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Prestashop Advanced Marketplace - We bring you the upgraded & modernized version of "Advance Marketplace" module. With the help of this module admin can convert their "Prestashop Store" into "Marketplace".

Sellers can add & manage their products in multi-language as well as manage their orders. Seller will get almost all the back-end catalog (Combination, Features, Shipping) functionality. Admin will have full control on their marketplace store.

Marketplace Change Log - To know the features added to the marketplace module according to the versions launched till date & migrating details, go to the link - http://webkul.com/blog/features-according-to-advance-marketplace-version/

NOTE - Our marketplace module does not support the Prestashop Multistore Functionality.

Highlighted Features

 Seller Dashboard

A separate dashboard for sellers from where they can view the sales received and total orders.

 Seller Profile

Separate section from where vendors can manage their profile. Sellers can add shop logo, shop banner, social profile links, etc.

 Seller Product Management

Seller can create new products by adding basic product information, images, combinations, features, shipping, SEO, options, etc.

 Commission Handling

Admin can set the seller wise commission or global commission for all the sellers.

 Seller Request/Product Approval

Admin can approve the seller request/product manually or make it auto-approved.

 Attributes/Features Management

Separate sections Attributes and Features under marketplace account from where sellers can add new attributes/features and their values.

 Email Notifications

Email notification on various events like new seller request, product approval, sale of seller product, etc.

 Orders Management

Seller can view list of orders received under Orders tab. Seller can view admin commission and his earnings from each order.


Sellers can view history of transactions and their earnings from each transaction.

 Shipping Methods

Allow sellers to apply admin addded shipping methods to their products.

 Seller Ratings & Reviews

Admin can manage the display of seller reviews on the marketplace. Seller reviews & ratings helps build customer's trust.

Prestashop Advanced Marketplace Features -

Admin End Features

    • Enable/Disable custom CSS at front end.
    • Customize the marketplace page title by setting it's background and text color.
    • Enable/Disable multi-language functionality.
    • Choose to display earnings on the basis of payment accepted orders or confirmed orders.
    • Choose whether seller dashboard graph will be displayed on basis of payment accepted or confirmed orders.
    • Configure the positions where "Become a Seller" options will be displayed at front end.
    • Configure the seller details that will be displayed to the customers.
    • Select order statuses that will be available to the sellers.
    • Enable/Disable the auto-approval of seller request, products, and reviews.
    • Admin can view, edit, approve, disapprove, and delete the seller's profile.
    • Admin can manage the display of reviews(display most helpful or most recent reviews first) on the seller profile page.
    • Admin can view, activate, deactivate, update, and delete the seller's product.
    • Admin can assign products to a seller.
    • Set manual/auto approval of updated products.
    • Set up each vendor's commission or global commission for all the vendors.
    • Admin can create a duplicate copy of his as well as seller's products.
    • View commission amount earned from each order.
    • Admin can view earnings summary and list of all the transactions seller wise.
    • Email notifications are sent to the seller on approval/disapproval of seller's request and product.
    • Admin can view, enable/disable, and delete the seller reviews.
    • Configure the number of reviews to be displayed on seller profile page.
    • Allow/Disallow customers to to provide their feedback on seller reviews.
    • Admin can distribute the shipping charges to the sellers by Prestashop Marketplace Seller shipping module.

Seller/Vendor End Features

    • A separate dashboard where vendors can view sales generated from the marketplace.
    • Recent five orders received can be viewed on the dashboard.
    • Sellers can add fax number and tax identification number on their profile page.
    • Allow sellers to upload profile image & banner and shop logo & banner.
    • Sellers can provide social profile links on their profile page.
    • Enable/Disable sellers to manage attributes/features and their values.
    • Vendors can activate/deactivate their products if allowed by admin.
    • Vendors can apply admin added shipping methods to their products if enabled by admin.
    • Allow sellers to add delivery time and additional shipping costs on their products.
    • Sellers can add minimum quantity, low stock level, wholesale price, and price per unit on their products.
    • Allow sellers to create duplicate copy of their products.
    • Allow vendors to set product visibility options and availability preferences for their products.
    • Sellers can create combinations of their products if allowed by admin.
    • Seller can view amount earned from each order.
    • Sellers can contact the store admin via email from edit profile page.
    • Vendors can view the due amount and the amount settled by admin.

Customer End Features

  • Customers can choose from wide variety of product options from different sellers.
  • Customers can give ratings & reviews to a seller.
  • View seller ratings & reviews on the seller profile page.
  • Seller reviews & ratings helps customers with their purchase decision.
  • Customers can contact the sellers from profile/shop page and get their doubts/queries resolved.
  • Customer can send a request to admin to become a seller on Prestashop marketplace.

Theme Settings – Custom CSS

Admin can manage the display theme settigs of the marketplace from the module configuration. Admin can enable custom CSS which will customize the view of “Marketplace Account” of sellers.

  • Provided to improve the default view of marketplace as Prestashop Classic/Default theme may not be so attractive.
  • The CSS is compatible to all the themes developed on Prestashop standards as well as selection of color has been made in such a way that it fits with all the themes color combination.

Marketplace Advertisement Settings

The dynamics of online shopping are changing as eCommerce entrepreneurs are realising that investing in multi vendor store is the new profitable mechanism. Ecommerce website owners are preferring multi vendor systems now owing to vast range of advantages.

Advertisement means making a thing known to the people commercially. We live in an age of publicity. In modern business world, advertising plays an important role to establish contact between the buyer and seller. It is also a medium to monetise your site.

Hence in this marketplace solution, Admin can easily advertise their marketplace section inviting prospective sellers to start selling their products on the prestashop store. Admin can Advertise conversion of Prestashop store into a Marketplace by displaying “Become A Seller” on Navigation Bar, Footer Bar and Footer Pop Up.

Commission Management in Marketplace

Marketplace module lets the store admin add commission at his end to be charged on the sale of seller products. This way Admin can earn profits by charging commission from the sellers.

By default in the module:

  • Admin can add Global Commission (which will applicable for all sellers)
  • Individual Commission for Seller (If admin wants to set different commission rate for different sellers )

*Note - Commission is charged on the base price of the product.

Merchants may want an advanced commission management system for their Marketplace. For this we have  Prestashop Marketplace Advance Commissionmodule. With the help of this marketplace addon, admin can set commission in marketplace either category wise or product wise.

Event Based Notification Emails

Admin can configure the module whether to send mail to seller for following events or not :

  • Mail to seller for seller request approval/disapproval.
  • Mail to seller for product approval/disapproval.
  • Mail to seller when the order is placed.
  • Mail to seller when seller’s product is sold.
  • Mail to admin when seller adds a new product.
  • Mail to seller when admin deletes seller’s account.
  • Mail to admin or seller when on product is deleted.

Rewrite URL Settings

When you have an online store, SEO can help your business grow and meet the business objectives. It provides a business visibility, branding, web traffic, a high ROI, credibility, and insight into customer behavior.

Considering that this is such an imortant aspect, In the module configuration, admin has an option to rewrite the url for Profile page and Shop page of the sellers.

So, If you have seller XYZ

  • URL for profile page: www.example.com/profile/XYZ
  • URL for shop page : www.example.com /shop/XYZ

Marketplace Seller Display Settings

Sometimes the Admin of the Prestashop E-store does not want buyers to be able to contact the seller directly. Neither they want buyer to see any seller details not they want them to get in touch with them. Whereas sometimes Admin may want to display seller details to the buyer.

Hence In this Marketplace module :

  • Admin can completely hide seller details.
  • Admin can partially display seller details.
  • On Product page, a “Sold by – Shop Name” Link can be enabled/disabled.
  • On Shop Page and Profile Page, “Contact Seller” link can enabled/disabled.
  • Seller will also have an option to configure his own display settings from the options made available by the admin.

Marketplace Basic Essentials – How to Become a Seller ?

A customer on your shop will have an option to become a seller itself.

So the User creates an account and signs in.To become a seller, user clicks on “Click Here For Seller Request” tab. Once a seller is approved, A marketplace shop is ready for the Seller.

The seller can now add its own products , manage orders, manage its profile etc.

Tabs displayed at seller end depends on the configuration made by the admin. .

Seller Profile Management

Admin has complete control of how to manage seller profile settings. Admin can enable/disable following options :

    • Allow/Restrict sellers to activate/deactivate their shop.
    • Allow/Restrict sellers to enter their country/city/zipcode.
    • Allow/Restrict sellers to view admin email id on edit profile page.
    • Allow/Restrict sellers to create their own features.
    • Allow/Restrict sellers to create their own attributes.
    • Allow/Restrict sellers to provide their social profile links – Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Instagram.
    • Allow/Restrict sellers to manage their display settings .

In addition to this sellers have various features to enhance its profile and shop :

    • By providing Profile Image and Profile Banner displayed on Seller Profile Public page.
    • By providing Shop Image and Shop Banner displayed on Seller Shop Public page.
    • Sellers can select which details to be displayed for customers on Seller’s Profile page and Shop page.

Contact Seller Form for Buyers

Requirements of an Admin are specific to their needs. We try our best to provide varied options that will be beneficial for various use cases.

Admin does not want buyers to be able to contact seller - So Admin can just disable Seller Display Settings to Buyer.

However if Admin has enabled to display Contact Seller link on Seller Shop and Seller Profile page, in that case contact form pop up appears where buyers enter their Email, Subject and Description. This mail is directly sent to seller’s registered email address.

Seller Product Management

Admin has complete control of how to manage seller product settings. It is completely admin’s discretion as to how much authority should be given to Seller in terms of products. Admin can enable/disable following options :

  • Auto approval OR Manual approval of Seller New Products.
  • Auto approval OR Manual approval of Seller Updated Products.
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to add Tax rules on products.
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to manage SEO of their products.
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to manage Visibility Options on their products.
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to manage Availability Preferences on their products. .
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to add Reference code, Ean-13, UPC barcode on their products.
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to add Combinations on their products.
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to add Features on their products.
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to Assign admin created Carriers on their products.
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to modify product condition – New, Old, Refurfished on their products.
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to add minimum quantity for sale on their products.
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to add wholesale price and per unit price on their products.

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Prestashop Advanced Marketplace Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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One of amazing support i ever found inside prestashop addons
I recommend this module to every body. Best regards from Enrico.
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All is ok
All is ok
Giuseppe Longhi
Posted On - June 4, 2020
Azienda molto professionale
Azienda molto professionale.
Hanno una serie di soluzioni molto performanti, ma il vero valore aggiunto è l'assistenza post acquisto.
Posted On - June 4, 2020
The module meets my expectations
The module meets my expectations. I have bought the module and its installation, after some adjustments made by the technical support, I liked it and it meets my expectations.
Posted On - June 1, 2020
Suits my expectation
Advanced Marketplace is a product which suits my expectation. Additional advantage is readiness of the creator to make adjustments which can be necessary for my business.
Posted On - May 19, 2020
super support client 7j/7j!
Super module pour se lancer dans la Marketplace! super support client 7j/7j! Très réactif et conseil au top! Very nice addons to begin with Marketplace! Fast support 7/7 really happy!
Posted On - May 15, 2020
Posted On - April 18, 2020
Perfect Marketplace Module
The product and the support are perfect.
Incredible problem solving speed for support.
Posted On - April 17, 2020
Module works as described
A great module working as described while the developer's support is really helpful and instant!
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Fast Support
The module works fine and the support is good and fast.
Posted On - March 7, 2020
Great module and support
Support and Module Very Great and Nice...
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Perfect Module, EXCELLENT assistance
The form is very good and clear. EXCELLENT after sales assistance. I will buy many complement modules of the marketplace for the next few days.
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