality creations, a site that would bring together the objects that we would dream of giving and that would have meaning for the recipient.”


      What were the business challenges?

      UNIK started from the observation that if the world is populated by creative talents, it is often difficult to find them. Their ambition was to promote creative craftspeople, artists, and designers, enhance their work and allow people to buy from them.


      In order to achieve this Webkul needed to create a Marketplace on their Prestashop website, where all these craftspeople, artists, and designers can come together and get a chance to promote and sell their products freely.


      Their biggest challenge was to integrate a seemingly powerful yet, very easy-to-use marketplace system.

      How did Webkul Marketplace Extension help out?

      That's when they came across Webkul's Prestashop Advanced Multi-vendor marketplace module. The module had everything they were looking to start with. Very easy to use and manage, this was a perfect blend for their vision.

      Webkul was contacted by Nathalie Revaud, Legal and tax director in various Parisian and Riviera companies for 20 years, Nathalie now heads UNIK. She manages the legal aspects of the company.

      She is also in charge of development. Not only this, UNIK marketplace used a number of marketplace extensions to further enhance the overall website and user experience by adding a lot of other features on the website as below :

      • Marketplace Shop Banner
      • Marketplace Seller Shipping
      • Marketplace Favourite Seller
      • Marketplace Slot Pricing
      • Marketplace Virtual Product
      • Marketplace Order Refund
      • Marketplace Seller List
      • Marketplace SMS Notification
      • Marketplace Recently Viewed
      • Marketplace Seller Voucher
      • Marketplace Custom Field
      • Marketplace Cart And Order Split
      • Marketplace Mass Upload,
      • Marketplace Seller Vacation
      • Marketplace Seller Invoice
      • Marketplace Facebook Shop
      • Marketplace Advance Search Box and more.

      Apart from the modules, Webkul also did some custom work on the UNIK marketplace to fulfill their needs. A full-fledged seller statistics section was created from where the sellers can check their sales data and understand the sales pattern.


      What positive changes were noticed?

      Using Webkul's marketplace module and its extensions, UNIK marketplace was able to fulfill its vision of providing a platform to promote creative craftspeople, artists, and designers.


      Faced with globalization and standardized and soulless products, they are convinced that the web is today an opportunity for small entrepreneurs to make a place for themselves by offering consumers original and quality products, in the context of the purchase. human and friendly

      Disclaimer: Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

      Prestashop Marketplace Advance Search Box
      PrestaShop Marketplace Cart and Order Split
      Prestashop Marketplace Custom Field
      PrestaShop Marketplace E-Store - Social Promotions | Fan Page
      Prestashop Marketplace Favourite Seller
      Prestashop Marketplace Mass Upload
      Prestashop Marketplace Order Refund
      Prestashop Marketplace Recently Viewed Products
      Prestashop Marketplace Seller Invoice
      Prestashop Marketplace Seller List
      PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Shipping
      Prestashop Marketplace Seller Vacation
      Prestashop Marketplace Seller Voucher
      Prestashop Marketplace Slot Pricing
      PrestaShop Marketplace SMS Notification
      PrestaShop Marketplace Virtual Product